End of Year Reflection

In this project on Human Rights, we focused on learning about Poverty in Vietnam and we made videos, write paragraphs and make displays to show this issue. The video is to raise awareness so more people would know about this topic and help the poor people. This blog post would show my reflection and what I have accomplished for this project.

How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

Working with my classmates help me focus my ideas better so I won’t be off topic. Because I change my ideas pretty quickly so my classmates are there to tell me when to change, and when we need to keep calm and go with what we have. I am very happy that my classmates and I worked well together, and even though there are some arguments between us we still stick as a team and accomplished the task.

What trouble did I have and why?

A trouble I have is time because there were so many things that need to be done and we didn’t really have a lot of time, so everything was very stressful and I was worried that my team won’t be able to finish this. I was very sad that I wasn’t at the showcase because I was sick, but I know that even when time were running short our project was still very good. I am very proud of what we have done.

IMG_20160602_143421829How can you continue your involvement with this group or social issue?

My family donate a lot of money and food to charity groups and orphanages so it is not hard for me to continue my involvement for this group and social issue. Because SYL is also the group that my mum help a lot in the past few years so it is not very new to me, and I would continue to help more people in Vietnam.

Service Learning Reflection

In this project, I worked in a group of three and we decided to talk about poverty in Vietnam. We contacted a charity group called SYL in Ho Chi Minh City and have them explain about the process of the charity, where they donate, and what they donate.

What are the most difficult and most satisfying parts of the service you are performing? Why?

The most difficult part was the timing because there were a lot of things to do while there’s not much time left. The most satisfying part was my abstract paragraph because it has a lot of details to support the existing solution, and I was happy with the grade that I have for it.

How do you motivate yourself to to do this type of service?

My family always donate to charity groups and orphanages so this type of service was not anything new, and I always have a chance to go to these donating trips. It is a great experience for these type of service.


Social Studies

I was suprised about how women and men does work but not for wages because they all worked for themselves. It is like if they sell more then they make more and the opposite, but there isn’t really a constant amount of money they are going to make. I think that this is not a good way of working because what if they can’t sell what they want, and it is very unstable. 

Liberty for All? Joy Hakim 2005

During the Atlantic slave trade, bands of organized kidnappers roamed the countryside and seized the most vulnerable, usually children, whom they sold to European and American slave traders. I was shocked about the fact that children were sold to European and American slave traders because they are way too young and they have to suffer this. The most importantly children are way too vulnerable for this, and the slave traders only care about their own gain. They care about their money and wealth instead of others. Making money is important but making money off a person is unacceptable.

Growing Up in Slavery Sylviane A Diouf 2001

Professional Qualities

I think that my professional qualities are that I am patient, accurate and responsible in everything. This is because I have a lot of time working in groups and I can see that being patient is very helpful. Since, no one wants to work with an impatient person that would scream and yell around. This is why I think that this is my strength and this would benefit both with working personally or in groups. Another strength I have is that I am accurate in everything I do because I really like to make everything as perfect as possible. This is also a reason why I like baking an activity that requires a lot of accuracy is always my favourite thing to do. I am mostly responsible and I think that this is very important because going to high school would be when I have to turn everything in time and I have to be responsible of what I am doing.

My weaknesses are that I can sometimes be a little forgetful and I procrastinate a lot. Forgetful for me is that sometimes when a lot of things are happening at the same then I won’t concentrate that well and would forget what I am suppose to do. Also, sometimes when there are many projects that are due on the same day then I sometimes would forget one of the due date. However, still my work would be done at the right time. It’s just that sometimes this causes me to be extremely stressed out, but it is sometimes away to help me finish my work faster. Another weakness that I have is that I procrastinate a lot, and this is kind of like my weakness and strength. It is because I work pretty well under the pressure of time and I tend to work faster that way. However, it can sometimes be a bad thing if I am working with others.

Imperialism DBQ Reflection

Technology Contributes to European Imperialism in Africa

European Imperialism in Africa is a time period of forced labor, horrible mistreatments, free trade, natural resources, rule of occupation and all the developments in technology that gave Europeans an advantage over Africans. Imperialism was a time period between the 19th and 20th century where European explorers walked their way into the interiors of western and central Africa. This time was all about European countries conquering parts of Africa. By the 1880s Africa was under full assault of the of European nations, and it was when the nations competed with one another for the control of the continent. Technology, nationalism, economics and ethnocentrism were the key elements in the success of European Imperialism in Africa.However, the primary driving force behind European Imperialism was technology because of its significant contribution in helping Europeans conquer Africa both economically and politically. On the other hand, others argue that economics was more important, but without the development in technology then the economic system won’t be as strong.

A reason why technology was significant behind the European Imperialism in Africa because it plays a big role in helping Europeans take over Africa in both economically and politically. This is because without the development in technology then there won’t be any equipment and weapons to help make the economic and national competition strong and efficient. To illustrate, the invention of the electric telegraph made the communication over long distances effortless for the Europeans. It emphasizes the fact that the electric telegraph efficiently helped the trade between the countries a lot easier. Therefore, leads to the fact that this would strengthen the economic system in European countries over the Africans. Furthermore, this means that European countries could use the fact that their economic system was stronger to overtake Africa. Also, this invention could be a way for Europeans to communicate and help spread their ideas easier to persuade the Africans to be on their side. Doc C stated that repeating rifle were invented in the late 1800s, it was a faster-loading gun that is able to shoot multiple shots a lot more accurate than those older muskets. Due to this new invention, it was a lot easier for Europeans to defeat the Africans during the fight to take over lands and oceans. Without the guns and discoveries then the national competition between countries won’t be as strong and efficient. Furthermore, the most key element in a national war are weapons, and with the technological developments the European armies have an advantage over the Africans. Based on the evidence presented so far, the discoveries of the electric telegraph and the repeating rifle allowed the Europeans to conquer Africa in both economically and nationally.

