Monthly Archives: August 2015

Q1: Contacting a person on a boat with no phone?

A1: wait until they come and say it and let him\her go back.

A2: before him\her go to the sea we write the idea to them first.

Q2: finding a lost pet in thick forest?

A1: giving treat.

A2:blew a dog whistle.

Q3: heating a cup of soup on a hike in the mountains?

A1:use a fire stick

A2:use a wooden stick and make a fire.

In this post I will tell you what I've learned in bootcamp. First I'll tell you what is Bootcamp. Bootcamp is a group that teach learn about Mac book.

I learned about finder,making a new folder.

I will tell you how to make a new folder. First we klick anywhere at home you have to click with two fingers only once Then you will see a white block there will say make new folder or new folder. you click that and you can move it around and make a new title of you're folder.


My first week of  school was great. But the sad thing was I can't stay with my old friend, but I made a lot of friends. For example: Sihyun, Cho Won... There  was a new student called: JoJo his rally kind. My table group members are Brian, PunPun, Kha Vy.

My classroom teacher are mrs. Johnson. and our teacher assistant are Ms.Chi.Mrs.Johnson likes reading & Ms.Chi is good at Math and Science.

First day of school we have Art and Music.    Second day of school P.E vietnamese. Third day of school we have music and Vietnamese. It was a really great week of school