Monthly Archives: March 2016

Today I'm going to tell you about what is my most favorite activities in Cat Tien trip, and why 🙂
Also example of what did I did in that activity and etc. I have two of my favorite activities that I did in Cat Tien.

1. night safari
2. both of the bonfires.

I enjoyed going to the night safari because first we could explore or see new animals that we never had seen before and also we could see how the animals looked like and how they made sounds and also where they lived. Also for the night safari we had to be quiet because if we had been louder than the animals would have run away and so we couldn't have seen any animals that we could, and  the car that we were riding was making such a loud noise so we had to be quiet as much as we could. Also during the night safari we could take pictures, and I saw about 3-4 kinds of animal .

Example: deer. loris, raccoon . we usually saw deer the most.



My second favorite activity was the bon fire. I enjoyed the bon fire because, for the first bonfire we performed a dance or a song or anything else as a group, that dance song or anything else had to represent our group and we had to perform the song or the dance thing again because the teacher couldn't tell who won this thing, and we had to perform this thing for the next bon fire activity, and we performed the activity for the next bon fire and the second bon fire we could roast the marshmallow and eat it after the performing thing, and the bon fire activity was really fun too.