I've finally completed my project!! It only took like - two years. Although it was a lot of work I did have some fun doing it, and I'm proud of my website because it shows all the work I put in and all the effort I put in.

I created a website introducing exo-suits which would provide farmers and day labourers with support and prevent them from injuring themselves. The reason I chose this topic was that I have a few relatives in the countryside (Vietnam) that work as construction people or farmers. As we know, and as I've introduced many times. These people don't have any kind of machinery so all their work is done by hand. In the long run, this work could be very damaging to their body and wear them down, therefore I was inspired to think of something like this. From this project, I found that like me, many scientists try to find a way around things. For example, they experimented and created an alloy that is just as sturdy as steel and titanium but is much cheaper. Also, I found out that there was a 3D printed fabric which is very efficient for production and for the cost.

The challenges for this project were countless. For example, I always ran into problems where I found perfect materials, but they always had flaws such as breaking in the conditions I require them to be used in or are simply too expensive. I also had no inspiration for my website for the first week or two of the project so it took me a while to find a design I liked, and I just followed it. My weaknesses in this were that I don't have a good eye for design so I had to go through a lot of people to proofread & peer review my website to tell me what looks nice & what I need to fix. My strengths were that I got all my research done during the first week of the project, so I didn't need to work that hard, and making my website was pretty relaxing.

I worked really hard on this project so hopefully, my project reflects how much work I put in.

Enjoy: LINK


Here's my progress and research so far! I feel like I should be proud because I essentially have all my research complete and I just need to work on formatting and creating my final product (website).

I've learnt a lot of things during this project. Since I did have a lot of requirements to meet, I had to do a ton of research in order to find something that could be cheap and stable, or heat resistance and cheap, etc... This took a while to put together and I found that the total of my project would cost at most half a grand ($). Although it does sound like a lot, it is still much cheaper than buying a tractor or a bulldozer. I'm still trying to see how I can lower that cost. At the moment I've found a sturdy alloy. It's much cheaper, and borderline sturdy to the much more expensive material, titanium. I estimated to create an exoskeleton suit, you would need around 10kg of this metal which is around $250. For the heat resisting coating, I was thinking of using a material that can be 100% 3D printed which makes it much cheaper to produce. It's called: A-bn/pva. What it stands for? Haven't really figured that one out yet... I'll get to it! It's a "textile is made of a nanofiber composite consisting of boron nitride and poly(vinyl alcohol)". For the back support piece, I was just thinking of something simple that can also absorb sweat like nylon polyester. The same material that most backpacks have. It's flexible and sweat absorbing. To make the back sturdy to protect body structure, I was thinking of having a line of the alloy running down the spine and branching out as well. 

The most problematic thing about this project for me was finding all the research because I would maybe find something that is sturdy but isn't exactly cheap or vice versa. What I've found to be extremely frustrating is to actually set up the website because lately, I've haven't had any inspiration or ideas. I still need to come up with a design for it. Since my project seems pretty simple, I will follow that kind of ideal and create a simple, but informative website. What I am struggling with the most at the moment is creating some kind of visual diagram, or model of what I want to do. I really don't have any experience with any kinds of 3D modelling softwares, so that's out of the question. I was maybe thinking of going with a drawing that I can try to do, but it probably wouldn't look too nice. That is something I'm still thinking about. The way I've worked around the first problem is to keep on pushing myself and not just stopping and saying "Ok, that's good enough". I've tried to push myself so that I can get the best outcome possible. As for the website, I think I will go online and have a look at a few websites so that I can maybe steal a few bits here and there, and maybe get some inspiration as well.

Here is my timeline. I think it is safe to say that I am on the right track, and just need to do some more work to reach my final goal.

What I need to do By this date Comments
Research materials May 1 (FINISHED)
Study for Fluid Mechanics May 4
First Blog Post May 2 Due 8PM


Website Creation May 2 Create website and make the outline


Second Blog Post May 13 Due 8PM


Finish Product May 14
Final Blog Post May 15 Due 8PM
Presentation Day May 16

I am super hyped to begin working on this project. We were asked to in a way invent a gadget to make work easier. For me, inspired by the countless hours I put into gaming, I chose to research and make an exoskeleton suit. This suit is designed for day labourers, and theoretically should be cheap, easy to access, light, and mobile. The reason why I chose something like this is that I know a few relatives in my mom's hometown that do backbreaking work such as farming and construction. Here in the city, we have a lot of means to get around hard labour such as cranes, tractors and more. In the countryside, they do not have the money to be able to access machinery like these due to cost, and their size. To fill in that gap I decided to create something that would be easy to use and doesn't take up much space.

