IBR Buddy Reflection

On Tuesday, me and my friends (Stella and Miso) went to meet to IBR Buddies. Our buddies were Britney and Quinn. They started their art because Quinn’s family use to draw so Quinn started to start art. Britney started art because She liked art. The thing I was interested was that they first write ideas what she will draw about. And they liked to paint instead of drawing with pencil.

Amelia Earhart

What did Amelia Earhart explore?

She explored the new lands.

What motivated her to explore?

The airplane motivated her to ride it.

What characteristics did she show?

She had a special life of a female woman that explored the lands.

How did she go about exploring?

She rode an airplane.

SSIS Sleepover!

Today we did a sleepover at SSIS. In night, I could see how SSIS look like than morning. I can compare the SSIS in the morning and SSIS in the night. There were soft blankets everywhere when it was night. Sleeping bags, mats and other things. I liked the stuffy animal too! I heard “welcome to the grade 4 sleepover” in my ears. That’s when we play Telephone at the auditorium. We also did a lot of  tag games and it was very fun. I could hear a lot of screams too. We ate a good , very delicious foods outside. I smelled some smoke outside from the car, so I closed my nosed and quickly walked away.I felt very happy about this fun sleepover. I hope we do this again later!!!

Independent Me Unit – G4 Talks

Today we walked in to the auditorium. I sat beside a wall and my heart was beating fast. My heart was about to fling out of my chest. Today was our G4 Talks. I could see so many people sitting on chairs. I could even see my mother. Last 2 and a half  weeks, we prepared for our G4 Talks. Mr.Stevens, Mr.Hoa, and lot more of the teachers help us. But I was sick for last 2 days and maybe, I can’t go to the G4 Talks! I was so sad. I was very tired for preparing G4 Talks! But I went. When I was talking I felt a little confident. And later I was so confident that I kept talking. When I was finished, I felt very proud of it. I was proud that I persuade. I was working hard on my G4 talk. I would like to thank you to Mr.Ross, Mr.Papasite, Ms.Ronzetti, Mr.Steven, Mr.Hoa, Ms.Fox, Mr.Thanh and Ms. Yuki. Now, I want to do it again! Last time, my voice was so small but now I am loud. I was thankful to all the teachers that help us for G4 Talks. My G4 Talk was perfect! I was very proud of it.

Icky, Ooey, Gooey, Experiments!!!

Gross, Icky pig lungs!

Our first station was pig lungs. The lung was red and little bloody. We touched the lungs and it was very slimy Mr.Ross pumped air to the lung and it started to pump up!

Tough, Bloody pig heart!

Holding the heart was little heavy. We cut the heart in to the half. Inside was very bloody and Icky. I put a finger inside the heart, how Icky!

Unit 3: Understanding Our Environment’s Post on Friday, February 10, 2017

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I showed sense of self by not copying other people’s math paper. We needed to make addition problem that makes 100. I learned that if you copy other people’s reason or answer, the answer or reason that you copied is not the way you did it.

Unit 2:Understanding Others’s Post on Monday, January 23, 2017

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This is a 2 step problem that I tried to solve.

Minh received $23 in lucky money for Têt. His friend Thu received twice than that. How much money did they receive altogether?

First I added 23 and 23 so I can know how much money does Thu have. It equals 46. Now I need to know how much money does Minh and Thu have all together. So I add 46 ( Thu’s money)+23(Minh’s money). And that equals 69.

Before I started the problem, I didn’t notice what was equation was.

After I solved the problem, I learned what was equation was.
Equation was like a number sentence.

Next step
I want to be better at writing 2 step problems.