These past few weeks, we have been working extremely hard on our memoirs. A memoir is an autobiography, except it’s a memoir, so it has lots of memories in it.

For about the first 4 weeks, we have been working on the content of our memoir, like collecting ideas for our memoir and writing our actual stories. I worked quite hard on this, both at school and at home for homework.

Then for the last week, we worked on the design of our memoir. We customized it in our own way by drawing pictures and making it like a scrapbook or a memory-book.

Well, let’s get to the point, then!! Here’s my memoir!!! (Drumroll, please!!) But you can’t view it without downloading, so if you want to look, please download it!

My Memoir

Shark Tank

Oh, no! I’m next! I think nervously as the sharks call my group up. I walk to the from of the collaboration room, my stomach doing somersaults on the way. I stand in place next to one of my group members Anna, and she starts the introduction. 

“Hello and thank you all for coming. (blah blah blah blah)”

Then my other teammate Halia talks and finally it’s my turn. I take a deep breath and say my part. 

Hello, people! That was just a little bit of narrative writing to get you hooked. I hope you actually did get hooked! This is one blog post about the shark tank that we did last Wednesday. 

I don’t know if you know this, but we have been working on a proposal for sustainable solutions and made proposals. If our proposal got through the shark tank, which mine didn’t, my team and I would have done another shark tank in from of the 4th grade, the important people of the school (the shark tank for the second one) and the parents. But, mine didn’t get through, so I’m going to talk about the first shark tank that we did in the collaboration room on Wednesday afternoon.

Our team, Cup Cup & Away, was the 5th team to go. I was so nervous and as we walked up to the front of the room, I was shaking so hard that I thought I was doing to faint! But then, after a few sentences, I got more confident and I was able to present quite well, I thought.

The idea that we thought up was to make the disposable cups reusable by buying new ones that are reusable, and are BPA Free (that helps the customers’ health).

For ecology, we said that by reusing the smoothie cups, we will not waste as much plastic as we do now.

For economics, we said that by buying the smoothie cups all at once and reusing them, we would save more money because instead of buying lots and lots of disposable smoothie cups, we only have to buy the amount we need plus a few extra just in case they break.

For politics, we said that we consider it because we will be making sure that people bring back the cups and keeping the process going.

For culture, we said we consider it because we raise the awareness of saving our environment among our community by reusing our cups.

Although my group didn’t get through to the finale, I’m really proud of what we did: Looking for ideas to evaluate and try to make happen, writing the proposal and the pitch, and finally, presenting what we had planned. I think that even if we don’t get through, we worked really hard and did some really good work.

Oh! I almost forgot! The PICTURES!!! Here they are! (Sorry I only have a few there were no pictures of me)

The Sharks (Ms. Tina, Mr. Stevens and Mr. Papasait.

Bug Trip!!!

Last Tuesday we went on a field trip-ish sleepover to Cat Tien National Park. We stayed there for 2 nights and 3 days. We went there to learn about sustainability and how Cat Tien is sustainable. I think Cat Tien is really sustainable because they have lots of plants and they help endangered species (like the Golden Cheeked Gibbon, the Black Shanked Douc, the Pigmy Slow Loris, the Silvered Langur, Moon Bears, and other species).

(This is how my room looked like)

My Room (Afzelia 5)


3 things I liked most about being in Cat Tien was the bonfire, the moon bears and the gibbon sounds. 

I liked the bonfires because we were able to roast marshmallows and make them all melty and smooshy. I tasted so good!!!!

I also liked the Moon bear center. We smeared peanut butter onto trees and hid fruits in round tube like things. Then we would let the bears out and watch how they climbed, used their claws and teeth to take out all the food. And also while we were interviewing our expert, the bears started growling. It was really loud! We thought that the peanut butter was so good that they had to fight over it.

The last thing I want to remember is the morning hike and the gibbon sounds. On the morning after our first stop, my roommate and I went on the morning hike at 5:40. There was supposed to be a sunrise but we were a bit late for that. Anyway, we went on the hike, walked for about 15 minutes and got to a little open space. There, we sat down and listened for a while. First, it was so mesmerizing that I thought they were birds! But then I started to notice that they were not birds, they were Gibbons! It was so interesting. There were so many different types of sounds and it was SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!


A stick bug (It is camouflaging)

I think Cat Tien is really sustainable because it saves  nature and keeps nature clean, and it also keeps endangered species safe so that they won’t become extinct. Also, I think Cat Tien is really sustainable because they don’t have many buildings so they don’t have to harm a lot of the environment.


Overall, Cat Tien was really fun. As I said, I liked the 3 favourite things the most, but everything was really fun. The bathroom in my room could have been a bit better because the toilet and the shower were in 1 room and there was no bathtub and there was no gap between the shower and the toilet so when we showered, the floor under the toilet would get wet too. But I really like Cat Tien! I wouldn’t mind going there again.

