What are THREE new things I learned about GEOGRAPHY & EARLY HUMAN SETTLEMENT?

First, I learned that the Nile River flooded every year and it left behind silt which were good for farming. Second, I learned that the Nile was very important to early human settlement in ancient Egypt. Finally, I learned that deserts kept ancient Egyptians from invaders who want to take over the land.

What are TWO things that I am proud of in my project?

First, I am proud of my Mediterranean Sea because it came out naturally and it is big like the real one. Second, I am proud of my reeds because they are long and straight like the real ones.

What is ONE thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again?

One thing I would change is that I would screencast the Minecraft world ONLY and voiceover later, because I talked at the same time I screencasted, and I kept stopping to look at my script so the quality turned out a little bad.

Hello people, I guess this is the last blog post of the whole elementary school... For the last few weeks, we did two projects-Memoirs and Change Agent games. Now I'm going to share about the Memoirs.

This week our whole class finished up their memoirs! We uploaded them in iBooks Author! I wrote about my young days and some "dangerous" moments too. It made me look back to the past, which was interesting.

Now here's my memoir piece. Click here, download it, and watch it in iBooks!

NOTE: I prefer to download on a laptop or desktop.


On Wednesday, my team mates and I were standing in front of a quiet, cold room. The serious judges told us to start. My stomach started doing some gymnastics. Well, after a little while I was okay. But, this was a serious thing. It was the SHARK TANK!! I was talking in front of an ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL!! (Well, I was lucky because some groups needed to stand in front of Dr. Keller, which is the PRINCIPAL.) Anyway, this was a very memorable experience. (I'm glad I couldn't be in the Dragon's Apprentice, because if I get to the finals, I have to be in the AUDITORIUM, which is a NERVE-RACKING thing. I'm pretty sure the 6th-graders already posted a blog about it.)

My group was called the Food Dudes (which, I know, IS a weird name). Meherika (one of my team mates) started with a rhetorical question: "Have you ever looked around the cafeteria, looking for food to eat, but there's nothing from your home country?"

I followed her, introducing our team and our group members. "We are the Food Dudes, and I am Jiwon. This is Meherika and that is Quoc." Followed up with the other team mates' lines (which talked about the problem), I was the one who said the solution, which was to introduce more cuisines to the cafeteria.

And then we continued, clicking through the slides, until the end of our presentation. After we finished, we got some questions. Some of them were tough ones, but Meherika answered all of them, and I was very happy that I don't have to answer any of them.

Next day, the teachers presented the groups that made it to the finals. There were 7 groups that made it. My best friends' group were included in the 7 groups, which was a very happy thing, but the sad part-MY group didn't make it. I was sad, but I was happy at the same time since I didn't have to stand in front of Mr. Sylte (head of school) and Dr. Keller, parents and G4's. If I made it I would have been very nervous.

Well, I think that's the whole story! I'm sorry for not posting for 2 months or so. Bye!

I can't find ANY of my group's pics, so I just inserted my 2 best friends' presentations. It is the FINAL SHARK TANK. Eventually they made it 🙂


Hellooooo world! The whole grade 5 went to a national park called Cat Tien for 3 days and 2 nights, to learn about sustainability and the ecosystem! It was awesome! Now here's the reflection! Let's go!

Well, the BEST thing of this trip is probably the fact that we could feel LOTS of nature there! Seriously, there are LOTS of trees and there are NO high buildings there! (though the cabins were a bit dirty, it's ok I could survive.) Well, there were also fun ACTIVITIES too, like the Bonfire (we ate roasted marshmallows! They were SOOOOOO good! ?), the Night Hike (the stars were SOOOOOO pretty), the Night Safari (it was SOOOOOO cold ?) and etc etc. Plus I loved the gibbons swinging from trees to trees. Well, the thing I didn't like at ALL is the Micro-Ecosystem, because there were LOTS of ants there and it was REALLY boring. But still, I was learning about the ecosystem and the food chain!

This is the Big Tree I saw in the Nature Hike. It is the biggest tree in the forest and it was AWESOME!! We could even SIT on the roots of the tree, and even MORE surprising, this tree is 1/20 of height compared to the past. Teachers said that it's because people cut bits of them down to make furniture etc.


