We All Are the Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman with the Web Shooter

The last blog was about what I have researched and what significant challenges and revision of my timeline. After making a hand-drawn google presentation and making a script, I had successfully made youtube lecture video about my question

“How Can a Spiderman Web Shooter be Utilized as a Rescue Equipment?”

Google Presentation with Voice Over 

After making the google presentation, I thought the google slide itself would be too boring. In order to get rid of the monotonous of the slides, I chose my google presentation to be one of the many youtube lecture videos like one of bozeman science (My favorite science lecture video). However, I changed a nuance to be more entertaining rather than to teach the audience to study for schools so audience can comfortably watch my video without any pressure. 

As I was making a script according to my intention, I expected the length of a video to be adequate because I put details of the calculations in the google presentation so I can abridge my script. However, the length of the video was much longer than I expected. I believed long video would bore the audience so I tried to avoid that situation by inserting a upbeat background music to stay audience awake as much as possible.

There are 5 pages more!

When I was recording my voice on the lecture video, I used garage band rather than I movie to film my voice. Personally, using garage band was a better choice because this program is exclusive to recording the voice when I movie still can record the voice, but has lower quality. 

Doing such a project like this, it was really important to me because I had a chance to go over about topics that I always dreamed of, but never had a chance to embody into reality. It was really fascinating that the web shooter, which I only see in the spider man movie series, has a high possibility to be designed in to real life and be used as a rescue equipment. I only thought even though if we can make a real web shooter, it would not be useful enough to save people’s lives because I did not know the enormous tension strength of the spider silk. In reality, the web shooter can easily hold the weight of human and even cars if can! Because my second favorite superhero is spider man (iron man is first, of course 🙂 ), doing the research did not bore me as well as composing a presentation. In fact, making a youtube lecture video about the web shooter for me was very meaningful.

During the process of making a script and producing a podcast, there were definitely a lot of challenges I faced. The first challenge was accuracy of my calculations. Because the general premise I made are exclusively made by me, I only obtained the appropriate formulas from the website. In the other words, I did not have any sites to confirm that my calculation is correct. To solve this issue as possible, I checked my work 5 times in a different day to see if my calculation has no error.

Checking my Calculation

Another challenge was having a extremely long video. Since I did not expect my video to be that long, I only had simple and basic slides in my google presentation with only a few drawings. However, after I figure out the length of my product will definitely going to bore the audience with the current slides, I drew much more drawings and use photoshop to crop the images and paste it in. Also, as I mentioned before, I intentionally put happy up beat music to make my video not monotonous. Lastly, I take away the details of the script as possible. For example, I did not say what general premises are because they are written in the presentation. 

However, there are certainly a few things I did well too. I believe I was able to keep the concept that my video, which is a lecture video. I intentionally include the mathematical calculations to prove my point to appeal to the audience that they can learn physics in my video as well as having a creative knowledge about web shooter. In addition, I had a intonation of not too high, but not too low to show that the video is trying to entertain the audience and educate at the same time.

My weakness was the quality of the youtube video. In the google presentation, the quality of the slides was very delicate and sharp. However, the time when I insert the google presentation to the I movie, the quality of the google slides dropped significantly. I tried my best to overcome that issue by filming the screen itself, but the quality of the movie came out to be the same. 

It is a bit blurry

I hope my youtube lecture video can inform the audience that making the web shooter is possible, and help people from extreme disasters. Moreover, to encourage them to have more creative knowledge and in fact, engineer the web shooter the enact the change into the world!

*Final product hyperlinked in the word “Google presentation with Voice over” at the top of the page

Wait.. Web Shooter is Possible to be made!

In the last blog, I had created a guided question, format of the product, and a master timeline for my engineering project. As I started my research to practice my timeline on the question of 

“How can making a spiderman web shooter can be utilized as a rescue equipment?”

The answer was very astonishing because it seems that making a spiderman web shooter is actually possible!!!

Before I start to describe the unbelievable research, I divided the research into 5 sections for me to be comfortable with finding information which are :

1. Materials for Web shooter

2. How to fire a spider silk

3. Web shooter size

4. Tension Strength of spider silk

5. Web speed

As I started to research the first section, I chose the spider silk to be my web because I was really surprised at the tensile strength and the stickiness of the spider silk. It was said that the spider silk has roughly 1.3 Gpa tensile strength which means it can easily withhold the weight of the man with the radius of only 2 mm. In addition, Darwin’s bark spider’s silk is five times stronger than per pound than the steel cable and more elastic than nylon. 