My research question: How can day labourers be helped concerning their physical wellbeing while working using an exoskeleton suit, while being cost efficient?

My requirements for this projects are:

  • Strong, but cheap materials
  • The material shouldn't heat up much
  • The materials should be light so that they don't exhaust the user
  • The suit should be built for optimal movement and flexibility (meaning it will act like our own skeletons. Including sockets & joints etc...)

Here is how I plan to finish my project before the due date:

What I need to do By this date Comments
Research materials May 1
Study for Fluid Mechanics May 4
First Blog Post May 2 Due 8PM
Website Creation May 2 Create the website and make the outline
Second Blog Post May 11
Finish Product May 14
Final Blog Post May 15 Due 8PM
Presentation Day May 16

As you can see I have everything I want to do set up right here so I don't forget when to do what. I have already met with all the requirements up to now except for the research part. I have done a handful of research, but intend to do more as I have found out that the materials I have selected are still quite expensive.


So the time has come for the final blog post! First off, I am going to talk about why it is important to me. For me. I love basketball, I don't know why. I'm not that good at it either, but I find it very fun to play and watch. Ever since the beginning of middle school, basketball has become not only a sport to me but also a passion. It is one of the main ways to get my mind off everything else. Just the feeling of being in the heat of the moment really gets your blood boiling. Kind of makes me curious after this topic was introduced, whether the NBA would be affected largely or not. What I found out is that the whole sea level rise in America seems to be quite over exaggerated. Although it is true that many places will go underwater, not whole cities will because the elevation in most places is quite high. Therefore I can conclude that some unlucky teams will have to move, but others might just be able to survive, this is assuming that cities don't make any flood prevention systems.

As I said before my main challenges were in the research. It was extremely hard to tie the two topics together. Since I already talked about that in my last blog post, I will move on to another challenge.

Another Challenge I faced was actually working around making the website. I am known for not having a keen eye for art or design, so my website kind of looked terrible. I got some friends to give me some feedback, so now it's bearable to look at. That was one challenge for me. Another one would be that trying to figure out in which direction I should go. At times I found myself very lost, but at the end, I was able to steer myself back on the road.

Finally! The moment everyone has been waiting for! My FINALE PRODUCTO!!! - Might be too much hype for what I made... I made a website, and I'm quite proud of how it turned out. It looks quite nice for me.

Here are a couple screenshots to give you the idea of what it looks like:

Here are is the LINK to my website. Hope you find it... helpful? My work cited page for my images is in this DOCUMENT. Most of the research I used were from websites online. There were too many to cite, and I forgot about half of them 🙁

I had to do a lot of research because the two topics weren't directly related to each other, but it was a different experience! I had quite some fun researching, this project left me with a few days of having a sore back of hunching over my laptop to get things done on time. Hopefully, the final product reflects the amount of work I put in it.

The main thing I have learnt is that it is extremely hard to research on climate change and things that people don't see them to be related. Nobody really sees the future like "if sea level rises then there will be some complications with basketball teams". I need to plan out what I have to research before I go I go out and do the actual researching because I think I'm going to have to do much more than some people.

I'm trying my best to research on the individual topics such as researching on basketball teams, sea level rise locations, and then at the end connect the topics together. This is the most challenging part of actually making the project because actually making my website would be easy because I know how to use Wix pretty well.

At the moment I think I am doing okay because I've met with most of what I've wanted to complete, for example planning out my research. I know what I have to do, first I'm going to research on the locations, such as their preparations for sea level rise and elevations etc... Next, I'm going to research in which areas are actually going to be affected by sea level rise. Lastly, I'm going to work on the actual physics part about sea level rise.

These are the steps I'm going to complete my final product for my physics climate change project.

For our climate change unit I am going to be researching, and then creating an infographic or website on how sea level rise will affect sports industries, to be more specific, basketball industries that lie in the coastal states of America.