Da Bonfire
Micro Ecosystem Study








Grillin' Marshmallows

While we were at Cat Tien, the Singing Gibbons and the cold weather at night made me SUPER happy. I also liked the Yoga (not so much stretching) and etc etc. For Yoga I could feel the nature (though ants crawled in the yoga mat, which disturbed me a LOT, but we did some fun poses too).

Gibbons in the Primate Center

When I faced a problem, I overcame the problems by spraying bug spray (to overcome mosquito problems-but I STILL got 9 mosquito bites! ?), and using my jacket (to overcome temperature problems (coldness)-but I was STILL very cold! ?) And that's it! (not sure.)

I was proud that I stayed away from my parents for 3 days and 2 nights, because I got homesick A LOT. Plus I was VERY glad that I went to the morning hike, because the sounds of the singing of the gibbons were GORGEOUS! (you should have been there!) Also this trip was the first time that I knew gibbons sing. (I didn't even KNOW what gibbons were before ?)

I saw sustainable practices like the primate center and the bear center trying to rescue animals to keep them from being extinct. I think it is a good idea because otherwise the animals will become extinct in a shorter time and that's SAD! ?

Moon Bears in the Bear Center

I think the government should protect places like Cat Tien and make more national parks to keep animals, and if there are no forests they can somehow keep them there. I think it is good because if they don't protect the area, soon there will be no more forests and animals lose their homes and soon they'll be extinct-and that's so SAD! ?

In this trip, I learned how to be self-reliant and responsible, how to take care of the environment and I learned about moon bears, sun bears, gibbons etc. Especially it was very surprising that a sun bear's maximum (or average, I don't remember) bodyweight is only about 80 kg, but moon bears weigh a lot more even though they're similar-200 kg!

Lastly, if I see people that are not caring about sustainability of our environment (for example, when they are throwing trash in the forest), I will say to stop and pick up the trash, then I will say to either throw it away in a trash can, or keep it and throw it later if you can't find any trash. If they cut down trees, I'll say stop and don't cut it because that's ruining the environment and the ecosystem.

Okay, thanks for reading and I'll see you next time with a new blog post! BaBye  😎


Hello! This is after the Tet break and we are writing the Information Report Reflection ?

So, first here is the pic of the CARP rubric and the link to my info report.


Rubric CARP


I think my strength on my info rep is the contrast, because I improved A LOT on this criteria (?). I was in approaching (L2) and now I'm in exceeding (L4). Also I worked A LOT for contrast.

Next time, I want to improve my proximity and repetition because they are in the lowest levels and I didn't work a lot on them that much.

That's pretty much it! Thanks for reading and I'll come back soon (hopefully) ! Bye!

Hello! We decided on the 2 week reading goals and here they are! ?

Reading Goal

Read 1 hour every day, and not read 5 mins one day and read 2 hrs other day.

Action Plan

My action plan is to set the timer to a certain time and just READ. Also I will make a checklist to check off if I read 1 hr.


Wednesday: I made a checklist on my Notes so I can erase the date after I read 1 hr. Evidence:

Sorry if the words are blurry, but it actually IS a checklist ?

Also I read 1 hr and I erased the date of that day.

Thursday: I read 1 hr and I erased the date of that day. (I also finished a book)

Friday: I read 1 hr and I erased the date of that day. (I also finished a book)

Saturday: I read 1 hr and I erased the date of that day. (I also finished a book)

Sunday: I read 1 hr and I erased the date of that day. (I also finished a book)

See the checklist shrunk a little from the last one?

Monday: I read 1 hr and I erased the date of that day. (I also finished 2 books)

Tuesday: I read 1 hr and I erased the date of that day. (I also finished a book)

Wednesday: I read 1 hr and I erased the date of that day. (I also finished a book)

Thursday: I read 1 hr and I erased the date of that day. (I also finished a book)

Friday: I read 1 hr and I erased the date of that day.

Saturday: I read 1 hr and I erased the date of that day. (I also finished a book) Almost there!

Sunday:  I read 1 hr and I erased the date of that day. Finished (maybe)!!!

No dates left!