Darwin’s Black Spider

After I chose the spider silk to be my web, I thought of what material can be strong enough and light to be carried by the human’s hand. Then, I found a wonderful material called micro-lattice metal which is called to be 100 times lighter than the styrofoam, but as strong as the titanium. As a result, I chose this material to for my cartridge as well as the entire web shooter.

The second part of the research was somewhat guesstimated. As I was thinking of how to make the spider silk fired fast enough to save people’s lives, I thought using the principle of firing the gun would be most agreeable. So after researching the principle of the gun, it was interesting to know how the guns shoot bullets. Simply, they convert the chemical energy of the gunpowder to the kinetic energy by heating it enough to change the gunpowder to extreme gas pressure. So I thought to put a little amount of gunpowder in the bottom of the spider silk to convert it to kinetic energy when I pull the trigger. 

Third to fifth research was what I personally think the most physics were involved. For third, I calculated the total volume of the cartridge of 20 spider silk to see the least amount of volume and radius that the web shooter had to be. After the calculation, I found out that the volume of the web shooter has to be at least 0.005 cubic meters and radius to be 12.2 cm. As you will think and what I also felt is that 12.2 cm just sounds very long. However, the material that I will make is micro-lattice metal so it wouldn’t be a big conflict.

In addition to the calculation of the size, I also calculated the tension force that the spider silk has to withhold when sustaining people and traveling in a semi-circular arc. The result was very hopeful that the tensile strength of the spider silk with the radius of 2 mm can all withhold the tension force!! Lastly, the initial velocity of the spider web was 20 m/s shooting vertically upward and 14 m/s when I shot in a 45-degree angle shot. For the velocity shooting vertically downward, it would make sense that the initial velocity would be the same as the one of shooting vertically upward. Therefore, I calculated the final velocity for vertically downward which was calculated to be 28 m/s after using kinematic equation. As a result, the web shooter can be actually made to save people from burning houses, free falling, and more!

While I was doing my research, there was some real challenge that struggled me. As I was researching how fast the web shooter can shoot and the tension force it has to withhold at a minimum, there had all required constant such as the weight of human and radius of the spider silk, and more which can be changed in any time. To solve this conflict, I made a general assumption for myself and the audience which are :

Mass of human: 100kg

The speed of freefall: 53 m/s

Web length: 20 m

The radius of a spider web: 2 mm

The web shooter contains 20 shots

The circumference of the wrist: 20 cm

Length of the cartridge to arm: 10cm

Also, I struggled with finding the design for the web shooter I truly wanted on the internet. I searched for an hour, but I couldn’t find any image that I wanted. As a result, I decided to draw myself the design of the web shooter I want to show and take a picture and photoshop it beautifully to post it on media. The result of that looks like this.


Lastly, the real struggle was the accuracy of my calculation. Because my understanding of physics is not really deep, I had to make some big decision which can alter the accuracy. For example, for calculating the speed of the web shooter, I ignored the air resistance because I basically, I could not calculate regarding the resistance of the air. Furthermore, I used the basic formula I learned in school only which I presumed there could be different considerations I have to make to be as accurate as possible. 

Right now, I think the timeline I made on the last blog is working perfectly. I was able to keep my timeline as finishing my research by the weekdays. In addition, I am currently working on the process of the making google presentation with voice over. However, I assumed from the last blog that the 2nd blog was on May 16th which was in fact on May 14th. So I would finish the script and the google presentation by the next Friday which is May 18th, and edit everything on May 19th, Saturday. I think the revision of the timeline would be manageable because the harderst part which was the research is currently done 🙂 

Spider Man Come to Rescue Your Life!

In the physics class, I recently started a project where I create my own research question and answer it in any displays I desire to. However, a restriction on making the research question is I have to show how can we use physics to enact change in the world. After a deep thought, I came up with a question which is 

How can making a spiderman web shooter can be utilized as a rescue equipment?”