Information Report Reflection

Hello! School started today. Before the Tet break (There is another post about that. I am still drafting it) we have been working on designing our information reports on either Pages, Google Sites or iBooks. I chose Pages because I knew more about it than Google Sites or iBooks. Then we had about 1 week to design our information reports using a C.A.R.P (Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, Proximity). Then we did 1 check, edited, and then my teacher Mr. Edwards checked it one more time. The red is the Final check from Mr. Edwards. Here is my Rubric (my report will come later):

I think i made quite a lot of progress. In the first Assessment, I got am M. Everything was green. But after I worked on Contrast and Repetition (as you can see) I got put up to an E!!!!! By the way, here is my information report:

Click Here to View

And here is one last thing I am going to talk about. What I am going to work more on next. Next time I work on some sort of Design, I am going to work more on Alignment and about GUIDING THE READER THROUGH.

?2 Week Reading Goal?

Hello! Happy new year people!!! It is 2017!

Right now, we are working on a 2 week reading goal. What you have to do is look at your reading log and find something that you want to work on for 2 weeks. Then you have to think of an action plan that will explain what you will do to achieve your goal. Here is mine:

Goal: My goal is to read more nonfiction because I read only fiction.

Action Plan: My action plan will be to read fiction at home, and nonfiction at school.

Wednesday Progress: I read fiction at home last night and read nonfiction at school.

Thursday Progress: I read fiction last night and read nonfiction at school.

Friday progress: I read fiction last night and read fiction at school.

Weekend Progress: I read fiction at home.

Monday Progress: I read fiction last night and and found an interesting book called Every Minute on Earth.

Tuesday Progress: I read fiction at home and finished a book. I am also reading a book about Anne Frank at school.

Wednesday Progress: I started reading another fiction book at home, finished the book about Anne Frank, and started to read a book about Helen Keller.

Thursday Progress: I am reading the fiction book at home and I am still reading the book about Helen Keller.

Friday Progress: I read the fiction book at home and almost finished the book about Helen Keller.

Weekend Progress: I read fiction at home.

Monday Progress: I read fiction at home but we didn’t read at school so i didn’t read nonfiction.

Tuesday Progress:I read fiction at home but we didn’t read at school so i didn’t read nonfiction.

Wednesday Progress: I read fiction at home but i couldn’t read  at school so i didn’t read nonfiction yet.

My 2-week reading goal has ended!!!!!! I think i did really well on my goal and that I managed to achieve it. A strategy I used was just that i didn’t bring my fiction book to school and read biographies. After I finished a biography, I got another biography that was from the same “Who was…?” series. At home, I didn’t bring home the biographies, so I just read the book I was currently reading at home. I think maybe next time I could read another genre of nonfiction, not biographies.

Science experiment with Anna

This week, my partner Anna and I worked on a science experiment. Our research question was, “What other substance besides baking soda makes a fizz?”. We tried out 3 substances that we thought would fizz: Self- rising flour, pepper, and baking powder. We put 5g of each substance into 50ml of water and mixed it for 1 minute, and observed what happened. Here is my slideshow.


By doing this experiment, l learned that baking soda and baking powder weren’t really “related” because baking soda and 50ml of water fizzed (we did this experiment in class) but baking powder in 50ml of water didn’t fizz.

What I liked most about this experiment was when we took the time lapse because it was really interesting and it was fun to watch.

If i could do another experiment next time, I think I would change the solutes (the solids) to make it more interesting because in our experiment nothing really happened.

This Week

This week was one of the most tiring weeks ever, I think. We had our fall concert, I made a lot of progress for my inquiry, and for me, swim team started. I am so glad it’s Friday!

First, the fall concert. We sang all sorts of songs and also played the recorder. I liked the song Clave the most because even if we didn’t play, it was very beautiful with the drums, shakers, xylophones and lots of other instruments. The hardest song for me and our whole class was Henry Martin because each class had one part to sing and we kept on forgetting our part. And for Stille, we played the recorders. It was a really fun concert!

And today it’s MR EDWARDS’ BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! We are getting cheesecake from the TAs and a cake from our classmate’s nanny. I am SO EXCITED!!

Another week full of Inquiry✏

This week has been a long week full of inquiry. I got a lot accomplished, I think. I found all the answers to my inquiry questions, and I am hoping to finish paraphrasing (changing the info into your own words) today. My topic is swimming, and I chose it because I am in the swim team and I know a lot about swimming. I think I made a really good choice! I have been able to keep up with my inquiry calendar (a calendar we made that helps us stay on track) and next week I will be working on planning and writing my beginning. If I finish the beginning, I might start planning Paragraph 1. I am really happy and proud with what I did this week!!!!???????

A Week Full Of Inquiry, and Other stuff too

Hello again! I feel like I’ve been writing lots of posts these days. Well, this one today is about what we did this week.

We worked mostly on our inquiry projects this week. I found all the answers to the inquiry questions that we made and started to paraphrase (the answers changed into our own words). I’m almost finished with all of it!

I’ll see you later!!!