Preterm Births Human Rights Project Reflection

In this project on Preterm Births, we focused on creating a tri-fold presentation and an infographic to raise the awareness of our issue while keeping it simple. This is an important skill because ____________.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to ____________. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.


  • Have your career options been expanded by your service experience?


  • What will you do to continue your involvement with this group or social issue, or with other service work?


  • How did my consideration of my “user” influence my work?



Published Persuasive Writing TeenInk Reflection

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 09.19.15

This was the screenshot I took when my article was voted #1 on Teen Ink. Also, this is the link to my article.


A few things I have learned about persuasive writing is that people cannot sympathize with you or put themselves inside your shoes unless you are pulling them into your topic. Instead of sounding informational and distant, I tried to approach this persuasive writing unit with a more friendly flow. I used techniques such as criticizing the audience but not quite offend them, it was just an effect used to grab the audience’s attention. A few challenges I had was with the exact same thing I said above, to sound more friendly and connect more with readers. I told a friend of mine to read this and this person was a great writer according to me. This person told me: ” If you were to argue with me right now about this topic and why you are correct, would you have used these informations to back you up?”. I then responded with a quiet no, saying I would not. Then this person said: ” Then change it until you are satisfied”. I was very impressed with the good advice the person gave me and that got my train of thought going. I then researched even more about the topic, making sure some of the things I say are not unnecessary or too boring. Something I felt as if I did well would be I was able to try my best in this piece of writing. Although I feel like I could’ve made some better final touches grammatically, this piece of writing overall was one that I take pride in from being the author. I was astonished at the fact my article got voted first. It probably wasn’t a big deal for most people because there were other good writings that also got first. However, before getting published, I had little to zero confidence in my abilities. After getting published, I felt slightly better about myself and believed a little more that I can do better.

Healthy Hope – Masterchef SSIS Reflection

In PE class, we were learning about serving sizes and how much was healthy. In our project, we were required to buy the ingredients and make a healthy dish. We came up with the name Healthy Hope because it’s our hope to get healthy. The people in my team was Claire, Annie and Ka Yee.

Healthy hope p 1 healthy hope p 2 healthy hope p 3


So our dish is a combination of baked chicken, hummus, brown rice, cucumber and carrot sticks. Our food is made 100% from scratch.



Exploratory Writing – White Space & Line Breaks Poem

This was a short task that we did in our poetry unit. What we were supposed to do was to come up with a poem based on any of our past journal entries. Write a poem off of that and have fun with line breaks and white space. I tried out a few and it was pretty interesting, knowing what I could do and what I could not do. We then uploaded our poem onto one of the iPads and used the app Explain Everything to explain why we put a white space there and etc.

Here is the video.

This was something that I played around with. Why I wrote this poem was because I read another poem with a pretty much similar topic. I just wanted to put myself in the poet’s position. Think how she was thinking, trying to experience what she has been through and etc.

Frannie & Catherine – Toy Story Movie Review Reflection

In this project on reviewing the movie Toy Story 1, we focused on looking at the movie efficiently with our philosopher’s view. This is an important skill because you can’t necessarily judge a movie without a strong individual point of view to improve on .  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to analyze and criticize movies. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.


How did time impact my work?

I think the time limit really tightened my ideas together and forced me to get most of the important informations into that time slot while getting rid of all the unnecessary others. However, I felt like giving a time restriction really made it hard to talk smoothly or converse with each other because we don’t have extra time to be sitting there and say nothing.


What did I change (revise) in various stages and why?


At first I thought the script that me and Frannie made was pretty decent until we read through it and timed it. It turns out that the script had a few run on sentences that would not be natural when spoken out loud. Also it was about 5 or more seconds over the time restrictions so that really made up skim through the script again to delete some sentences. After filming, the video was 5 minutes and 5 seconds so we had to go through the video again and look for small pauses and we cut them out in attempt to make into the time restriction. All in all, I think everything was good although we could’ve done a better job on writing the script and filming without using the script. I’m partially satisfied with the way things go. In the end, I was making some final changes. As in snipping out some parts and adding the music in so that the audience would not get bored whilst watching the video.

S.S Enlightenment Argumentative Essay Reflection


a) Bright Spot: A strength I showed was my ability to persuade by providing information and showing how that information is sufficient to my argument.

b) To Work On: Something I should work on in my next essay is to revise on a few of the mechanical errors. Some of them might distract the audience from the main point the argument is trying to deliver because the audience gets stuck on the confusing leads that the errors might make.