When I was first asked to find what is my interest, I couldn’t find any interests that really captivated me. While I was thinking about recent movies I watched to figure out my interest, I thought of one of the best movies in 2018 which is the Avengers: Infinity Wars. It was that time I remembered one of my favorite superhero, Spiderman. I thought of Spiderman because it was the first hero movie I watched. I was shocked at his overwhelming strength and having an ability to shoot spider web because the movies I used to watch before were either romance or movies from Disney. Specifically, I really liked his agility shown through the amazing Spiderman series and his ability to use web shooter as a mean of transportation. Then, I thought of an idea that “how about using the Spiderman web shooter to reduce the traffics in transportation?” which was silly because everyone will be crushed and so the traffics will be worsened. With my physics teacher, Mr. Bunting’s help, I ultimately reframed my question to “How can making a Spiderman web shooter can be utilized as a rescue equipment?”

After forming my question, I thought of two ways to display my research which were the website and power point presentation.

I was learning on how to make a website from my friends because making a website for me was more interesting. I knew the site where I can create my own peculiar website which is wix.com and before managing the site, it looked very easy to me. Then, I faced the problem. After browsing the site for a while, I realized I was not a person who feels comfortable with technologies. Making a website for me was still a hard choice and so I changed my mind and to make a google slide presentation with the voice over. 

I don’t know what’s going on ~

Therefore, I chose to do a google slide presentation. To combat my cons of doing a google slide presentation, I thought making a voice over so the audience can easily guide through my research questions with images and simple sentences. For now, I am planning to make a google slide about how should we manage to create a Spiderman web shooter and this part is what I am aiming to include a lot of physics, specifically mechanics. Because I am planning to include the appropriate velocity, force, etc of web shooter for people to sustain their weight and the strength of cobweb. Then, I am going to make a slide about an application of the spider web shooter to rescue people like saving people from burning houses and make rescue team to easily go inside the incidents. For the voice over, I think I can use quick time player to record my voice as well as the screen. 

To be efficient on making a google slide presentation which answers my research question, I made a constructive time line. Considering the fact that I have a fluid test on next Monday, I do not think it is plausible to work on my project this week. In addition, I chose to finish my research and also a script and google slides before the second blog post because the duration of time from first blog post to second blog post is considerably longer than the second blog post to final (which has 4 days). Furthermore, I intentionally divide the deadline for my research and script because they are in the week days and weekend. 

Making a perfect airplane

In the first class of physics, our group had a chance to make an experiment with three factors about how to make airplane flies the furthest. I designed 3 independent variables in the first class which is a number of paper clips, angle of wings, and size of the airplane. We only had a chance to experiment with the number of paper clips, and we knew having 2 paper clips were the best.

In the second class, we had a chance to have experiment about the angle of the wing and the size of the airplane. The angle of the wing was measured by the protractor.


As a result, having 0 degrees of the wing went the furthest shown by the graph.

After testing the angle of the wing, we tested the size of the airplane by folding all kinds of paper. As obvious, the biggest airplane went the furthest.

Therefore, we decided to throw an airplane with 2 paper clips, with 0-degree wing angle and the biggest airplane. WE WILL WILL THIS COMPETITION!!! 😀


Our pain making airplanes

In our physics class, we had a chance to gather in a new group and to have a brilliant airplane competition! Our group is Sung Kyu, Seung Jae, Cindy, and Yong Wan. Before we make an experiment about which factors will make the airplane flies the fastest, we think about the independent variables to test. As we think, we chose to change the number of paper clips and the angle of the wings.

Then, we went out side and tried with 3 trials. 

After the experiment, we found out that having a few paper clips makes the airplanes goes further, however, having more than 4 paper clips actually reduced the distance of the airplane. We did not have time for the second experiment, but we knew about having 2 paper clips will make our airplane goes the furthest. 

With the graph approved, we knew having only 2 paper clips makes the airplane goes the furthest and we will investigate for more independent variable to make our airplane the BEST airplane!!

We can slow down the rate of salmon from dying!

The last blog was about what I have researched and what significant challenges and revision of my timeline I had to take. After I finished making a script, I had successfully made a podcast about my question

In what ways will the warmness of the ocean caused by the climate change influence the availability of the salmon sashimi?


