The hardest part about journalism is that when writing our newspaper article, we can't use first writing to stay away from bias. This was extremely difficult for me because I usually do and enjoy opinionated pieces more than the ones who aren't so it was difficult to switch mindsets just for this project.

Despite having minor challenges along the way, my greatest achievement this project in ELA has to be the design of my newspaper. The first reason for this is, of course, that was my job and I did it but it took me hours to just find a layout that was a newspaper format but still looked somewhat appealing, and after I've worked on it for more than an hour, I started to appreciate the time and effort I was putting in more and more (but I'm also extremely proud of my article too on the last page of my newspaper, yay sponsored).


In the second quarter, I will be focusing on, specifically in ELA, will be to stop writing run-on sentences. I've had a problem with run-on sentences for a few years now since I'm unsure of where to end sentences sometimes and just continue them. But something else I will be focusing on during the second quarter, and all quarters really, is to just have fun and not have too much stress.


Freestyle- My shoulders are rotating just enough and my elbows aren't being raised too high but towards the end, I kept trying to swim slower so it raised a bit higher so I should keep a consistent speed. My fingers are reaching far but I'm not pulling back to my waist much so I would need to work on maximizing my arm reach back. Although I'm not pulling back to waist, I'm breathing correctly with my ear down and head to the side but not in the water too deep. And lastly, my legs are is a somewhat resemblance to a motorboat my stretching long and paddling hard.

BreaststrokeI need to improve straightening my legs I'm not kicking them and my arms need to pull further back to my chest. When I do one arm stroke, it's followed up with me pulling up to take a good breath but my head needs to be straighter when I come up to breathe. However, my kick needs to wait for my arm stroke to be completely finished before I start kicking, though.

Backstroke- The things that I notice that I’m doing well are that my legs aren’t bending as they’re kicking and isn’t splashing too much water and for once, my head stays above the water (because I usually swallow some water as I sink a bit). Nevertheless, I need to work on my shoulder rotation as my arm reaches back and because I’m not rotating it enough, it doesn’t go the full round but sort of just bends as it reaches 2/3rds of the way. I also can’t identify my thumb coming out and pinkie down going in as it may help with swimming more swiftly, so that’s also something I will need to work on.

These economic losses were the affected by the Black Plague, or rather the greatest natural disaster disease of all time that took Europe by storm between 1347 and 1351. The Plague had two forms, that both invaded Europe in a quick amount of time, both deadly contagious. One form was the bubonic plague and the other, the pneumonic plague. The bubonic plague would cause blotches and swelling across the whole body from broken blood vessels. The pneumonic plague kicks in as soon as the lung gets infected, this type of plague could kill its victims within just a few days. The Plague spread as easily as the modern day’s common cold! This disease was usually spread through fleas and rats that were in trade ships or people’s houses, however, people thought that the disease was just a curse from God and the people had done something wrong, that might quite possibly be though there has been no evidence. This disease all started from a seaport on the island of Sicily in Messina, then went through the rest of Italy, France, Spain, Germany, England, Scandinavia, Russia, some Muslim populations, and even some parts of Greenland!

Because The Plague had wiped out so much of the population, Europe was economically attacked by what was of an unexpected bacteria. Two of the most important jobs were being a farmer, to help produce food and resources that was crucial to human life, and a craftsworkers to make products that benefit people’s lives. Since so many workers have perished for these two jobs and many other jobs, there were food shortages everywhere and people started dying not only because of the Plague but also starvation. The demand for workers were high and so the wages rose with the death of loyal workers (synonym). However, this is arguable because The Plague transformed Europe from a medieval society to a modern one because of its economic losses.

MailOnline, Keiligh Baker for. “Scientists Warn Farmers in Tanzania Have Created a 'Perfect Storm' for Causing an Outbreak of Human Plague by Encouraging a 20-Fold Increase in the Number of Disease-Spreading Rats .” Daily Mail Online, Associated Newspapers, 24 Feb. 2015,

In this design challenge, we are to filter out all the contaminants using a simple invention made of materials that can be found in many people’s homes. To start our design challenge, we brainstormed all of our ideas, like using a bottling the contaminants and then using a coffee filter and hope that it filters everything out including the salt. But, we concluded that we should put the contaminated water in a pot that has been placed on a hot place to be boiled on, put a glass in the middle of the pot and then close it off with an upside down lid- since. As the water boils and then goes up onto the lid, it will slide down into the middle of the lid and then drop down into the glass. We had a time management problem in our first attempt- took too much time setting up the prototype and then we were left with no time to record our results so our water that was filtered out was wasted. So next, we spent less time on setting the prototype up and more on the results.In the end, we got a pH of 8, very low turbidity, no copper, and some salt at the edge. This project was great and the first time I’ve actually collaborated well with the people in my group.