It has been argued that economics was the key element in bringing success to European during European Imperialism. According to Doc D, the African colonies benefitted European industries in many ways, especially when they were able to export diamonds and gold to help the economy of Europeans. Diamonds and gold are the most expensive natural resources and it is exported it under Europeans which mean that they would gain all the profit from the exporting. This shows that due to the fact that the Africans’ economy relies on Europeans, it is one step in making the battle defenseless for Africans. Although this argument is valid on many points, what it fails to overlook is that without the new discoveries and inventions then the economics system won’t be as strong as it is now. Doc B indicated that to be the center of power, their aim is to advance the power of England by land and by sea. This evidence clarify that the main goal of England is to gain power by land and sea. Without the well-developed weapons then they won’t be able to take over lands and sea from Africans. Adding on to this, this means that these technology would benefit England, they help gain power from both economically with the trading through the sea and nationally with the land and sea they were able to take over. After looking closely at both side, one can see that technology is the key element to the success Europe have because they were able to help develop the economic system and nationalism in England and other countries making them an advantage over Africans.

Technology was the most significant driving force behind the European Imperialism in Africa because it helped the Europeans defeat the Africans economically and politically. However, some argue that economics was more significant, but actually without the developments in technology then the economic system of Europe won’t be as forceful. With all the technology and weapons invented was used to fully justified the confidence and success Europeans had over Africans. The technology gave Europeans a huge advantage over Africans, they had the repeating rifle as well as other weapons that could help them defeat their opponents effortlessly. Even when some say that economics is more important. The reality is that without the technology then the economies of Europe won’t be supported by the wealth in the resources from lands and oceans from the African colonies. Without technology, Europe won’t have a well developed economic system and national pride that would benefit the continent making it one of the most dominant continents in the world, both economically and politically.


A strength I showed was my ability to show very good references and analysis in my writing.

Something I want to work on in my future writing is that I need to reorganise to include transportation as a key element along with other aspects of technology. This would make my writing even stronger.

My Persuasive Writing Is PUBLISHED

In this writing, I have to write about any topic to persuade others to be on my side. I chose to write about how school should start later because of health reasons. I believe that our school is starting way too early and it is very stressful for everyone in the morning. I learned a lot because I have more experience with all the technique I can use in my writing. Also, I can see that my writing have improved because I never thought about the fact that my writing would be published online. The only thing that I don’t like about this writing is the fact that it is a little hard to write it informally. I kind of struggle writing it in an informal way. I however did enjoy writing and publishing this writing.

Link to my writing

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 12.50.09 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.08.53 PM

Mandarin Reflection

This unit is about Occupations and we learned about the vocabularies that relate to jobs interview, and we actually made a video about what an interview would look like. There were a lot off new words that I have to learn because last year we only learned a little bit about this topic, and this year it was a lot more detailed. I learned vocabularies like, 工作,经理,公司, etc. For this unit, we have to learn how to talk about jobs, interview and also learn to use correct grammar to talk about this. I learned most of the words through Ms Taoli because even though there are MDBG it is sometimes not the correct word to use. This unit help me a lot because I get to learn words that not only I can use for occupations related, but I can also use it with other topics. For example, I learn the word 以前 and this word can be use in many topics and also in real life situations. We had Quizlet so it was really helpful when we want to review the words, and it was easier for us to use Quizlet to look for words we might be able to use in our script/video.

For this unit, I worked with Quoc and we filmed a video about a job interview. I was the employer and Quoc was the employee. This project was fun but also a little stressful because I was sick when it was time to work on the project in class, so it was a lot of last minute work. This is by far the hardest project because the vocabularies that I need to say is a little complicated and I sometimes have a hard time with saying the tone correctly. However, the script was really helpful for me because I can extend my knowledge about Mandarin because I get to write a lot and also learn new words that I can use in the future.

My video:

My script:

Student-Led Conferences Reflection – Science

I have a 50-50 experience for this class because sometimes it is really fun and I enjoy the unit we are learning about. However, sometimes this class gives me a lot of pressure and stress because the way of learning is totally different from last year. I am familiar with the teacher guiding me through what I am suppose to do, and usually the documents have everything I need to know or what I need to think about. While this style of learning is more towards independent learning. Even when it is in a lecture style of teaching, the teaching is more vague and it is more about us learning more and going deeper into the topic. I think that the learning style that fits me best is the lecture style because I think that I understand the topic better and also I can do projects, lab and quizzes better. I think that my overall experience is that I am new to this style of learning and I need to find a way that help me get a long well with these documents.

An advantage of my learning style is that it would be earn higher grades because I would understand the topic better and therefore I would understand the questions. The disadvantage is that it would sometime be a waste of time for the teacher and others because there are some that might have know about that topic before. However, for me it is better if the teacher explains deeply and help me through what the project requires and what I need to know and include.

I would try to stay organise and try to read all the documents that we looked over in class to help me understand the topic better.