In this panel, it shows the part where the professor is curious about why the phone is ringing. It shows the silent moment between the big shouting from the phone which creates intense mood. The speech bubble that is spiky which shows that the person on the phone is shouting aggressively.

I am really bad at drawing. This project required lots of art skills, so it was very challenging for me. However, i managed it very well.


DBQ  essay

Japan was famous for whale oil. Revolution was happening in America, England. America wanted the oil so they made a deal with Japan to trade. Not a deal, threatening them. Japan then become very rich. They were alerted that they started to make people work in factories

  • Explaining the topic
  • Historical context What happened
  • Ideas and my opinions

职业面试 occupation interview project

  • A role play of recruiting a job by using the vocabulary we learnt.
  • The reason why selected this is because I am new to mandarin, I joined very late. The only topic I learnt was about jobs
  • I liked when we filmed our role play. Obviously we improved our Chinese skills but also we got to know how the process works when we are in a meeting, and I feel like we have too much classwork:)
  • I think I have to work on my sentence structure. My vocabulary are ok but my writing skills and sentence structures need to be improved.
  • I dont have any improvements yet, because I am new. However, I think I am going to improve a lot.I knew some jobs, but i learnt more jobs for example, 家庭主妇, 工程师,演员,建筑师 等等。(etc)
  • 职业面试video


This attempt went well, the amount of water was very equitable this time, and the plant slightly grew. And again, the grasshoppers died, even though they were super big. The color they showed was different. It was red instead of black.  And we found that there were black things on the water that was on the wrap . The eco dome was quite moist, but this time, soil was not too wet like the previous one. screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-1-50-58-pm


In general, things went well in this attempt. The plant slightly grew but some leaves turned quite yellow. The strange thing s that the grasshopper turned red as unusual(it was normally black). When we placed our eco dome, it was just right next to the window, and when we touched our eco dome, it was very hot. We assume that this is because of the sunlight. It might have burned the grasshoppers.


the mistake we made this time was the placement of the eco dome, the sunlight directly stroke our eco dome so that the grasshopper burned. If a sunlight shines a leaf, because of the chlorophyl, it makes the leaf to have a green color. If the temperature gets really high, then the leaves will slowly turned yellow. If we leave it, then it will turn brown. we needed to place our eco dome in a shaded place that can get enough sunlight but not too much. We had to get an another plant, but unfortunately, we couldn't find any plant that has pointy leaves anymore, so we brought a plant that is small, not having pointy leaves. Although this last attempt is quite risky, I think this is the best we could do.



  • arephoto-on-12-14-16-at-2-57-pma we place our eco dome
  • The plant


  • The wrap that is placed on the ceiling


This eco dome was a complete disaster. It was worse than we expected... The soil was too wet. It was completely covered with water. All the 2 grasshoppers died. And the plant had dark spots around the leaves, and the stems were quite dirty, and it got weak. And the grasshoppers turned black they died again.There were little soil on the side of the eco dome. When we first made it, it didn't have any soil in the side of the eco dome.


This attempt was worse than what we expected. The eco dome was completely filled with water I think it is because we put too much water in the eco dome. This gave us negative results; plant died so did the grasshoppers. The main reason I think they both died is because of the water. Furthermore, I think that at one point, we accidentally moved our eco dome. This might have made the grasshoppers to die


Too much water actually is bad for most of our trees and plants. "If soil becomes waterlogged and stays that way (  as poorly draining clay soil tends to do ) the water can cut off the air supply to the roots and to the microorganisms that live in healthy soil. It can lead to root rot or other diseases". This is why the organisms died. Obviously, next time, we have to put acceptable amount of water. I think 5 cups of water is just right, since it quite worked in the first attempt. And my partner decided to put a wrap on the ceiling of the eco dome and put water on it. I don't know why it's good but I agreed to his idea because his reason was that it is cool for the grasshoppers when there is a water on top of them even the sunlight shines to them.

resource I used


  • The amount of water
  • placing a wrap on the top of the eco dome.