I had made an attribution in the podcast, but for the further MLA format works cited page here

As I was making a script for my podcast I had divided the speakers into three people which were the host, climate change professor, and salmon professor. Obviously, I was the host because I made the script and the research and I was planning to do the other professors along as well with the change of my voice. However, changing my voice did not work because it sounds very similar. 

Because I was making a podcast, I believe making a clear structure to answer my guiding question was very important. So, I organized my script into an explanation of the warmness of the ocean, and three effects on how the warm ocean is going to affect the salmon which are the extreme temperature, the spread of bacteria and algal bloom. 

In addition, I often recap the point that the professor made because I think making a one to two sentence summaries of the long explanation might help the audience to understand my topic even deeper and not confuse the listeners. 

Making a summary

As I finished my script and start to make my podcast, I used garage band rather than I movie to film my voice and my friend’s voice. Personally, using garage band was a better choice than I movie because I am not using any image or pictures, but just a voice. I asked Q.A and Se jin to be my professor because they certainly had a different voice than I do so it does not confuse who’s speaking in my podcast. 

Doing such a project like this, it was really entertaining because I had a chance to answer about topics that I had once thought about, but never dare to answer. It was really fascinating that salmons getting affected by the warmness of the ocean in a variety of ways. I only thought warmness of the ocean will going to kill a salmon by the extreme temperature. In reality, the warm ocean also evokes harmful bacteria and algae. Because my favorite food is salmon sashimi and I do not want the salmon to go extinct, I also put solutions on how to reduce the warmness of the ocean in my podcast. The real goal for me was to inform the listeners about the problem that the climate change and create and solutions on how to manage the conflict.

During the process of making a script and producing a podcast, there were definitely a lot of challenges I faced. The first challenge was where to publish my podcast. At first, I wanted to publish my podcast on an actual website where lots of podcasts are published. However, I find out that it needs a few days for verification and the day I found this was on Saturday. So, to solve this issue, I was going to publish my podcast on the youtube. However, my physics teacher, Mr. Bunting suggested me a really good website which was a SoundCloud so I decided to publish it there.

Another challenge was how to make my podcast as similar to a real podcast. I only had a chance to experience Korean radio so I did not have a clear idea of how to produce a podcast. As I was listening to several podcasts, I realized most of them uses intro music to start and the rest do not have any sound effect nor background music. Also, what’s amusing about the intro music was they increase the volume when they were not speaking and either lower or mute the volume when they start speaking.

However, there were certainly a few things that I did well too. I believe I was able to balance how much information should I put into my project considering it was a podcast. I did not include any mathematical formulas and did not list any sophisticated laws to not confuse my listeners. However, I still put specific examples of the bacteria like cholera and statistical number to show my understanding. Also, I think I was able to make an evident organization for my script. Where I often recap the point from the professor Q.A and Kim made to not make my podcast out of the topic and to inform my question to the listeners more accurately. 

My weakness was trying to make my podcast more entertaining. Although I put humorous intro song not to bore my listeners, I think my podcast is a bit boring. In addition, as I recapped my points, the podcast got a bit lengthier which I think was one of the factors that made my podcast less interesting. Another weakness was my poor editing skills. It was the second time using the garage band to edit my podcast so the system was a bit unfamiliar to me to use it. I wanted my intro music to slowly decrease the volume, but I couldn’t find out how so I just mute my intro music rather than decreasing the volume. 

I hope my podcast can inform the listeners that the climate change can reduce the availability of the salmon sashimi in drastic ways like a butterfly effect. Moreover, to encourage them to practice activity that produces less greenhouse gas like using a bicycle rather than transportation to secure salmons from dying.  

*Final product hyperlinked in the word “podcast” at the top of the page



Is salmon going to be extinct when the warmness of the ocean continues?

In the previous blog, I had created a guiding question, format of the product and the timeline for my physics project. As I started my research to practice my timeline on the question of 

“In what ways will warmness of the ocean caused by climate change influence the availability of the salmon sashimi?”

The answer was very astonishing.

Before I jump straight to research about my guiding question, I divided into three parts for me to be more comfortable with finding information which are 

1st How the ocean is getting warmer by the climate change?

2nd Facts about the salmon

3rd How does warmness of the ocean affect the production of salmon?

