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Hi my name is Seung Won, and I'm in 4th grade.Now I am going to explain how  I did my Compass Rose. Actually it looks easy but there are lots of steps to do it.

First I looked up on school web sites  but there was nothing about it except about roses so I just went in to Google and searched.

We have to search about Compass Roses because later if you finish drawing& colouring then you have to write your own 3-5 sentences about Compass Rose.(it has to be you're own words you can't copy it from the internet)

Then you start to draw a draft in your social studies note book.

Then you show the draft to your teacher. If they say it is nice or very good then you may start to draw it in your card. If you finish drawing it then you have to colour it carefully and neatly.

Then finally you have to write the 3-5 sentences on the back of your card.

Now I will say something extra about my Compass Rose. I used rainbow colours and some shapes. Also don't forget to put N E S W and also NE NW SE SW. plus you have to draw the straight lines with your ruler.

That is all of my instructions to make a Compass Rose drawing and also some extras too... ^^ I hope this helped you and bye bye