  • n/a



There were lots of water droplets surrounding the eco-dome. 3 days after the first attempt, we noticed 2 grasshoppers in the eco-dome, but one of them died. And the day 7, we noticed that The plant got quite dirty especially the leaves, they had some dark spots, also some turned yellos. and the water pool evaporated. And we found out the grasshopper ate some parts of the leaves. However, the big one unfortunately died in day 11. When we opened our eco dome, the plant didn't grow much, and it was not planted carefully, the roots were slightly off the soil. The soil was completely wet filled with water.


Because of this, there were no change in the plant, and we put a lot bigger plant. And this time, we  put too much water in the eco dome. Or, soil might be a problem, since the plant didn't grow much, soil also have been a main problem the soil was quite rocky and very rough instead of being smooth.  Furthermore, we noticed that the plant wasn't planted carefully, so this time, we made sure that it was planted carefully.


As we said, having small container is more efficient than having the bigger one. however, to see that the plant did not grow, and the grasshoppers died, we think that we had lack of water in the eco dome was the main problem.The most common reason that plants’ leaves turn yellow is because of moisture stress, which can be from either over watering or under watering. This case is underwatering. If we also have Small plants, fungus might grow. Our leaf color changed to yellow, this means that a fungus is growing on them, they will take all the nutrients to grow, so lots of nutrients are required so the plant would not be able to work so it might have negative just in case, we decided to change soil that has lots of nutrients as much as we could. It is because We know that soil and water are one of the most important substances needed to plants.

source I used



  • still have the same small container
  • have pointed leaves
  • moist ground but no pool
  • must plant the plants very carefully, do not have small plants
  • have soil that has lot of nutrient
  • flat soil that is pushed down
  • healthy, big grasshoppers


  • small plants

  1. For our layers, at first, I was planning to do one of the background, however, in terms of the communication, we were not able to decide accurately, so my partner decided to do background and the animal. I persuaded her to give me one of them, but she didn't reply. So my job was to complete the lettering and the objects that start with T. I also fixed some of the parts: tomato because there were white space between the tomato. Despite we had some troubles, we sorted  out very well, and i am pleased with our final piece. I think my idea of tabasco was brilliant, because it is quite entertaining, and it is very catchy. I also want to thank my partner because she left some space on the top for me to write the lettering. This helped me lot with placing my drawings into the final piece. My challenge was obviously the communication, when we faced a problem, there were no ways to communicate because the time in Vietnam and US is totally different.
  2. final-drawing

And for my publicity job, I was making a banner showing how we were workingscreen-shot-2016-12-12-at-6-30-50-pm on the layers. I thought the job would be too easy, but actually it wasn't. I had to fill the banner with a picture of the students working. Thanks to Ms Jardin, I was able to get some good photos. I think this banner looks really good, it clearly shows how students collaborated with their NY friends.

Skype call:

For the skype call, I really enjoyed it. I could't believe that we were actually talking to each other. I always wondered how they actually looked like(The pictures they sent were not very clear), and how they sounded like. As our school does, they were all energetic and loud. I hope that we could communicate for a long time even after this project is finished.



This is our shop. I am very proud of myself because this is the first book I've ever made. Furthermore, I am glad that all these money we earned goes to the charity.

Statement: Atomic bombs are a destructive invention that should never have been invented and had a horrendous impact on the history of the world.

Pro team: Jake, Dino, Tom                              Con team: Suwon, Huy, Austin

Debate planning doc



I learnt that being controlled is very important, during the debate, we were laughing alot. It did not make the debate look professional. I think tone of voice is very important to catch audience's’ attention, if the person is quiet, then people would not concentrate to the debater. It was really hard for me in the part where we have to question the other team, I couldn’t think of any questions. I am very proud of myself that my voice and body language was good to persuade people.

Self assessment

Judge assessment

Peer assessment