My Essay:

The Right to Speak Up in a New Society

The Enlightenment Period, otherwise known as the Age of Reason was a period in time when intelligent individuals believed if given the ability to reason from God or nature, they would be able to unveil truths and find answers in any proposed question (Background Essay). The Enlightenment period started in France where thinkers from Britain, France and throughout Europe questioned the eccentric traditional authority and took in the idea that humanity could be improved through rational change. French philosopher Voltaire who appraised and promoted freedom of speech believed it would lead to a stable society and was the best weapon against bad government. A new society should prioritize the Enlightenment ideas of freedom of expression because there are different groups of people who struggle to gain full access to speak up because of reasons including poverty, racial discrimination and cultural pressure. Although a strong case could be made that freedom of economics would be better to focus on, this argument is unconvincing because the wealth would eventually be unevenly distributed, limiting freedom of the many unfortunate others with less luxury.

To begin with, all men are created equal and independent with their own natural inalienable [life, liberty, property] rights to have their opinions heard. Their freedom to speak up would not only encourage social evolution, but would also lead to better ideas and promote a world with no misunderstandings. Henry David Thoreau once said and believed that a person’s obligation was to follow what he/she believed was right, not what the majority or the government dictated. In his book “Civil Obedience”, it states when the citizen is under an unjust and corrupt government, the righteous thing to do for the country may be resistance against it. He actively did his job as an abolitionist, meaning, a person who wishes for the abolition of a practice or institution, typically, government’s form of punishment or slavery. “Disobedience is a form of liberty” – Henry David Thoreau. This quote is stating how sometimes the best thing to do is to go against the government, for the betterment of an individual’s well being and future. Disobedience against something which a person believes is corrupt and to be able to stand up against it should also be a part included in freedom of speech.

To debate is to argue and talk through a specific subject in a formal manner, contributed by many people. If the topic were to be racism, a wide group of people concluded with different ethics from different parts of the world would be fair for they can all contribute their ideas into the crowd without getting judged or looked down upon by their status, but to be accepted and acknowledged by every individual. “… creatures of the same species and rank should also be equal one amongst another without subordination or subjection [lowering of position]…”. This was an excerpt from John Locke’s book, “Second Treatise on Civil Government” (Doc A). The excerpt further supports the inalienable rights a human being can have from the moment they were born until they take their last breath. The permission to allow free flowing ideas and debates worldwide will only do nothing but further contribute to creativity, innovation, education and cultural acceptances. Prioritizing the idea in which every individual may have their own voice will lead our society to further heights and polish our world brighter than ever. As George Washington, the first president of the United States of America during the Enlightenment once said: “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter”. Therefore, to clearly sum up, with freedom of speech, there will be rejoice, there will be happiness, without, then dumb and silent we may be led like sheep to the slaughter.

A few might say freedom of economy should be something prioritized in a new society, however,  this argument is unconvincing because the wealth would eventually be unevenly distributed, leading to the limitation of economic freedom of a few unfortunate others who have less of a luxury. In Adam Smith’s idea to support individual decision-making, he stated that an individual should be able to construct an industry and to make decision of their own (Doc C). However, without the intellectuality and wisdom, it would only limit the range of decisions one can make. For the intelligent individual will always be the intelligent, and the not, depending on their circumstances, will not have as good of an opportunity as the fortunate.  “As every individual, therefore, endeavours as much as he can both to employ his capital [money] in the support of … industry” – Adam Smith in his book “The Wealth of Nations”. This excerpt from the book very simply shows that eventually, wealthy industries will try to prevent other industries getting into their way, obstructing the economic freedom of many other small industry owners. Given the evidence, some conclude that freedom of economy is important, and therefore needs to be the priority for the new society. Nevertheless, this argument fails to consider the fact that while freedom of economy is important, it’s a step to be taken after the priorities.

As said in advance, having the ability to speak up would not only prevent misunderstandings from happening, it would also lead to better ideas due to constructive criticism or debate. It’s essential to point out that there are still cruel and unfortunate things going around happening with people around the world, and without freedom of speech, it would only furthermore limit the ability of one’s being able to speak up for their own rights. This leads to the conclusion that while freedom of economy is needed indeed without a doubt, it’s not an idea that should be prioritised for the betterment of our government’s, our world’s future, for that freedom of speech should be.

Reflection on Occupation Unit w/ Job Interview Video

In the past couple of weeks, the entire class has been focusing on our Occupation Unit. In this unit, I have learned about how job interviews really went in real life and what kind of specialized word you needed to know in order to be in the business. A few new words that I have learned and found helpful were 经历 and 公司 because these two are probably few of the most common words used when you are introducing yourself. The meaning of the words are manager and company. I have also discovered the difference between the words 戴 and 穿。 戴 would be used for accessories, e.g, a collar, a tie, or a hat; while 穿 would be used for clothing, more specifically, something you wear and put on, e.g., a jacket, a t-shirt, and long pants. Writing the script has been a fun experience although there is no doubt it was undoubtedly hard to come up with a script immediately with perfectly grammar and wording. However, after this unit is over, I feel as though I have a bigger understanding of the topic before we went deep into the unit and created the video.

