Monthly Archives: September 2015

Today [ sep. 15. 2015 ] we did a science experiment. The point of this experiment was to find out the mystery chemical. There was a table chart showed us how many grams do we have to put in. So we can find out what is the mystery chemical.

1.First we have to make a plan, so we know how can we find out what is the mystery chemical.           2.  Then we get our materials every groups might get the different materials because their plan will be different from us.                                                                                                                                 3. We got the scale ready and put 1 cup on that side and another cup in another side.                         4. Then we put the measure blocks like 3 grams or 6 grams or 14 grams like that because we have to be really accurate to see how many grams does we have to put.

If there a chart like : salt 14 g, sugar 12g, citric acid 30g. Then we have to put them in order like first we put 12 grams of the mystery chemical. If it dissolve then it's not a sugar, then we have to put 2 more grams because we already put 12 grams. Now you know how it works right?:-)

Now I will explain a little bit about what did we do with the I-pad.                                                           We have to make a prosses video so we have to take a short clip of video that what are we doing or something else. We also have to take some pictures because later we will put all of the videos and pictures to make a prosses video

P.S. We'll going to make this prosses video in I- movie.