before Tet break CWS

This tet break I'm leaving early and I'm going to Thailand on Friday. I'm looking forward to going to the water park and go shopping with my mom. I'm going to buy some small gifts for my friends too. I was worried about the storytelling presentation but I went first so now there's nothing for me to worry about.

After I arrive at Vietnam after the trip I'm going to take care my neighbor's cat for about 3 days. I have to play, clean and feed the cat. Luckily I asked Cho won for help because I'm not use to taking care of an animal. Also this break, I was planning to have a sleepover with Cho Won and Crystal but I'm not sure. I think this break will be exciting fun to enjoy. Except I have to finish my math homework. I think i have to bring my math book to the trip so I can finish it on the date.

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