Moving on from what I feel about the past unit, some of the things I feel I could’ve done a better job looking back was maybe act more natural and speak louder and clearer. In my process of making the video, I had quite a hard time listening to the words because the sound was too small. What I did was I increased the sound up to 400% and it now the sound is barely making the cut. That is one thing I would definitely improve on. Another thing I feel like I should’ve done and would do better on is read my lines more fluently. Before filming, I had made sure that I remembered my lines, however, there were parts where I stuttered or we had to double take and that was not only wasting my time, but my partner’s time to redo the scene. Otherwise, I feel good about our video and although the acting needed more polishing, each and every member in our group memorized their lines and we were able to proceed with the process pretty smoothly so everything ended up pretty well in my opinion.

This is the document with the Job Interview Video and the script included just in case “someone” might wonder what the script may be (Although it is already included in the video as subtitles).

Nguyen, Catherine – Racket Sport Unit



For the past few weeks in PE, we have mainly been focusing on racket sport unit. A few examples would be badminton, pickleball, speedminton and table tennis. This time I was introduced to a lot of sports that I never actually played a lot or I knew existed so it was a fun and exciting experience. Some of the dislikes about this racket sport unit that I had were the pickleball because although it looked easy when others got nice shots, it got harder when you actually experienced playing the game. Sometimes the ball would not hit the middle of the bat and it would wander to the left and to the right so for me, that was one of the dislikes and difficulties that I had. Other than that, there were a lot of successes, speedminton turned out great. Every time you hit the shuttle correctly, it would just make a high pitched bird noise which turned out to be so satisfying. Badminton was harder than I thought because racket sports usually required quick hand eye coordination and if you didn’t have it then it would be hard playing some of the games in the list.



Middle Ages – Feudal System (S.S)

 The most important influence the feudal system made was that it stabilized the social and political situation inside Europe after the fall of Roman Empire and influencing other great civilizations of the world. The feudal system originated from the Dark Ages, following the decline of the Roman Empire. The Dark Ages was a time with no law nor order and Europe was a country threatened with anarchy. The system was first introduced in the 8th century by a leader named Charmelagne with the optimum goal to control large areas of land and people. 2 centuries later after William’s victory in the Battle of Hastings (1066), unanticipatedly, all of Europe was under the system’s control. Leaders of the kingdoms would usually have trouble defending their kingdom from uninviting neighboring attacks and keeping their country united.

According to Gunnell, Noreen from Bright Hub Education, the feudal system settled down the problems inside europe when the king couldn’t handle everything to keep the country from going out of control. The system of feudalism consisted of kings with lords and nobles working underneath his orders. Lands are divided amongst the leading men in the country called barons. Land was the most valuable thing existed. Land was a symbol of nobility, power and wealth, the more land you owned, the more wealthy you were, and the more high regards you earned. The good thing about land was that you could always keep your land once you personalized it. You will then pass it to your male oldest offspring who will then pass it to their male oldest offspring and so forth.

The feudal system have affected a handful of great civilizations around the world. Few have gone through a feudal period in the course of their history,e.g, the Japanese. The Japanese feudal system began in the 14th century and ended in the 19th century, about 400 years after the end of the European feudal system. The shoguns (kings) ruled the country through daimyo, similar to nobles who were in charge of the samurai, also similar to the knights, influenced from the western feudal system. Feudalism is still alive and well in today’s modern corporate world. In companies worldwide, they still apply the feudal system to their organization to separate the employees from the employer. According to Jacob Sloan – everything old is new again, he found that the modern socio political structure highly resembles those found during feudalist societies. This phenomenon is called neo-feudalism. Feudalism has developed over the years and into our modern world. Our world has long revolve around it before we knew the system that reigned our world also existed during the 8th century and conquered all of Europe.

However, others may hold contrasting opinions that the feudal system was hindering the growth of the social and political position of Europe by enforcing the law that made peasants or serfs unable to create their own business and having to work as slaves under the wealthy. According to “How Did Feudalism Help Shape the World Today – Feudalism”, if someone was born to parents whom are peasants or serfs, they would likely stay poor while the rich would likely stay rich. With statistics stating that 90% of the the population in Europe during the Middle Ages were peasants and serfs, it would be easy to confirm that there were not a lot of people that were considered middle class or aristocratic. . However, this argument overlooks the fact that the Feudal System stopped the attacks from neighboring countries and settled the social and political position that Europe was in that was most likely not going to settle down any time soon.

The pyramid of the feudal system was built with the peasants at the bottom and the king on the top. Comparing the feudal system to this moment in time, there are a lot of social mobility regarding the fact that people would likely still stay poor despite how hard they worked during the middle ages. Nowadays, and probably in the future, equality might never come to existence. Because if the topic was thoroughly thought about, without the poor, how can the rich be truly “rich”? However, without the rich, how can they afford money for the poor to get through the day? After looking closely at both sides of the issue and the evidence, one can see that the feudal system’s influence on putting Europe in order was greater than its influence on hindering the growth of Europe.

On my next essay, I want to remember to work on the clarity of my thesis.