High School Art Buddy: Lanie Grade 11

Last art class, my class and I went to the high school art room and we got some High School Buddies. My buddy was called Lanie and in my opinion, she is a really good artist. She showed a lot of detail in her artwork and she seemed passionate when she showed me her artwork. If she is planning to be an artist when she grows up i’m pretty sure she is going to succeed.

Amelia EarHart; The Heart Of Exploring

Today my class and I learned some important stuff about Amelia EarHart. Here are some questions about Amelia EarHart.

Q. What did Amelia Earhart explore? A. She explored flying.

Q. What motivated her to explore? A. She was motivated by how women are equal to men.

Q. What characteristics did she show? A. she showed bravery, confidence, passion.

Q. How did she go about exploring? A. she went by plane.

My G4 Talk Presentation

Yesterday was my G4 talk and it was pretty nerve-wrecking. In the auditorium it was very nerve-wrecking. I felt like I was going to melt into a puddle. During the performance, I messed my line up a bit and I was so embarrassed. After the performance I felt so so good it was over because then I could rest my voice. I think I did 80% out of 100%. What I did well was my body wasn’t stiff and I used hand gestures. When I forget a line I can just make up words that say the same point as the script. I’d like to thank my partner Vanna for building on the script while I was gone and I’d also like to thank the teachers, Mr. Ross, Ms. Ronzetti and Mr. Papaseit for helping us think of interesting ideas for our script.

G4 Talkers.

I am writing about my thoughts on the G4 talk presentations. Today me and my classmates went to a assembly. I thought every speech that was presented was very convincing. I learned that getting enough time of sleep is healthy for the brain cells. My thoughts on doing my own G4 talk is i am excited as well as kind of nervous. I liked Ms. Fox’s presentation because she shared her knowledge about getting enough hours of sleep with us.