As I was researching the first part, I recognized there is a close relationship between the greenhouse effect the and climate change. When the electromagnetic radiation from the sun goes through the Earth, it was the greenhouse gases which are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and water vapor that trap the heat and warms the Earth. Before I research further, I believed it was the human activity that makes the energy absorbed by the greenhouse gas overpowers the energy reflected by any reflective materials like sand, ice, and cloud. However, the reality was very fascinating. Even without any human intervention, only 30% of the radiation is reflected and 70% of the radiation is trapped by the greenhouse gas. Human activity was what makes the climate change at a faster rate by exposing the immense amount of CO2 from factories and excretion. As the excess CO2 is released to the Earth, the ocean is going to be warmed too because CO2 is warming the entire Earth. So, I could conclude that the climate change is warming the ocean. 

When researching the 2nd part, I was a bit ashamed of myself that I said I like eating salmon sashimi to people when in reality, I do not know a lot about them. Salmons are anadromous fish which means they are born only in the fresh water, migrate to the sea when they grow up and returns to the freshwater when they need to reproduce. Also, their main habitats are Northern Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. It was quite surprising that salmons eat different food depends on their growth. In general, young salmons eat insects, invertebrates, and plankton; adults eat other fish, squid, eels, and shrimp. What was so special about sockeye salmon was they have a diet that consists almost entirely of plankton.

Sockeye Salmon

The third part was the most important question for me to research because it is very related to my guiding question. Honestly, I believed the only reason why the availability of the salmon sashimi will decrease was because of the warmness of the ocean that might stress them to death. However, as I research there were in fact, numbers of the reasons why salmons will die due to the warmness of the ocean. As the ocean gets warmer, it intrigues the lethal bacteria and viruses which can lead some salmons to death. Also, the warm ocean is the best place for algae to have algal bloom. What’s so bad about the algal bloom is the algae gain all the nutrition from the sun and produce lack of oxygen for marine animals to thrive. In the other words, algal bloom creates the oxygen depletion which evokes salmons to death. And obviously, there was a research that salmons are weak to the warm ocean and can’t survive at a certain temperature.

So, I was able to conclude that by the spread of bacteria, algae and increasing temperature of the ocean, the warmness of the ocean caused by the climate change will definitely going to affect the availability of the salmon sashimi.

While I was doing my research, there were some real challenges that struggled me. As I was researching about the greenhouse effect, some information that I found reliable was really difficult for me to understand. 

Ummm most wavelengths and short wavelength..?

In order to understand clearly about the greenhouse gas, I researched in many different sources and compare their information to each other to have a better understanding.

Also, I struggled with how to manage depth of my research because considering that I am making a podcast, the research should be easy enough for all listeners to understand. However, regarding that this is a physics project, I believe I should include more information than the adequate podcast. Choosing the appropriate amount of research to succeed all the criteria was a challenge for me.

Lastly, I have three people who are performing in the podcast which are the host, climate change expert and the salmon expert. Then, the problem was I need to cast 2 more people in my podcast because as I tried converting my voice to play a triple role, but my voice sounds the same to me. So, I kindly asked Se jin to help voice over and currently need one more person to be my salmon expert.

Right now, I think the timeline I made on the last blog is working perfectly. I was able to finish my research in last weekend, and currently, I have finished almost the half of my script for the podcast. My timeline is finished the script by the Friday of this week so I think I will be able to finish my script in time because I also have 2 hours of physics on December 7th. However, I realized the final product should be shown in the final blog which is on Sunday fo December 10th. Because my old timeline said to finish the podcast using the Saturday and Sunday, I will adjust it to finish only on Saturday. I think it would be still manageable because it’s the last weekend of the first semester so I do not have any other homework to do. 





Podcast with Salmon and Climate Change Experts!

In the physics class, I recently started in a project where I generate my own question and answer it in any displays I desire to. For me, my question is

“In what way will warmness of the ocean caused by the climate change influence the availability of the salmon sashimi?”