My question guiding question for this unit: "To what extent will sea level rise affect the basketball industries in American coastal areas."

First I'm going to find out some of the most popular basketball teams in these areas, or one from each state to compare how they would be affected, and what they could do to deal with it. My first guess is that they will have to put out a lot of money to transfer all the players and build a new stadium somewhere else.

Secondly, I will look to problems that are not related to economics: Another problem is that the team would have to rename themselves if they move because the LA Clippers shouldn't be called LA Clippers if the move to a different city.

¡Hola todo! Aquí es mi lista para las canciones mejores en español. ¡Espero que esto te ayudó encontrar buenas canciones!

10) "Vivir Mi Vida" - Marc Anthony

Image by Mauge on Flickr

Marco Antonio Muñiz o Marc Anthony es una cantante de Estados Unidos. Ostenta el récord mundial de Guinness para el mejor artista de salsa. Marco es famoso porque canta muy bien la música salsa y tropical.

"Vivir Mi Vida" es trata de disfrutar de la vida. Dice cosas como "Y para qué llorar, ¿Pa' qué?". Está canción es muy inspirador, y es probablemente la razón está canción es muy famoso. "No soy español y no sabe lo que está diciendo pero me encanta esta canción!" - Una fanática en Youtube. (Este texto fue traducido del inglés).


9) "El Perdón" - Nicky Jam

Image by Carlos Chamorro on Flickr

Nicky Jam es una cantante de Estados Unidos. Nicky ganó la canción del año en 2015. Él es mejor conocido por la canción "El Perdón". También, la mayoría de sus canciones son reggaeton.

"El Perdón" es acerca de cómo alguien que amaba es en amor con un otro hombre. A lo largo de la canción expresa cómo se siente y cómo sufre. "No hablo a español y no entiendo la canción, pero sé que todas las palabras de esta canción y es lo mejor!!!" - Una fanática en Youtube. (Este texto fue traducido del inglés).




8) "Chantaje" - Shakira

Image by F de Falso on Flickr

Shakira es una cantante, escritor de la canción y bailarín de columbia. Ella es el mejor venta cantante en Sudámerica. Ella ganó muchos premios tales como 2 Grammy Awards, 8 Latin Grammy awards y mas. Shakira es famosa porque ella cantó la canción de la Copa Mundial.

"Chantaje" es una canción de reggaeton/pop latino. Las letras es sobre un hombre cae en amor con Shakira y ellos cantan sobre ella. Chantaje es rítmico y es muy pegadiza.

"No paro de escucharla me encanta tanto el vídeo como la canción." - Uno fanático en Youtube.


7) "Danza Kuduro" - Don Omar

Image by Lunchbox LP on Flickr

Don Omar es una cantante, actor, y escritor de la canción de Puerto Rico. Don Omar ganó 20 premios en total. Generalmente canta reggaeton, pop y hip hop. Su canción estaba en una de las películas "Fast and Furious", y es cómo se hizo famoso.
Danza Kuduro es una canción para bailar. El tipo es reggaeton y dance. Está canción estaba en "Fast and Furious", y es cómo se hizo famoso. Está canción es muy pegadiza y rítmico. "El mejor tema latino de la historia! El Rey Don Omar" - Uno fanático en Youtube.



6) "Loca" - Shakira Ft. El Cata

Ya he hablado sobre Shakira, por lo que voy a introducir El Cata en su lugar. El Cata es una cantante, un actor y un escritor de la canción. Normalmente realiza fusión latina con electrónica. Sin embargo no es un cantante famoso, pero trabaja con un montón de cantantes famosos como Shakira y Pitbull.

Las letras en esta canción no tiene mucho sentido, pero creo que no tiene sentido porque está canción es para bailar. Los tipos de está canción es merengue y pop. Está canción es muy enérgico.




5) "La Bamba" - Ritchie Valens

Ritchie Valens fue un guitarrista, cantante y escritor de la canción. Desafortunadamente Ritchie murió en un accidente a la edad de 17. Él es muy famoso porque ello cambia una canción folclórica en una canción de rock. El nombre de está canción es "La Bamba"

Como dije antes, "La Bamba" es una canción folclórica de Mexico. Ritchie Valens hizo está canción popular por cambia en rock. Entonces la gente escuchando rock más a menudo.

