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When you hit puberty you always have to think positively because if you think really negatively you can get stressed easily and that's really bad for your health. Everybody thinks puberty is really bad but actually everyone have to get use to this.



In emotional it's kind of  like spiritual I think you sometimes think really lonely so you think that you need somebody next to you like a friend or other relationships it's depend on people. Also you have a lot of feeling that you want to be alone and suddenly you feels like you dislike everything.



Physical is you change your body for example: for boys is they change voice they usually get deeper... , they get more taller and stronger...

for girls  i don't know a lot about girls... they get hairs in your armpit and I think your voice get different too.



In social you have a lot of troubles in friendship and especially in relationship...  Sometimes they actually make you self and alone and that's why they have problems but no always.imgres-1

above this is the site that I researched on.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.19.31 PM

This time I'm going to talk about the branding.

The instruction says to arrange the composition to mirror the design on the left. If you look at the picture that it's on your left with the black background. We have to change the right pictures right the same with the right picture.

So first, we click on the word and make it into the same size as the word that is on the left side also the small word that is below the big word too. Next you have to move the white triangle. You click on the white small triangle and put it on the corner.

Then your finish.!!!

Good Luck!

Hi my name is Seung Won and today I want to tell you what is different between png , jpeg and gif

First png is usually used in transporting files and pictures. Also the background of the picture is white always white that is png. So if you transport the png picture to a document or whatever. png stand for Portable Network Graphics   images   Example  of a png picture.

jpeg is a picture that used in digital camera/ graphic camera. and jpeg have a lot of color and shade or dark color. jpeg stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.


Last is GIF!  Gif includes 256 indexed colors and is a animated picture sometimes it doesn't move but usually pictures does move.