We have finally finished our minecraft project and I am so proud of it! While we were doing the project we also learned some cool things like the Nile river being the longest river in the world, because I thought it was some other river. Some other things I learned were that there were types of people in Egypt. Some were nomads and herders nomads and herders are kind of similar, they both travel while the opposite of that is, farmers and settlers, they don't travel. I also learned that the nile river floods every year and it gives silt after the flood.

I am very proud of my world because I think it looks really good because I didn't spend so much time on it. I am also proud of my map because it was almost a paper version of my world. Another thing I am proud of is how much I've learned in this project, I've gotten to learn more about the lifestyle of ancient Egypt and many more.

If I would ever do it again I would try to be more calm and more focused when I screencast myself, and take more time when building my minecraft world.

And that was our Ancient Egypt project


Close Reading is when you read in detail, closely, carefully, and precise. It's when you read something, more than once for a separate purpose. For example, if you read it once then it has to be for 1 purpose, like, if you want to know about what the main idea is then, read it fully once, then you want to know what the topic is about, read it fully again once. If you still don't get it I'll just answer the questions for you.

Q: Would you actually read this text 3 times?

A: Yes. (if I have to, so if I want to "no.")

Q: Did you read the text again before filling out the 3 sections, or did you look at #2 and #3 and just try to answer them without rereading the entire text?

A: I did read the text again, but only 1x per section.

Q: What is a Main Idea?  Can you give an example in your explanation?

A:  The main idea of this whole text I'm writing is about explaining what close reading is about.

Q: How can Close Reading help you…think about heading to middle school and high school…

A: It could maybe help me when I'm reading those big textbooks, and trying to understand what it means.


If you follow these things then, this will help you for HS and MS.

Today, our class started a new unit called "Green Dragons" and in our first lesson, we talked about, sustainability and what it meant, and the first thing our class thought about  "sustain," was",to sustain" examples: Sustain your energy, Sustain food, etc. But our class still didn't know what sustain meant so, we watched a video about what sustainability means. We watched 2 videos, but the first one didn't really make sense. After we watched the 2 videos , I finally understand what sustainability meant. It is to maintain something, like to maintain chocolate, you have to grow more. It basically means to "keep going". We are starting this unit because we need to keep the earth going. To know you are sustaining something, you must know the 4 principles/rules  1. Environment  2. Politics (laws)  3. Culture  4. Economics when you're trying to improve or propose something to help the Earth, then you must follow these 4 rules, and you will certainly Maintain the Earth.

The first actual work we did in this unit was, splitting up in groups and writing about a certain place and the 4 rules that make the place useful for the Earth.

In this unit, we are learning to make a persuasive, logical, proposal, to make this school help the environment.

  1. TRUE A rectangle is a quadrilateral, because a rectangle has 4 sides.
  2. FALSE A rectangle is not a trapezoid, because a trapezoid doesn't have 2 pairs of parallel sides like a rectangle.
  3. FALSE A rectangle is not a rhombus, because a rhombus doesn't have 2 pairs of right angles like a rectangle.
  4. TRUE A rectangle is a parallelogram, because it has 2 pairs of parallel sides.
  5. TRUE A rectangle is a rectangle, because it has the same attributes.(and they have the same name and they are the same shape.)

In this inquiry journey we are learning how to turn a question into a topic you are passionate about, to an interesting GOOGLE DOC information piece. Ms. Mandy showed us a cool website called KidsInfoBits which helped us a lot with our research, and if we liked the info, there would be a thing near the top right corner called "save" and it gives you an option to save in google drive. And once you're done you go to google drive and go to recent and it will be there and that's what I learned so far.

The thing thats challenging to me is turning a question to a informational piece.

I'm excited for my topic because my topic is about sharks and I love sharks!

I wonder why we're doing this unit because I don't really know how this can help you.

At Thursday, we 5th graders went to Phat Tire, which was located in Buu Long and, was 90 minutes away from  HCMC. The most challenging part was one of the team building games called the Maze which you had to find a path to finish the maze, and whenever you failed you go back the same way you did before and your friend goes the same path and chooses a different path at the place you failed and, surprisingly our group finished in below 15 minutes. This was challenging because we kept forgetting.

The one I enjoyed the most was the Zip-line because when we finished climbing the hill we had to wait in line, then they grab you and pull you past the abseiling place, then when you arrive they put the grabber to my harness then attach the grabber to the pulley, then you jump off and you feel how great it is and, when I felt it, I felt relaxed.

The risks I took was the grabbing part for zip-line + rain. I was safe by listening what they said.


At Wednesday, in the amazing race we started learning about nutrition, and about carbs, fats, grains, vitamins and mineral, protein and all the food stuff. I'm really having too much fun with nutrition because it makes us learn what our body needs to develop and so far I've learnt a lot things about nutrition.

I really want to do more because it's very interesting to learn so I can't wait for the next class of nutrition!


Today we started a super unit called the "the amazing race." First we had to get to our groups and in my group there was me, Ryan, Bao Loc, Halia, Peggy, and Eun-Woo. Their were 10 stations and if you finish, you run to the office then when you get into the office you walk to Dr. Keller and he will sign it and give it back and you finish.

My favourite place was our first challenge which was the resting for 5 min. so we didn't use our energy that much. We finished 3rd or 2nd.

Daniel came from my grandpa's grandpa name

Russel is a combination of my dad's and mom's name

Louduwyk is from my grandpa's name

And last but not least is Sirait which is my family name,

And if you put all together it's Daniel Russel Louduwyk Sirait.

The meaning: Talented children who trust in God is my judge