This game contains many specific elements. Such as an invasion game, where teams have to score goals at other teams. It can also be a strategy game, where teams can plan out where to attack and defend. At last, it can be a unique game, because it is reinventive and that is it fun -because it contains all these types of elements, and for safety concerns, this game contains some dangerous elements. Such as during the start if the game, teams will rush to the middle and grab coins. But the dangerous part is that everyone has a swimming fin and that the fin can squash people or hit someone on their body. But what’s safe about this game, in my opinion, is how the things are spread out so players can move to any part of the pool. And to answer the last question, are your team active? The answer to that question is it depends. It is because some teams will work collaboratively and some teams will just work as an individual. But also, it depends if the team’s player decides to contribute to the game, but otherwise, the game should be active because you have a lot of things going on.



  1. The coins are being placed into the middle of the pea under water, which teams will then later collect the coins and put the coins in the team’s basket.

     2.The polo balls are distributed to different groups and groups will need to make sure the team protects the polo ball.

      3. The colorful balls will be thrown into the middle which will encourage teams to score points by throwing the colorful ball into other team’s goal.

       4. The goals will be located on the two vertical sides of the pool and the horizontal sides above the pool so people can score the balls easier and goalies can take part in place.

      5. When the whistle blows, the game will now begin.

     6. After the match ends, teams will move to their buckets and count how many coins are in the bucket.

     7.The teams will also need to make sure to count up how many points they have scored and needs to make sure if the polo ball is the other team’s ring.



  1. Do not swim until the whistle has blown
  2. Put your coins into your team’s bucket
  3. Do not throw balls at people
  4. Use soft touch balls only to score goals.

Equipment: ( 4 teams)

  • Water Polo Balls
  • Buckets and coins
  • Goals
  • flippers
  • 20 Soft-touch balls
  • 4 Floating rings

Video of putting/taking coins out of the bucket


  • You can have a time limit for collecting the coins (1 min)
  • Scoring a goal is 2 points instead of 1 point
  • Give a 2 minute time for counting up all the points, if the 2 minutes time is over and you don't know how many points you have zero points.


In science class, we learned about Geology. We learned about Tectonic plates, super continent Pangea, earth Quake and etc. In this class we had to use lego to represent something about geology that we learned in science, and I represented Earth Quake.

Earthquake happens when two plates go toward together or go pass each other. so the ground goes up and make an mountain or makes a earthquake.

I used lego/blocks to make a house and I used some lego person to represent the human. When I was filming the video i shaked the screen so I can represent that the ground is shaking. Then I break the lego to show that the building/house or anything else can break by the earthquakes.

Lucy is looking at her screen at dark midnight, scrolling down her screen and double clicking all her friends post . Dark outside, scared, if she got caught by her parents. Then she turned her screen brightness to the lowest. Then she turn on her light slowly after that, she take the photo for her new instagram post. Then suddenly a message  from a stranger arrived. There are lots of people using social media, so sometimes that makes teens or other people feel good and that is also a way to keep in touch with friends that are far away. But sometimes that can cause a problem by texting strangers, etc. Parents should not  overprotect teens because  they get stressed from protecting them  and if parents protect teens too much then teens will hide from them more than usual.

Parents shouldn’t check teens social media because sometimes it causes teens endless stress. If parents are concerned but unsure that teens are texting with strangers, then it cause  a misunderstanding.  In the quote, it says that Dan, father of three teenagers, wants to keep them safe but he doesn’t want to read their social media because he trusts them. As a result, if parents access their teen’s followers on Instagram, then their child loses confidence in himself due to the burden of explaining private relationships with true friends.   Therefore, parents should not check their social media.  Instead, teens may get annoyed and they would want to hide more from their parent. Therefore,  always checking teens social media is not a good way to keep them safe.

Another reason that parents should not be checking teens social media repeatedly is because even though parents get worried about teens, teens also need privacy. Transition to introduce evidence.  According to an author who writes about social media.1 of his stories was about a teen get spying on by he/she social media to check every day. So he thinks that spying on teenagers is making it worse, so parents need time to trust them. Also, a teenager called Devan she said, “ I think that when parents go on their children’s facebook pages and look on their phones it a complete invasion of privacy.  So Devan thinks that when parents checks on teens social media it feels like spying on them and is not acceptable for them because they also have their own privacy to keep.  I think parents should now stop checking teens social media or some parents make their own account and friend their teens to check it. But I think that makes teens trust crack. Teens want parents to trust them not spy on them also teens are sometimes really sharp so if we do something bad then teens get really furious. If parents are overprotective than teens would be hiding secrets more from their parents.

Finally, I think parents should not check teens social media except when teens said yes to their parents or else family relationships will get worse.
In conclusion, teens should rely on their parents, so parents should not overprotect teens. Most importantly part is that teens are getting stressed out because of parents overprotection. Teens think that parents should not really overprotect them a lot because that makes them get further from their parents.Parents have to have responsible for protecting their teens, or teens will get further away.