The general idea of showing your poem visually with pictures and music really is fun to make for me and even after the process, I found it really fun to work on this small project. However, finding the appropriate music for certain situations were harder than I thought and showing pictures that weren't literal were hard either but when I realized that when using pictures in strange perspectives really help the audience think "deeply" about the poem and video itself and "why/how does that picture even relate?". Besides struggling on the perspectives of pictures and the background music, I enjoyed finding the pictures actually and how Flickr is such a great resource. Also, I even learned how to get the attributions from Flickr photos so that's great (because now I can easily credit the creator).

When reading the poem out loud, I chose specific spots to emphasize a word on or speak extremely fast on (for the tension) and found that it really helped ME understand the main ideas of my poem. It just helped to hear it instead of reading it in my head. Although, if I were to do this project again, I may have written another poem that was longer and more meaningful (not that this isn't, it's just a topic that people talk about a lot already-friendship). And to whoever is doing this project in the future, memorize your poem because when watching the video, it's really obvious if you trip up.


The past few weeks in writing have been sessions to learn about poetry and writing free-verse poetry on our own. At first, I really thought poems were just any other paragraph broken up into different paragraphs but during this time, as I learned about free-verse poetry, I realized that sometimes, the places they broke up into different paragraphs had actual meanings or answers to "why there?" to them, and sometimes, there are even white spaces to visually show something or emphasize on an idea - I always thought they were just words on top of words and then suddenly another line. And as I wrote about my moods or feelings about a certain experience, I realized, I was a poet.

Considering myself as a poet is something easy, if you write poems then you are basically a poet but for me, being a poet is like that but also being able to express emotions thoroughly with figurative language, and when to use appropriate line breaks or space out words irregularly. My overall experience with learning as a poet was surprisingly great since I honestly thought poetry was good to read but boring to write, but no, it was so fun to just jot down all my emotions into stanzas. This unit has helped me grow as a reader and writer because as a reader, I've learned that those white spaces or the way the letters are arranged aren't just there, but contribute to the message of the poem of why the poet has written the poem. While, as a writer, I've learned that I need to use the techniques (figurative language, white space, line breaks) effectively so it actually does contribute to the message of my poem.


I believe in all these characters, I relate the most to Mabel. She's just so weird and have these cool shirts (that I don't own but I'd like to have), annoys her brother a lot and have this wild imagination. Besides being so fun and optimistic, in serious situations, she also pays close attention to things being said to her and turns on her "SERIOUS" mode - I think I'm like that, too.


This blue cat (that I forgot the name of) represents the more sarcastic and carefree side of me. She doesn't really care what people do and would rather stay out of drama, but once her friends get hurt (blah blah blah, movie spoilers) - she becomes serious about it.


Who can forget Russell from "Up"? I find that at times, I'm pretty gullible and listen to people easily (like when Russell started clapping so the weird bird would come to him in the movie). I'm also curious about things easily, like when Russell first walked into Carl's (the 'old' man) house and saw images of Carl's wife and artifacts.

But still, Mabel is most relatable. :>

Throughout the process of writing a poem that concentrates on a specific theme (not topic), I found that it was difficult to not let it be a topic but a theme. A theme is a message that relates to the chosen topic but ISN'T the topic. Besides the poem itself, I had to choose a 'matching' image to go with the poem on a Lifecard which and I went with the one below because the mood of the image is definitely gloomy because of the sepia and dark brown-ish effect and her facial expression doesn't seem too happy, almost lifeless, really. Also, there's a shadow behind her that can act like a 'friend' and it looks like it's dragging her back and it's sort of like "backstabbing" or "talking behind someone's back" kind of thing. Besides describing the poem visually, the image enhances my poem because the color 'palette' in it is literally sepia and it's quite dark and, as I said above, gloomy and really helps the reader see how it FEELS to be 'backstabbed' by a close friend.


Of all the parables? Why did I choose this one? This is the parable of the two builders and it simply tells the story of two people who, one chose to not listen to God's words, and another one does. I chose this parable because it honestly has the most simple and quick message and really just represents the religion itself - it starts with listening to your leader and in this case, he is God.

Although this is only a story, parables are meant to be quick, simple, but also relate to people's lives. In my case, I should make the right choice to listen to my mom as she says "don't cross the road when it's the green light for the cars!" or "don't swim right after you eat!". In others' lives too, they would listen to someone who has more experience or power (like someone older than you, they have more power in what they do and say to people) in a situation. Since the parables are quick, easy, and absolutely relatable, they spread fast because everyone has met an adult before or someone that contains more power and they, themselves, can listen to that person's wise words or warnings to protect them from danger. The point is, parables are told so people can follow them and they're not hard tasks at all since they have messages such as "listen to someone more superior or experienced than you" or "help people in need", they are all do-able so people will be able to do them.

But really, don't build a house on sand unless you are the person with experience.