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There are refugees that need money to buy food tries to make clothing to sell. Kids who got separated from their parents are wandering around the refugee camp by themselves asking for help. Refugees are still moving away from their city and moving to other cities.


Refuges are still struggling to find their places to sleep and live.Even some refugees are finding a place overseas, swimming and walking for days and days.  Refugees who need to eat, find a job to earn money, and to live.


Now refugee camps are full and can’t allow more people to stay there. Some people said that they already experienced and tried to leave with their own boat but failed so went back to the camp and still can’t find a place.

 For years and years, refugees are begging for places to live.    Refugees hate this life, when they always make clothes to earn money, and to find a shelter, they rather swim or make a boat to go to another city to live.

Governments are still finding a way to solve this problem for the people, but they can't