When I was first asked to list my interests, without a doubt, I think of the sashimi. I thought of sashimi because it is one of my favorite food that I could not have an opportunity to eat for several years. In addition, when I lived in Korea for 10 years, I lived in the city of Busan where the seafood is the most famous food. So, as I grow up, I had a chance to experience a variety of delicious sashimi which influenced me to like it even more. I chose specifically salmon sashimi because it was the first sashimi I ever tasted in Busan. Therefore, researching on how climate change might affect the availability of sashimi would be fascinating for me since I do not want salmon to go extinct before I die!

After forming my question I encountered another problem. How should I display my research? At first, I picked explain everything and podcast for my display.

I was leaning toward to do an explain everything video because I have already done one from the convection video and so it would be more comfortable for me to make a display. However, it could not be put into practice since explaining everything in my i pad has expired.
So I chose to do a podcast. I could have done an infographic, documentary and all the other choices, but I chose it to do a podcast because it kind of struck me after the explain everything video. Moreover, I could structure how should I create my podcast. For now, I am planning to create a podcast where I start with the emcee where he introduces the new program which is “what if” where they bring the experts of random subjects and make a correlation between their subjects. Obviously, I will introduce salmon expert and climate change expert and ask them to answer my question “In what way will warmness of the ocean caused by the climate change influence the availability of the salmon sashimi?”

In order to answer my question and be a salmon expert and climate change expert later in the podcast, I realized I need have a good amount of knowledge of both of them before I create my display. So, to make myself comfortable before starting my research, I divided the research into two major part. The primary research I will start is what causes the climate change? How does the climate change create global warming and thus, warm the ocean? After I have sufficient amount of research, I will focus on the salmon. How does salmon is affected by the warmness of the ocean and if there is, what specific characteristics of salmon that might reduce the availability of them.

Considering the fact that I have a 2nd blog post on December 5th, a final blog post on December 10th and presentation due on December 11th, it would be comfortable for me to make a timeline for my project because I have other subject’s assessments to finish. For now, I have structured my timeline to finish my research on the Sunday of December 3rd. Since, I only have World studies homework this week, finishing my research until this week sounds possible for me. In addition, I will work from December 4th to December 8th on creating my script. It is a lot of days for working on a script, but I believe this schedule would be more realistic because I have to manage other subject’s assessments next week. Finally creating a podcast from GarageBand and editing on December 9th to December 10th.


Metacognitive Reflection The last social study

In this project on Human right issue, we focused on improving/learning our social issue and understanding of people who don’t have basic human right. This is an important skill because when we grow up, it’s important to understand the society and how we should react to it.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to cooperate with my peers more often. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

By visiting exhibits, I have learned that socializing with new people and new Vietnamese local people were really a nice way for me to improve my collaboration, cooperation and also to help local people to improve their English skills. In addition, it made me to reduce the amount of awkwardness since I used to be very shy and I did not wanted my Vietnamese local students to feel awkward. Furthermore, by visiting exhibits I learned that local students are very generous and they are also kind too.

In my collaboration, I think I done a pretty good job. Not everyone could see me as this, however, because me past years ago was very shy and not talkative at all. However, by this project, I became more talkative and more helpful to my teammates when they need help. Also, I think my cooperating skills have also improved. Since, I helped them a lot with tasks and whenever my teammates looked confused, I tried my best to make the project organized so he or she does not get confused.

IMG_2647Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 2.14.58 PM

SoZo organization!

In this project, I had went to Sozo organization and discussed about anything if possible in English. It was just to improve their English skills as well as fluent.

In this unit, I had a chance to go to a Caffe in district 2 called “Sozo” which was the organization who also helped Vietnamese college people who are not good at English to improve. Our team, in order to help people from poverty, we went to Sozo caffe and had a tea talk to help them speak English more fluently and more. So in this practice, my English had also improved since they are quite good at speaking English. Also, some of them had better English skills than I had. Also, in this unit my property had also changed. In the other words, way of looking people in poverty also changed. Now when I see them, I rather want to help them out by doing this social study unit.

Just one thing that I felt uncomfortable meeting with Vietnamese people in Sozo was the boy who sat right next to me just keep talking about girlfriends. I know he was being sarcastic, but in my perspective, it was beyond being sarcasm. Also, doing cooperative jobs was a bit uncomfortable since I had to wait for them to give me instruction to do. I could have waited for them to give me instruction, but waiting was too long that I actually had to tell them persistently to give me an instruction to do.