WWW was enjoyable because I did lots of new activities that I had no experience. Such as ziplining, rafting, rock climbing and etc. My favorite activity was ziplining. There were 4 courses 100m,200m, 300m, and 300m but a little bit higher. I thought it will be super high and scary but it was not. Hopefully, the length was not that long and height was not that high.

Rose:  I think I got to know more of the other people. First I felt sad for one of my roommate because except for her everyone was Korean but after all, we talked a lot with her so now I think we got to know each other more.

Thorn: I think all the things went fine and nothing was bad.

GOAL:  My goal is to have at Least 5 incorrect words and 150 words total… by May 2017.  

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