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Today at morning our class did a interesting activity.....  It was non fiction teaching that means like this yesterday our homework was read a non fiction book and write some notes to teach our partner about what we learn in this book. I read about computers the sub heading was it to the future. I wrote a lot of informations so i can teach my partner.

and today we share our informations my partner was Russell. and he read about airplanes.  🙂

As a teacher I felt kind f nervous and proud... cause I don't actually used to sharing things...

As a listener it was interesting that I learn some new things about airplanes and it was a nice time.....

P.S. It was a interesting activity to do.


  • What was the most challenging thing(s) about doing the


process video?


A: The hardest thing making the process video was like


  1. Do you think you clearly explained your learning in your

video? Why or Why not?


A: Not really…. because I didn’t finished it really perfectly…. The another reason is like I didn’t knew a lot of things  in I-movie so yeah...

  1. What would you change if you did this again? Why?


I’m going to change like transitions and make it kind of more longer...


  1. What was the most important thing you learned in doing

the Process Video?

The most important thing that I learn from this process video was using new thing and learning new things too...

Q: What was the most important things you feel you learned by doing this task and why??   🙂


A: I feel important about this!!!

  1. Get ready for everything that we need.
  2. I learned to make a healthy drink and work with groups well together.
  3. Last one is that so we learned how to observed how many people like the appearence of it or taste of it or the healthy....


By: Seung Won..... Bye Bye