Monthly Archives: October 2016

1.What are three ways this project helped you learn about the environments and human settlements in Ancient Egypt or Cannan?

A: I think I learned why did they settled there , why was that place important and why did that place was fit to stay.

2. What are two part of your projects are you proud of?

A: I'm proud of me that I actually finish making this minecraft world and I'm also proud of that I understand a lot of part of it, first I was not really interested in Ancient Egypt but now I think this is really interesting to me.

3. What is 1 part of you project that you do differently next time?

A: I think I could do more neatly for the Mediterranean Sea because I kind of runied it in that part.




My name is Seung Won and this is my reflection about math this quarter

Q: In what areas do you feel successful in math?

A: I think I'm doing good on keeping pace and not go fast or I can finish my task in time and not submit it late or too early.

Q: In what area are you unhappy with your progress?

A: I think I have to improve on do some aleks at my house so I can so less in the class and I always help somebody else like my friends even though I'm not done with my own work, so I have think I have to work on that.

Q: What goals can you set for next quarter?

A: I want to finish unit 2! and get more good grade on powerschool, also my mom was mad at me because I always forgot to submit it on 3-d game lab and finish my weekly topic so I think that is also my goal.