I learned about absolute phrase and making a first-page story using at least 5 absolute phrases.


The creatures , some sitting on the plate , others in the oven, were all watching at spaghetti.

” Hey, look, seems like who will be going to get lost in their life! HAHAHA” laughed Sausage pizza teasing. Spaghetti was ready to go, her sauce melting sadly. Other pizzas were looking at the poor spaghetti, its situation too harsh for them to understand . They haven’t seen much things yet. It took 15mins for the chef to create them, they weren't ready to be eaten yet.  Water falling down their eyes as if it were emotion, but actually it was just sweat caused by the oven beside them. “Not a guest!

“ shouted cheese pizza panicking, his dough shivering on the plate.

All the pizza laying on the plate really terrified, and they shouted.

“AHHHHH” even though people can’t even hear a sound. “ Excuse me can I have a sausage pizza? “ asked the customer.

“ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… NOOOOOOOOO” Sausage pizza shouted. All the pizza were thinking of a idea to escape this pizza store for their freedom.  


“Guys we have to think about it!” Cheese pizza shouted 1 minute later

“and look! Look at those kids” Pepperoni pizza shouted. Kids were running around the store, all the customers and pizzas looking annoyed.

“ So we have to think of an idea? But… I’m really bad at creative things.. I don’t have anything to suggest..” Said, Pepperoni pizza timidly and worrying.

“ We have to get out of this noisy and annoying place! I hate it because it looks like my mom’s stinky toilet!” Sausage pizza shouted irritated.

“ Calm down guys. We can do this! So what are the plan? I have no idea so we didn’t come out of any idea” Said Cheese pizza

“ Oh! I have a great idea !!!!!! I heard the legend of the magic oven!” said the pepperoni pizza.

“ It’s long long time ago when people were really worried about their money and hunger so they were always finding a place to eat and make food but all the materials like oven, pans and pot are all taken.Then a month later a kid found a oven in the deep underground that was the oven that had left for years and years and I heard that people can time travel with that oven!” Pepperoni continued.
So every pizza made the plan mainly about the story that pepperoni told them about the time travel oven! After that everyone starting the plan and starts to run over to the oven, but they didn’t know what will happen next...


proud of my descriptive story

used at least 5 absolute phrase

better vocabulary

using absolute phrase in writing