Geology Blog Post

This model represents a Volcano eruption, and I built my model to best represent a cinder cone volcano.

Destructive and Constructive plate boundaries both create volcanos on the earth.

Destructive volcanos occur when two tectonic plate rub against each other. But one is more dense than the other, and the stronger one goes down towards the mantle. The other is called Constructive plate boundaries, are when two tectonic plates move in opposite directions and makes an opening where volcanos or crust can be made.

The red pieces coming out of the middle, is the lava erupting out of the volcano. When the magma cools down, (either inside of outside the volcano) it forms igneous rocks. Some igneous rocks have a smooth glassy texture because their formation occurs very rapidly.

We used “people” on the Volcano, because some people purposely live near volcanos to gather geothermal steam energy for electricity, volcanos attract a lot of attention from tourists, and there are miners who mine minerals like gold after the magma has cooled. Farmers also work near volcanos because all the rich soil helps their plants grow.

My picture represents a active volcano, because in the picture it is mid way erupting and spilling out magma. Before it was a dormant volcano, just sleeping and waiting for the right moment to erupt. After its erupting it turns to an extinct volcano and will no longer erupt.

Overall, this model best represent a volcano because of the “people on it”, and how it shows the tourists, miners and the farmers. It also shows the magma, and the way it was formed by plate boundaries. And finally the way it was active mid way, and then turning extinct.


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Poster Annotation

Hi Guys!

Today I did Poster annotation, and here are some important parts that should be in ad posters:

  1. Contrast. Contrast is very important because, if the poster is unclear or too bright, then people will have trouble reading it.
  2. Repetition. This is when posters, after looking at it already, get certain words or phrases stuck in your head.
  3. Opinon. Opinion can be important because if a famous person on your poster says “I think this product is good in every way” than the buyers might be more likely to buy it.

Thanks for reading! 😀

Gummy Bear Government

Today in social studies I made scenes of governments ruling with… GUMMY BEARS!

Monarchy!! (Kings or Queens)

Oligarchy!! (Group of Aristocrats)

Tyranny!! (Tyrant)

Democracy!! (Ruled by Citizens)

These are some questions about me learning this topic.

What did you know about these forms of government before we started this unit?

I knew about Monarchy, which is when Kings and queens ruled. I knew about Democracy, which is when all the citizens come to an assembly and vote. I did not know about two forms of government, Tyranny and Oligarchy. In this unit I have learned about how a wealthy group of aristocrats, formed a group and ruled over the city. And Tyranny, when people would fight over the crown, and usually the strongest or most popular would rule.

Why is it important to learn about the forms of government?

You might be the government one day, and you might want to know how you are going to rule. And you always want to know how this government in this country you are living in rules.

Which form of government do you think works best, and why?

I think Monarchy works best, because one King or Queen can rule with a lot of advisers and make efficient decisions for the country, as long as they don’t go mad with power.

Have a break, have a KitKat!

“Have a break, have a KitKat.” KitKat is a popular chocolate eaten by  people of any age, and I would like to explain the ideas behind the KitKat slogan. The slogan can mean two different things: first, “have a break” could mean taking a break from whatever you are doing, and, second, it makes you think about the sound of a breaking KitKat just before you eat it. I think KitKat chose their slogan because the KitKat company wants buyers to think about eating a KitKat bar. 


Don’t Be Salty

Hi guys 😀

Today in Social studies we unwrapped our mummified fruits. About a week ago we scooped out the insides of a tomato, apple and cucumber, then we filled it with salt and baking powder, and finally wrapped then all up and put then in drawer. We learned about this, and this would be called the mummification process. Then today we unwrapped them and it looked like this:


Anyway I have been in Social studies for a while and here are some topics that were my favorite:

  1. The Minecraft project.

In Minecraft (which is my favorite game) you would have to build a ancient Egyptian city, the nile river and the mediterranean sea. The reason why this was my favorite was because we got to play in Minecraft and we were able to be creative and build.

2. The Pharaoh Breaking news.

On the computer we got to make our own fake breaking news about something important in Egypt, and it was fun because you had to be creative with it.

3. Salt and Fruit

One day we got to scoop out the insides of a fruit and fill it with salt, and it was a funny process, like during an apple.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! 😀

Wizard of Oz (Lit Circles 2 of 4)

Hey Guys 😀

In this blog post I will be talking about how my reading group and I was when we were talking about our book!

How did the Lit Circles go?

This week, our lit circles was great, because we all remembered our notes and each of us all discussed a lot though those twenty minutes.

Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Math Alek Reflection

Hi guys!

Today I will talk about a reflection for math!

In what area’s do you feel successful in math?

I feel successful in the way that I can understand math kinda easily if I can get help.

In what area’s are you happy with your progress?

Im happy in the fraction area because I know the most about that topic.

What goals can you set for next quarter?

Maybe for next quarter I can try to do math everyday, at least for 30 minutes.

That is all, Thanks for reading! 😀