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Hi I'm Seung Won and I'm in 4th grade. Also above there is a picture my math work which is Lattice.Lattice was very interested because it was very new to me and I haven't learn that yet but my friend Claribel helped me.This work do challenged me because it was new to me but as you know my friend helped me also my classroom teacher Mrs.Dot helped me as well so it was very easy and fun to me.Now I will going to explain how to solve this problem it will be confusing because at first time it was confusing to me to so...Anyway the first step is to draw a window and then write you're problem for example the problem was 16times 16 first you write 16 at the top of you're window. one number on each square.and then you times it diagonally like 6times6 and 1times1 then you plus it diagonally.Then you get an answer!That's all the steps.and if you still not sure then well try to solve them by you're self or ask you're teacher or friends.Have a nice spring break and Bye Bye.^^

P.S. I'm very sorry that I didn't say you guys have to draw a diagonal line between one square.I hope that help you Also click the Seung Won1 to see some example.(Actually the example are my homework sheet^^)


Hi my name is Seung Won I'm 4th grade and this is my reflection of my optical art design.

I create this with colorful,white and black color pencil. First I drew about 5-7 waves  and  I drew a 1 wavy line in the middle of the wave but it doesn't really have to be perfectly in the middle. Then we start to draw  lines you can draw thick line and thin lines.Then you color it then you add you're white then you shade with you're black color pencil.Also I use any color schemes.For exp:warm,cool... Tint is a color that added white color pencil and shading is adding the black color pencil. I hope this help you and THANK YOU for reading!!! BYE BYE

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Hi my name is Seung Won , and I'm in 4th grade. This is the picture of me and my table group doing the science work. The topic was structure of life. It was about plants and seeds. At first science time we got some fruits from home and in the fruits there have to be some seeds inside. We cut the fruits and we take out the seeds. If it's strawberry there are lots of seeds so you just count part of the strawberry and count it. in avocado there was a huge seed but there was only one ^^ in the picture above we was putting some seeds in the cups and weigh it until is equally weigh it. Also the seeds was very stinky. We already done structure of life unit and we just finished magnets and electricity . I enjoyed magnets and electricity the most because  we can light a light bulb and make the motor move. Also we made an electro magnet with an rivet. Anyway I enjoyed both of them. Also I hope you  enjoyed. Bye Bye and again thank you very much for reading my piece bye.

P.S. It was very great to have science work like that.



This photo above is that we were connecting the wires to our mystery circuit. In the mystery circuit there an wire and we have to connect it to light an light bulb. Also if we finish it we can move the motor too, but the bad thing was that it were very hard to figure it out how to connect it. Then at our table group member helped us how to figure it out so that was the luckiest part I think... Also this science unit was Magnets and Electricity. Magnets and Electricity unit was pretty fun too. Because we did an little small presentation about magnets and electricity the weird thing was we did that project on writing time.^^ Anyway I like both of our science unit. It was pretty fun because we made our own electro magnets with a long yellow wire and a rivet also there was about 20 of the small tiny washers. Also I'm with short hair or u can see that I'm next to Jimmy.D.I'm just telling you for just in case.Anyway thank you for reading.and

Bye Bye^^


Hi my name is Seung Won and I'm in 4th grade, today I want to explain what is Southeast Asia poster, plus I hope you understand also this unit was Social study. and this social study topic was Southeast Asia.This is my Southeast Asia poster and my country was Brunei.Also there an earth in the middle as you see.Also it was very hard to drew the Brunei's flag and my partner was Claribel. Partner there for you not because we can copy, it's because we can share the informations. There are 5 categories. There are food, clothing, housing,climateweather and land features.I love making this poster very much because I love making posters and also I want to be creative.Also there are 11 countries in Southeast Asia.There are Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia,Philippine, Eastimore, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, there are one more but I forgot. 🙁 Also this work was take a lot of time because first we got to do our Vietnam one. The categories was food,climate,land features, clothing, housing. Also there was a T chart. T chart is a chart like drawn like T then we wrote WHAT and WHY.Thats all that I was going to say and I hope this helped you about what is Southeast Asia poster. Bye Bye ^^and happy spring break.