Art Reflection

I am very proud of me finishing this because I thought that I would never finish and the Idea I like because I am a martial artist and this is a lot like me.

I would change the whole piece because it’s very weird for 3 Yin and Yang so I want to change to 1 very big Yin and Yang.

I learned how to make 3d models and I think this is important because when I grow up my boss will make me build a 3d model and I know how to make and I learned spray pain.



This is my Sculpture

Art Grade 5


My Drawing goal is shading and drawing eyes . I learned how to draw 2 point perspective and 1 point perspective and shading.I still want to improve in 1 and 2 point perspective because it is hard for me.My drawing skill evolved form bad to AMAZING.

TimmyTottys Your Master is backūüėé

Wassup Timmytottys its Tim here and this year I am in fifth grade. This school year is not that bad yet and ¬†please follow me every time post anything. I heard from last year fifth grader and they said it was hard but I disagree. Right now my favorite subject is P.E. (Physical Education).This Year my teacher is Ms Shawna,Ms Shawna is very nice and very friendly so This year will be an amazing year.Plus all the teacher I met is nice and I saw old teachers that I knew from last year and some of them remember me. But if you got any question about the school year comment down below.Plus if you ask me about my future Super Units i won’t know because I am not a guy that can tell the future and……






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Explorer Skit

We performed a skit about christopher columbus and here are the question the teacher asked us¬†How did you prepare for your skit? We prepared our script by Using our facts and made it together by using the website¬†wikipedia¬†Next question please¬†Who was in it with you? Ummmmm oh me me me and me JK I was christopher columbus early life.Up to ¬†the next question What are you proud of about your skit? When we “mostly” didn’t forget our script because in our practice we keep forgeting our lines so I am proud of our group.Next question¬†What do you feel you could have done better? I think we could make it better by make it way funnier and add in more facts.On a scale of 1-4, what would you give yourself on your performance and why?I will give ourr group a 3 because “mostly” we didn’t forget our script and it when as I expected.What did you really like or admire about someone else‚Äôs skit?I really like the captain James cook one ¬†because It was kinda funny and I like it.

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Wednesday May 24 2017 is the¬†SSISAC ES Soccer for B and A team I was on B team.You know I was in SSIS for 4yrs ( you probably¬†didn’t know) Before I was in ABCIS (anglophone british¬†Curriculum international school) So ABCIS was there and all my friend remembered me so did I so our first match was against ABC and I in shock so I didn’t plat that round but we won 2-1

So after the match I played with ABC then it was our match against AIS and we won 4-0.So we are against RISS  to battle to our death Just Kidding we played against RISS and we lost 2-1 and so we are battling Cis to see who is 3rd place and we lost so were 4th place but at least we had






Christopher Columbus Ship Building

One day My teacher told me that pick 3 explorer to research and my number 1 is MARCO POLO then number 2 is Christopher columbus and number 3 is Lewis and Clark.When I got chosen to do Christopher columbus I was like NOOOOO why then I told  my self it could not be that bad right? When I came to school to school we builded an amazing model. Then one day I was sick and the next day I came to school I was so shock our boat was gone and we had to re build it.While we were building everyone got crazy and I was So mad I was so strict and kept on building and at the last day we were nearly finished and it was TIME.





Unit Five Reflection

March 7 2017 we did a unit called Fraction and decimal it was fun unit. First i didn’t know a thing about fractions or decimal but now i know how to do fractions and¬†decimals ¬†so i’m proud of myself. So today we saw our pre and post test our pre is the first test we did and the pre test works by in math class we just come in do the math with no knowledge about the unit we are working so we just do it. The post test is the math test that we have¬†knowledge in then we do it I was so proud of my score. Can you guess what is it?comment ¬†down below.


Viable Vietnam Unit Reflection

This year we have a unit called Viable Vietnam this unit we got to go to 3 field trips in a row. We even made documentaries about the subject we like my group was the water puppets and it was really fun.When we were doing the documentaries it was really frustrated because sometime we got stuck  some parts which was hard but mostly we had fun.  After we made we were done with the documentaries we had something called the Film festival the film festival was really fun. After the film festival ended I got to                  eat ice cream at Baskin Robin for my reward.                                                                   


Me and Hung Yu

My family



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Math Unit 4 Reflection

At Unit 4 we learned add and subtract fraction. There were 4 target the first target  is, I can add and subtract fraction like denominators,,including those in number stories. Ex: 9/12+ 3/12= 12/12= 1. the second target is I can show more  than one way yo break apart( decompose) a fraction into the sum of two or more fraction. The third target is I can add and  subtract mixed number with like  denominator including those in number stories.