In this project on Human right issue, we focused on improving/learning our social issue and understanding of people who don't have basic human right. This is an important skill because when we grow up, it's important to understand the society and how we should react to it.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to cooperate with my peers more often. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

By visiting exhibits, I have learned that socializing with new people and new Vietnamese local people were really a nice way for me to improve my collaboration, cooperation and also to help local people to improve their English skills. In addition, it made me to reduce the amount of awkwardness since I used to be very shy and I did not wanted my Vietnamese local students to feel awkward. Furthermore, by visiting exhibits I learned that local students are very generous and they are also kind too.

In my collaboration, I think I done a pretty good job. Not everyone could see me as this, however, because me past years ago was very shy and not talkative at all. However, by this project, I became more talkative and more helpful to my teammates when they need help. Also, I think my cooperating skills have also improved. Since, I helped them a lot with tasks and whenever my teammates looked confused, I tried my best to make the project organized so he or she does not get confused.

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In this project, I had went to Sozo organization and discussed about anything if possible in English. It was just to improve their English skills as well as fluent.

In this unit, I had a chance to go to a Caffe in district 2 called "Sozo" which was the organization who also helped Vietnamese college people who are not good at English to improve. Our team, in order to help people from poverty, we went to Sozo caffe and had a tea talk to help them speak English more fluently and more. So in this practice, my English had also improved since they are quite good at speaking English. Also, some of them had better English skills than I had. Also, in this unit my property had also changed. In the other words, way of looking people in poverty also changed. Now when I see them, I rather want to help them out by doing this social study unit.

Just one thing that I felt uncomfortable meeting with Vietnamese people in Sozo was the boy who sat right next to me just keep talking about girlfriends. I know he was being sarcastic, but in my perspective, it was beyond being sarcasm. Also, doing cooperative jobs was a bit uncomfortable since I had to wait for them to give me instruction to do. I could have waited for them to give me instruction, but waiting was too long that I actually had to tell them persistently to give me an instruction to do.

At first, when I first take the poetry unit, I actually had no idea about poem because being honest I never learned about poetry and using these complex figurative languages like extended metaphor, simile, imagery, and more before. Since, I do not know what to do and making a structure of the poetry, just making the entire structure of the poem challenges me. Especially inserting as many as figurative languages really blocked me and made me in chaos. However, as building my skills of making new types of poem and creating more poem, I actually had made one poem that I am proud of myself. Which is the poem called "School Lunch". It's a poem about students hardly waiting in school for lunch because they are dying in hunger. Also, I am proud of this poem because I had actually used the extended metaphor by comparing students to cows. At first, I didn't know it was a extended metaphor and I used this cow thing to just make a simple metaphor in my poem, but when I had a conference with Mr. Jardin and when he said ohhh so you are using cow and students as extended metaphor I was like Yes! I was lucky enough to make a extended metaphor. When making a life card, the one thing that struggle me was inserting a picture that fit with my poem. This could have been easy, but when challenged me was all the picture were not available for me to use since they did not access the attribution. My last poem which is one young boy missing his grandma is actually my experience and in that poem I used my experience to make the poem more impressing and meaningful too. As last, in this poetry unit, I really liked using my knowledge to be more creative about making varied poems. However, just one thing I didn't liked about poetry unit was I always had a writing block and I spent most of the hours in exploratory writing class to think about which sentence will best fit in my poem. So if I had a new poetry unit in high school, I would be more expereinced more it would be more enjoyable, but I really want to have less writing blocks since I have that all the time.

First, the good thing about yearbook class was broad range of freedom. I had chance to go out and take pictures when I needed and also I can go to any place when I need to take picture for yearbook spread. Another good thing about yearbook class was working on in design. At first, I did not like indesign, but now i'm actually okay with using in design, This is because as I go deeper with indesign, I kind of got more interested in the services that indesign provide. Especially rectangle tools and using the opacity was the main source that triggers me to use more indesign effectively.

Just one slightly bad thing about yearbook was using a tech. Because i am bad at using computer, I was getting behind at using bridge, photoshop, indesign, and more. Especially photoshop because cutting off girls were the hardest task for me to do, This was because girls hair have more dynamic styles to cut. Also, linking photos and using the server also made in chaos. This was because I forgot to relink everything, so I had to relink everything pictures I used.

First fact = Nelson Mandela Author = Sean Connolly

  • Life on Robben Island was monotonous and dreary despite the efforts that prisoners made to keep each other active.
  • = It shows how he was encouraged to have freedom

Second fact = Bound for the north star Author = Dennis Brindell Fradin

  • In 1861, the north and south began fighting the civil war over the issue of slavery.
  • = It shows how do they fight to have get rid of slavery,

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In part of doing resume, I think I got confidence writing with statistic data to inform people in business to know me. Also, because I had some good experience to add, I have made my resume organize and only write important data for business people to recognize me for. Also, I found a great template for resume for being a banker. This resume made me to stands me out as a very numeric and organized guy when I see this template. Also, I think this resume looks a bit eye pleasing for banker because it categorizes important stats that business people want to see and hire from.

However, one of the worst thing I have done for this resume is for objective part, I kind of write my resume in conversational. Also, there were few sentences, but I also used "I" which definitely make my resume unprofessional. Furthermore, in work experience part, I wrote something that are not really related to banker. I wrote environmental volunteer and community service which might look good if you are being a manager or something active, but for being a banker I realize those are not really related from being a banker. Also, those information did not reflect my perspective in resume of being a banker.

In this project on European Imperialism, we focused on improving/learning why Europe had colonized a huge continent. This is an important skill because it helps to think more insight. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to read the document. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

I organized myself by following the graphic organizer. Also, I used a variety of sources to make myself conscious about the project. When I finished writing a draft, I peer revised and self-revised by reading it over and over again. I will improve myself by reading the essay several more times.

I have troubled writing essays because it was hard for me to write advanced words. Also looking up with thesaurus was one of the hard tasks since I had to find the perfect word I wanted, but it had to make sense. Also, I had difficulty using Meriam webster because it took me half the entire hours writing this DBQ essay.

A strength I showed was my ability to write a strong thesis and using more advanced words. I also used the tool called "thesaurus" to write advanced words and it helped me a lot. Also, another thing that I did well according to the rubric is using the appropriate sources, the DBQ.

Something I should work on in my next essay is not using a personal pronoun. I used many of personal pronouns which had affected my marks and it was one of the most difficult part for me since I am weak at grammar.

This is a book about Chang Hyun, Bin, and I's nutritious meal. We have a total of 3 dishes. One is honey pork that Bin cooked and brought in. It's 2 serving size and it have peas that make you even more healthy. The other dish is fruits for dessert I brought in and I brought bananas and dragon fruits which are both good at digestive system. Our main dish was salad which was surrounded by bananas and we use balsamic vinegar which is a nutritious oil and it actually low blood pressure and sometimes this dressing is use for diets!

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