Our mini project from social studies was to make a small scene about 4 types of government ( monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny and democracy) using gummy bears.

These are my scenes:

1st scene - tyranny  ( guards front of the tyrant's they are guarding them and other villagers are praying to the tyrant.)

2nd scence - democracy  ( 1 person is having a speech to make people vote for him/her self )

3rd scene- oligarchy ( oligarchs killed the king and queen )

last scene- monarchy ( king and queen at the front and retainers bowing to them






Q1:   *What did you know about these forms of government BEFORE we started this unit? 

First I didn't heard of the word or know the word, so I had no idea of those 4 types of government.

Q2: *Why is it important to learn about forms of government?

I don't really know but learning about government will be helping me a lot in future because still now they are still governments but not really those 4 types but government is still exsist so we have to lean about it so we have more idea about what is really a government why are government for?

Q3:*Which form of government do you think works best & why?

I don't think all of those 4 types of government is all the best choice but if I have to choose one I will choose democracy because for monarchy they don't even get to vote they just get to do it because of they're families and that is not fair... what if that monarchs is a bad monarchs only listen to rich people and not listen to poor people...that will be a problem.. and oligarchy is also not really a good types of government because they just want to get money and be the top one... and just play around and does not rule their world properly.. for the tyrant's they're also being it without voting or having a speech... that's not really fair isn't? But for democracy they can listen to everyone's voice, perspective and opinions... so I think democracy is the best types of government of those 4 types.



Hi!! Today in social studies I have been unwrapping  the mummified vegetables  and I saw what had happened for 2weeks. Then I and my partner had observed what had happened. All the tomatoes had shrunk, apples had changed to brown color and dried up and cucumber had changed into a cucumber that has no water in it. It's really dried.


In semester 1 I had a great time in social studies learning about ancient Egypt and timelines. and this is my TOP 3 !

Top1: using Minecraft to show the surface.

Top2. I think is the breaking news is top2 . I love the breaking news because it was simple and easy to finish and really fun to do! I love this project

Top3. Top3 is the review games.- because we separated into teams and we had to get many points to win!  If you win the game it feels really proud so I liked it a lot, I want to do it again.


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This week, our lit circle was really good because first lit circle everyone brought their notes and finish reading there chapters. but second lit circle someone in our group forgot to bring their notes but luckily she memorized it so I think this week lit circle was very good.

As a result of our discussion I learn more new vocabulary. For example: sorrowfully, rejoiced and etc. Also I get parts of story that I didn't understand so I think it helped me a lot.

For next lit circle I want to write some quotes down because today I didn't wrote any of them because I didn't think more deeply.

Hi guys! Today it was my first robotics. It was really interesting and exciting . I learned steps to light the LED light.  Ingredients: Led light wire, USB connectors and board. It was really complicated so my group had failed but I hope I can do better next time. It was really complicated so my group had failed but I hope I can do better next time.

1.What are three ways this project helped you learn about the environments and human settlements in Ancient Egypt or Cannan?

A: I think I learned why did they settled there , why was that place important and why did that place was fit to stay.

2. What are two part of your projects are you proud of?

A: I'm proud of me that I actually finish making this minecraft world and I'm also proud of that I understand a lot of part of it, first I was not really interested in Ancient Egypt but now I think this is really interesting to me.

3. What is 1 part of you project that you do differently next time?

A: I think I could do more neatly for the Mediterranean Sea because I kind of runied it in that part.




My name is Seung Won and this is my reflection about math this quarter

Q: In what areas do you feel successful in math?

A: I think I'm doing good on keeping pace and not go fast or slow...so I can finish my task in time and not submit it late or too early.

Q: In what area are you unhappy with your progress?

A: I think I have to improve on do some aleks at my house so I can so less in the class and I always help somebody else like my friends even though I'm not done with my own work, so I have think I have to work on that.

Q: What goals can you set for next quarter?

A: I want to finish unit 2! and get more good grade on powerschool, also my mom was mad at me because I always forgot to submit it on 3-d game lab and finish my weekly topic so I think that is also my goal.