PE (Archery)

Our topic in PE was targeting games so we did Archery in class.

*What did we do in Archery?

We did aiming and targeting on the Archery targeting board. We learned safety things in archery and how do we hold the arrow and other things.

*What is targeting

Targeting is when you aim for a target. For example: in golf, we target for the hole that we have to put the ball in and for the frisbee  we have to target on the person/partner to let them catch it.

* How do we stand?

In Archery we have to face our leg at the side and face the arrow front and aim for the target on the target board.

* How do we hold the string?

We have to hold the string with 4 fingertips on the string. Then you shoot it on the board.

* What is grouping in archery?

When the arrows are on the targeting board. So all the arrows in the board like a group. You call the grouping in archery.

Videos and picture: 

This is my archery grouping video that I did. I was standing on the line and my leg facing right side. I'm stretching my arm until where my ears are. Then I wait until I hear the whistle then I shoot to the targeting board.  Also, I used the slow motion video so I can show people I did I stand or how did I used my arm shooting the arrow into the targeting board. When I finish shooting all the arrows ( 7 arrows )  then I go to the targeting board when all the players are finished with their arrows then I also have to hear the whistle so I can go or not. When I hear the whistle I went to collect the arrows.


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