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Social Studies- 8C- reflection/ Habitat for Humanity

Posted on Jun 1 by

I and my group firstly contact a partner  and asked them few questions what they want use to put on the video and want us to work on in order to spread the news. We start to make a video and display that everyone especially our audience students to get interested in our topic and be aware the problems of Vietnam. We started to compare before helping and after helping such as constructing, maintaining their needs, sanitary, fresh water  which happened in 2015 . Each of us edited the video and i worked on intro/ causes/ total video editor. Bin was the one who collected the facts and cliffs. Marielle was the one who edited the solution part and kept on contact with our partner. Cindy was the one who edited the problem part and make the displays. Did anything surprise you? If so, what? One of the most surprising news for me was that a lot of people actually started to participate helping people living in substandard houses from last year. However, it was not enough amount of people that...


PE- Unit reflection

Posted on May 25 by

Please answer the following questions How do you hold a hockey stick? Your dominant hand halfway down the hockey stick thumbs down  What is the ready position? Knees bended like you are sitting in the chair What is cradling? Dribbling the puck Where should the puck be on your stick when you pass? Middle of your blade What should you be looking at when you pass? Needs to look at your teammate,who you are passing to Where should you be after the pass? Be ready to get a pass from someone or be ready to defend State and explain the positions in Hockey. Center- Left Wing Right Wing Left Defense Right Defense Goalie How do we keep safe during our games with sticks unit? Not swinging the stick high We played floor hockey, broomball, and scoopball explain what you liked about each game and what you didn’t like about each game. In floor hockey, i liked it because each of us had a job/ part to participate such as goalie, left/ right wing, center… and also, i liked the...


Social Studies homework

Posted on May 4 by

Early 20th century, the Civil rights movement started by Jim Crow Laws. This laws were created by southern states in the late 1800s. This law was made in order to keep people with different races apart by segregation. Many action and places were not available to black people but white people were allowed. They were even not allowed to vote. By 1963, there were civil rights demonstrations in the country. Many civil rights supporters sent to jail or killed.           Harvest Baking Color                                                 Symbol                                           Image                                This project will make                 If you support, than             Eye is the most important at least onekid to brightly...


Writing Explain Everything/ Persuasive writing

Posted on Apr 5 by

In 8H writing class, for the first unit, we worked on persuasive writing. In the persuasive writing unit, I wrote about art should be one of the main courses and I posted in the Teenink. I got to be in the 1st place when I upload my writing. The title of my writing was ” Art Is a Key to inventiveness and Creativeness” and here is the link to my posted writing. LINK In 2nd unit, we worked on Poem and specifically, we worked on line breaks, white spaces and those type of formats. After all, we get to choose one journal topic that we wrote about and get to make a short poem about the journal. I wrote a poem about bully and made a short video of what type of format that I chose. VIDEO  ...


PE – Healthy Eating Plate

Posted on Apr 5 by Tommy, Jihwan, Jackson and I were in one group and we made vietnamese traditional tofu dish and we add vegetable 1/2 of the plate and grain 1/4 of  plate. We named our dish “ToFood” which is form of tofu and food. In vegetable, we contained cucumbers and carrots. In Grain, contains the white rice noodle. The taster said that our plate was well plan and tasty than it actually smelled like. The link on the top is a link to book that we created....



Posted on Mar 24 by

We worked on a lot of things in Geometry 8D class. We worked on Trigonometry unit and we used marble slides website, 3D game lab, and study guide document. There were a lot of  quests/ activity that we need to finish in order to get a high grade. Now, I will show you one of the thing that we worked on in order to prove pythagorean theory using this piece of...