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This game contains many specific elements. Such as an invasion game, where teams have to score goals at other teams. It can also be a strategy game, where teams can plan out where to attack and defend. At last, it can be a unique game, because it is reinventive and that is it fun -because it contains all these types of elements, and for safety concerns, this game contains some dangerous elements. Such as during the start if the game, teams will rush to the middle and grab coins. But the dangerous part is that everyone has a swimming fin and that the fin can squash people or hit someone on their body. But what’s safe about this game, in my opinion, is how the things are spread out so players can move to any part of the pool. And to answer the last question, are your team active? The answer to that question is it depends. It is because some teams will work collaboratively and some teams will just work as an individual. But also, it depends if the team’s player decides to contribute to the game, but otherwise, the game should be active because you have a lot of things going on.



  1. The coins are being placed into the middle of the pea under water, which teams will then later collect the coins and put the coins in the team’s basket.

     2.The polo balls are distributed to different groups and groups will need to make sure the team protects the polo ball.

      3. The colorful balls will be thrown into the middle which will encourage teams to score points by throwing the colorful ball into other team’s goal.

       4. The goals will be located on the two vertical sides of the pool and the horizontal sides above the pool so people can score the balls easier and goalies can take part in place.

      5. When the whistle blows, the game will now begin.

     6. After the match ends, teams will move to their buckets and count how many coins are in the bucket.

     7.The teams will also need to make sure to count up how many points they have scored and needs to make sure if the polo ball is the other team’s ring.



  1. Do not swim until the whistle has blown
  2. Put your coins into your team’s bucket
  3. Do not throw balls at people
  4. Use soft touch balls only to score goals.

Equipment: ( 4 teams)

  • Water Polo Balls
  • Buckets and coins
  • Goals
  • flippers
  • 20 Soft-touch balls
  • 4 Floating rings

Video of putting/taking coins out of the bucket


  • You can have a time limit for collecting the coins (1 min)
  • Scoring a goal is 2 points instead of 1 point
  • Give a 2 minute time for counting up all the points, if the 2 minutes time is over and you don't know how many points you have zero points.