"Él es un Elvis mexicano" - Uno fanático en Youtube.


4) "Adiós Amor" Christian Nodal

Christian Nodal es una cantante de Mexicano. Christian es muy diferentes que los otros cantantes porque sus canciones son más tradicionales.

"Adiós Amor" es una canción muy triste porque se entera de que su amante le engañó.

"Me única favorita canción" - Una fanática en Youtube



3) "Felices los Cuatro" - Maluma

Image by Prisa Radio on Flickr

Maluma, es un cantante colombiano, compositor y productor discográfico. Él es un cantante de reggaeton y pop. Ahora trabaja en "La Voz Columbia".

"Felices los Cuatro" es una canción de amor. Esta canción tiene un ritmo latino. Y la voz es un poco electrónico, pero este canción es muy bueno. Tenga cuidado cuando usted escucharla porque contiene algo de lenguaje curso.



2) "Bailando" - Enrique Iglesias

Image by Themeplus on Flickr

Enrique Iglesias es un cantante, compositor, actor y productor discográfico. Muchas personas lo llaman el rey del Pop Latino. Enrique Iglesias cantar muchas tipos de música, por ejemplo: pop, latino, R&B y mas. Enrique es uno de los artistas más famosos ahora.

"Bailando" es una canción de Enrique. Está canción es muy pegadiza y tradicional. Hay guitarras y mas de instrumentas para música española. Está canción es acerca de cuando un hombre ama a una mujer. Los letras dije que cómo se siente el hombre. "Música es una lenguaje internacional" - Una fanática en Youtube.




1) "Despacito" - Luis Fonsi Ft. Daddy Yankee

Image by Jean Nieves on Flickr

Luis Fonsi es una cantante, compositor y actor de Puerto Rico. Canta pop latino y pop rock. Ganó uno "Latin Grammy" y unos cuantos de "Premio lo Nuestro" y :Premios Juventud". Luis es una cantante muy bueno porque él incluye un poco de instrumentos de España, por ejemplo la guitarra.

Está canción es el numero uno en el Billboard para los canciones mejores en España. ¿Por que? Porque está canción es muy interesante y hay muchas instrumentas y la voz de Luis Fonsi y Daddy Yankee era tan bueno. "¡Ayuda! ¡No puedo dejar de escuchar esto!" - Un fanático en Youtube



¡Esperemos que esto te ayudó encontrar buenas canciones! Hasta luego.

In this project on Human Rights, we focused on learning about Human Rights. This is an important skill because we can put ourselves in the shoes of these people. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to think about how other people don't have some of their rights. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

What did you learn from visiting other exhibits?

I learnt about the other organizations. There were many other organizations that we didn't have a chance to research, so going to the other stations I learnt more about them. I learnt more about other issues as well. My exhibit was about human trafficking so there were some where they were talking about health issues and so on.

What helped me stay organized?

Something that helped me stay organized was working on the online planning document. We wrote down what needed to be done and what we have to do to finish that. This document kept the team on track.

How can you continue your involvement with this group or social issue?

Putting up the posters. I made a poster to raise awareness about the group, but I haven't put it anywhere yet. That would be my next step to help.

A poster I created to raise awareness
A poster I created to raise awareness
Picture of my group's display.
Picture of my group's display.

This unit is Social Studies we learnt about human rights. Then a whole bunch of organizations came to a panel to talk about what they do. We then proceeded to choose which organization to help. We created a presentation to talk about Blue Dragon Children's Foundation and we also made poster. With this we were trying to attract people who were willing to donate money to help others.

What are the most difficult and most satisfying parts of the service you are performing? Why?

For us it was really a pain because we would have to get together and then talk about what we were going to do, but if we could help them by doing this then it is totally worth it. Whenever we overcame an obstacle in our work we would just take a moment to congratulate ourselves. I think that even if we had to work really hard it is still worth doing because there are people that need help and aren't getting any.

How do you motivate yourself to to do this type of service?

When I look at people like that, I think to myself "I'm so much more privileged than them." This is what I keep on telling myself to get myself to do work for them.

Has the experience affected your worldview? How?

For me it is just a reminder that the world isn't perfect and that some people aren't as lucky as others. This really hasn't affected my worldview because I already know about these things.

Help Blue Dragon at: https://www.bluedragon.org/rescue2016/