Monthly Archives: January 2016

I'm Seung won in 5th grade. Our class is learning about unit6 math. It's about fraction adding and subtracting. Also all of the 5th grade class making a bookshelf each, these are also our math, because there was a lot of measurement to figure out.  Then we are supposed to vote 1 bookshelf from the 11 bookshelf made out of cardboard  and we have to vote for our classroom/ breakout room's book shelf so we can put the extra bookshelf. It was really good and fun. It was interesting and exciting to make a bookshelf with my partner which is Cho won. and it was fun with Cho won. I want to do the bookshelf making. and I hope we make  the bookshelf again and that we can voted to be the bookshelf that can put in the breakout room. 

Finally I enjoyed a lot and the measurement was kind of hard but I liked it.