Monday: Okay, I only read 20 mins, but I finished a book. Well I had no time to read for 1 hr and I thought we were finished working on our reading goals. Next time I would need to read 1 hr and today (Tuesday) I would need to add some more dates.

Tuesday: I only read 30 mins. I didn't have time. Plus I added a date (today) because tomorrow is the last day of school before Tet holidays. Today I should read 1 hr, since I have a LOT of extra time.

Wednesday: Finally! I read 1 hr and finished one book, plus I erased my date. This day was the last day.


For the first week I managed to do this task well, and I read 1 hr every day. However after that for 2 days, I messed up and only read half of that amount, because of some time issues and my mistake of getting the due date messed up. On the last day, I managed to get back on track again and I read one hr. This was a tired but fun memory and if I do this again maybe I should use my time well. ? Plus it was the first blog post EVER I have written for, like, 2 weeks. ?

Okay, it is the end of the blog post! See you next time with a new blog post (finally. ?)! Bye!

Hello guys and I am back after that long reading goal post stuff! Okay so in our class made Adobe Spark vids about different types of Triangles and Quadrilaterals!

I added 3 types of triangles and 5 types of quadrilaterals!

I really like the theme I selected, because I was about to do the "Geometric" theme, but the words had too much color in it, so I changed it. 🙂

Maybe next time on the quadrilaterals I will slow down my talking a little.

Here is my video! Enjoy! (Made with Adobe Spark.)

See you next time (with the Reading goals. :P) Bye!

Hello! So it is the end of this semester, only 2 days later it is the last day of the 1st semester! I am very excited! So we have 2 deadlines this week: Science Report and Information Report. This post is about the Science Report. I did it with Candy and it was about saturating sugar in different temp. of water.

During the experiment, I learned that it takes seven 5 ml spoons to saturate cold water, eight 5 ml spoons to saturate room-temp water, and twelve 5 ml spoons to saturate hot water.

The most interesting part of the experiment was measuring the sugar in room-temp water and the sugar in cold water because I thought the sugar in room-temp water would have more weight but for some reason the sugar in cold water was heavier than the sugar in room-temp water.

If I can do the experiment again next time I think we can put sugar in saltwater instead of plain water to make it more interesting.

This is the report I made in a slideshow.

See you in a few weeks (or on Thursday or Friday. 🙂 )

Okay, so this week... now I have SOOOO many posts about this topic so I have no ideas about the title, but I found that yesterday the G4-5's did the concert! It was really fun and I liked the Tailor and the Mouse the best! It was easy and fun to sing! In case you don't know, it is about the mouse eating a tailor's hat, though I don't get why. Also, I got to be the MC part (long time no see) and it was the very FIRST part and also the 2nd LAST part. 😎 😎

Also I just finished PARAPHRASING for the INQUIRY! 🙂 It is 2 weeks before the vacation, but! I didn't even start the actual essay. ? Well, we recently went through the HAMBURGER plan (which makes me EXTREMELY hungry ?) and I eventually had to change the plans. For this week homework, I had to do all the paraphrasing, with the study bgm. 😎

For SCIENCE, we actually left over 1 investigation and we get to do our OWN ones. I am thinking of separating lemonade. For this week homework, we also had to do the science experiment, and my hypothesis was TOTALLY wrong. While doing the homework, I found the scale in the house which was forgotten for YEARS. ?

Okay, done! BYEBYE!

Hello! 2 blog posts in a row. So this one is about Vietnamese. We so far learned Vietnamese words related to animals, fruits etc. For animals, we learned words like con bươm bướm (butterfly) and con hổ (tiger). In fruits, we learned just yesterday, I remember words like trái cam (orange) and trái nho (grape). Vietnamese is fun and exciting on Thursday, when our teacher Cô Hà (Ms Hà) does a little presentation, and yesterday Cô Hà did a presentation about the Khmer Ethnic Group in Vietnam, and that was my favorite because I lived in Cambodia for 2 years and it was fun to see videos on making a food for Ok Om Bok (Khmer Thanksgiving) and watching events like dancing and boat racing. We also did typing and I chose this one about my family because it is especially long compared to other ones and I like it. There is the link below. Bye!

Link! This is the link to my docs, Gia Đình.