Wearable Art

My class has recently made a wearable piece of art. I thought it was so fun to make a really cute and inspiring piece. My results came out as i wanted it, but there is a bald spot at the back. My hat was based on unicorns, because they inspire me by how magical and rare they are. I had a lot of flaws while making this unicorn hat, but I had a lot of laughs about it. At the end of the project, I was happy about my end result and i am still planning to make more.

Learning Journeys

On Friday last week, my dad went to my Learning Journeys. I showed my dad how i read, how i write and how my math skills improved. I read a  paragraph of a book called, Percy Jackson’s GREEK GODS. After the writing and math, I interviewed him with questions about the Learning Journeys and we got to experiment on a project my class recently did called the Stream Table, my question/experiment was: What happens when there are 2 sources instead of 1?  Then we tested my question/experiment and what happened was there was a big meander, the stream from the left meandered to the stream on the right, and then my dad took a reflection on the Learning Journeys.


My documentary group and I made a documentary about Ao Dai. It included facts about the traditional Vietnamese dress, in a story form. Since I was an MC ( Master of Ceremony) I felt nervous and also excited to speak up in front of a big audience. I liked all of the documentaries, because I learned so much from them. I wish that if I did it again, then I would practice the the script but then don’t practice the night before the big day,  it would turn out more smoother then it already is.

Silk Painting

I recently finished a project in my art class called Silk Painting.

I like how the color matches and blends together to make a master piece. My biggest challenge was getting the outline to be not to big and not to small. I would change the design and make it bigger if i did it again.



The Vietnamese Cultural Fair

Today my class and I went to a cultural fair. What the cultural fair is, is when we go and try different types of Vietnamese traditions, and if we don’t do it we get to learn about it by either watching a video. We had a cultural fair because we are starting our new unit called VIABLE VIETNAM. There are 6 different stations, ao dai where we watched a video of how ao dai was made and what it was like in the project, musical instruments where we got to try the traditional flute, o an quan a traditional vietnamese game we got to play, rice farming where we had to estimate how many rice was in a bowl and after that we got to eat it, conical hats where we got to choose what string we would use to decorate our conical hats with and fish sauce where we learned how fish sauce was made and got to try 3 different fish sauces. I learned facts at each station which are the following:

The large pebble counts as 10 points

There are 1600 kinds of grains growing in Melkong Delta

Conical hats are made out of straw

Fish sauce is made out of small fish and salt

Ao Dai is made out of silk from silk worms

The flute is then polished and decorated with designs and then get sold

My favorite station is the O An Quan station because we got to try a traditional Vietnamese game.


Pottery Spin and Gogh

 Today my class and I went to a pottery studio called Spin and Gogh. I learned that when making a box, we should always put the tools in front of you,  especially if the tool is sharp. Another thing I learned is that when making a bowl, we should carve the end carefully and gently. The last thing i learned is when you make decorations for the box, we should keep it small, and should not put a lot of decorations on the box.

Exploration Station

I was so excited to share art with my mom because, I got to share a way to paint with my mom, and also got to make an artwork I always wanted to make. I wanted to share art with my mom because then, she knows how I feel when I paint and draw. I am proud of my self my mom’s work as well as my own work because when I draw I try to draw something that I saw before and today I got to make an art piece very similar to one of my favorite art mediums.

Amazing Artists

Today my class and I went to art class and we were supposed to pick out our favorite artist, and I picked Melina Zoriana. What blew my mind is that she was able to make my favorite art piece. This art work made me feel like I was gonna blow up because he art piece was so realistic.

High School Art Buddy: Lanie Grade 11

Last art class, my class and I went to the high school art room and we got some High School Buddies. My buddy was called Lanie and in my opinion, she is a really good artist. She showed a lot of detail in her artwork and she seemed passionate when she showed me her artwork. If she is planning to be an artist when she grows up i’m pretty sure she is going to succeed.