Monthly Archives: September 2014

Hello everybody my name is SeungWon . Today I will introduce my me collage.Me collage is a poster about our personality and we can put pictures, magazine(but is have to be about you.),also we can stick stickers on to your poster/me collage. Next I will tell you that how did I make my me collage.1. I sketch it on my social studies notebook.2. I choose the colour of the poster paper.3.We can get the stickers or your pictures . 4.then we put the picture or stickers on the paper .5.when I finished put in the pictures or stickers you can check it from teacher or your parents.5. When it all stick you can also put your magazine or draw something to your poster (but also it has to be about you).6. when you finish making your poster you need to practice ,because so when you video taping you will be confident about it .7.when I finish practicing I check it from my teacher then I video taped with my friend.8. Then I video taped with my friend called Tracy.9.Finally I  finished the video taping I was so happy.


Did you likes my video ? I hope you likes my video^^