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And I think my presentation was not so good or bad and I think I have to improve the speaking part and don't laugh during the presentation. Also i need to add more details about the how did it affect the society parts and more. 

And I think I have to explain a little more words about my topics like segregations, boycott and protesting.

This is my reflection of the presentation.

Then I have to write more details about what rights that black people didn't have. n't talk much about. And I didn't talk much about what rights did black people have and how did the affected the society.

Then I have to answer the question that you write for me and also check my spellings and other grammer.

Also explain more details about the civil rights movement.First I have to be confident.

Second Black people didn't have the same rights like white people did. 

Then Martin Luther King Jr. helped people and he worked with Rosa Park about the boycott.

Third Martin Luther King Jr. using his big words like his dad and fought with the white people.

Also is that 4 people didn't understand why did the civil rights movement change the world. and other people all understand why did the civil rights movement change the world

My change agent was Civil Rights Movement.

1. Now a day all the black people\ african american have all the equal rights like all the white people.

2. All the african american people can learn in same school like white people, also water fountain.

3. Finally now days all the african american can stayed in the same resturants or hotels or other places and no more war or fights because of the equal rights.