Our topic in PE was targeting games so we did Archery in class.

*What did we do in Archery?

We did aiming and targeting on the Archery targeting board. We learned safety things in archery and how do we hold the arrow and other things.

*What is targeting

Targeting is when you aim for a target. For example: in golf, we target for the hole that we have to put the ball in and for the frisbee  we have to target on the person/partner to let them catch it.

* How do we stand?

In Archery we have to face our leg at the side and face the arrow front and aim for the target on the target board.

* How do we hold the string?

We have to hold the string with 4 fingertips on the string. Then you shoot it on the board.

* What is grouping in archery?

When the arrows are on the targeting board. So all the arrows in the board like a group. You call the grouping in archery.

Videos and picture: 

This is my archery grouping video that I did. I was standing on the line and my leg facing right side. I'm stretching my arm until where my ears are. Then I wait until I hear the whistle then I shoot to the targeting board.  Also, I used the slow motion video so I can show people I did I stand or how did I used my arm shooting the arrow into the targeting board. When I finish shooting all the arrows ( 7 arrows )  then I go to the targeting board when all the players are finished with their arrows then I also have to hear the whistle so I can go or not. When I hear the whistle I went to collect the arrows.


What concerns would parents have about their children using social media?


Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to meet up with strangers and get kidnapped. Teens may chat with them and meet up with strangers. For example, teens can get tricked by strangers profile pictures. As a result, if teens meet up with strangers, they can get kidnapped or something not cautious.  In conclusion, so parents/adults have to give their child a cautionary warning to make them control and secure.

Hi, in writing we just made 2-5 pieces of slogan for our dragon apprentice project.

1- sweet fresh body works

2- your easy body care and etc.

I think these are not really the best one but I think I have to work on a little bit more to make the slogan better than right now. I don't think this slogan is perfect but I think I can make it better. I hope this can help our product. I hope you like this slogans and please buy our sugar scrub! Thank You!


Our mini project from social studies was to make a small scene about 4 types of government ( monarchy, oligarchy, tyranny and democracy) using gummy bears.

These are my scenes:

1st scene - tyranny  ( guards front of the tyrant's they are guarding them and other villagers are praying to the tyrant.)

2nd scence - democracy  ( 1 person is having a speech to make people vote for him/her self )

3rd scene- oligarchy ( oligarchs killed the king and queen )

last scene- monarchy ( king and queen at the front and retainers bowing to them






Q1:   *What did you know about these forms of government BEFORE we started this unit? 

First I didn't heard of the word or know the word, so I had no idea of those 4 types of government.

Q2: *Why is it important to learn about forms of government?

I don't really know but learning about government will be helping me a lot in future because still now they are still governments but not really those 4 types but government is still exsist so we have to lean about it so we have more idea about what is really a government why are government for?

Q3:*Which form of government do you think works best & why?

I don't think all of those 4 types of government is all the best choice but if I have to choose one I will choose democracy because for monarchy they don't even get to vote they just get to do it because of they're families and that is not fair... what if that monarchs is a bad monarchs only listen to rich people and not listen to poor people...that will be a problem.. and oligarchy is also not really a good types of government because they just want to get money and be the top one... and just play around and does not rule their world properly.. for the tyrant's they're also being it without voting or having a speech... that's not really fair isn't? But for democracy they can listen to everyone's voice, perspective and opinions... so I think democracy is the best types of government of those 4 types.



Hi!! Today in social studies I have been unwrapping  the mummified vegetables  and I saw what had happened for 2weeks. Then I and my partner had observed what had happened. All the tomatoes had shrunk, apples had changed to brown color and dried up and cucumber had changed into a cucumber that has no water in it. It's really dried.


In semester 1 I had a great time in social studies learning about ancient Egypt and timelines. and this is my TOP 3 !

Top1: using Minecraft to show the surface.

Top2. I think is the breaking news is top2 . I love the breaking news because it was simple and easy to finish and really fun to do! I love this project

Top3. Top3 is the review games.- because we separated into teams and we had to get many points to win!  If you win the game it feels really proud so I liked it a lot, I want to do it again.


kakaotalk_photo_2016-12-06-09-16-42_88 kakaotalk_photo_2016-12-06-09-16-40_64 kakaotalk_photo_2016-12-06-09-16-23_19

This week, our lit circle was really good because first lit circle everyone brought their notes and finish reading there chapters. but second lit circle someone in our group forgot to bring their notes but luckily she memorized it so I think this week lit circle was very good.

As a result of our discussion I learn more new vocabulary. For example: sorrowfully, rejoiced and etc. Also I get parts of story that I didn't understand so I think it helped me a lot.

For next lit circle I want to write some quotes down because today I didn't wrote any of them because I didn't think more deeply.