Science eco dome observation day 41


This attempt went well, the amount of water was very equitable this time, and the plant slightly grew. And again, the grasshoppers died, even though they were super big. The color they showed was different. It was red instead of black.  And we found that there were black things on the water that was on the wrap . The eco dome was quite moist, but this time, soil was not too wet like the previous one. screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-1-50-58-pm


In general, things went well in this attempt. The plant slightly grew but some leaves turned quite yellow. The strange thing s that the grasshopper turned red as unusual(it was normally black). When we placed our eco dome, it was just right next to the window, and when we touched our eco dome, it was very hot. We assume that this is because of the sunlight. It might have burned the grasshoppers.


the mistake we made this time was the placement of the eco dome, the sunlight directly stroke our eco dome so that the grasshopper burned. If a sunlight shines a leaf, because of the chlorophyl, it makes the leaf to have a green color. If the temperature gets really high, then the leaves will slowly turned yellow. If we leave it, then it will turn brown. we needed to place our eco dome in a shaded place that can get enough sunlight but not too much. We had to get an another plant, but unfortunately, we couldn't find any plant that has pointy leaves anymore, so we brought a plant that is small, not having pointy leaves. Although this last attempt is quite risky, I think this is the best we could do.



  • arephoto-on-12-14-16-at-2-57-pma we place our eco dome
  • The plant


  • The wrap that is placed on the ceiling

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