What are THREE things I learned about GEOGRAPHY & EARLY HUMAN SETTLEMENT?

I learned that the Nile river is considered a gift to the Egyptians because of many reasons. One reason is that it provided them fresh water to drink, it is a way of transportation and it flooded every year and every time it flooded, it created silt for the Egyptians to use to grow crops.


What are TWO things I am proud of in my project?

I'm happy that the audio is loud and clear and that my iMovie had transitions to make it smooth.


What is ONE thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again?

I would build the things necessary and not build things that were unnecessary like houses and coops to keep the animals in.


Today we made different rectangular prisms with 24 cubes. So far in 5th grade, I learned many things such as squared units and cubic units. The things I learned about volume so far in 5th grade are:

  • I learned that for 3-D shapes, we use cubic units instead of squared units.
  • I learned that there are only 6 different rectangular prisms that can be made out of 24 cubes.
  • I learned that volume is the same as base * height.
  • I learned that base * height is the same as length * width

We've only learned about volume for a week or so, so I didn't learn very much about volume so far in 5th grade.

  1. What did you do at the Moon Bear Center? Be as descriptive as possible. Make it interesting to read. Remember, Mrs. Johnson has to read 19 of these. Don't be boring.

We got split into different groups. 1 group got to stuff some food in bamboo sticks and the other group got to spread some peanut butter on the bear equipment. The group that filled the bamboo stick with food had 9 people. The other group that spreads the peanut butter had 20 people. I was in the group that puts some food in the bamboo. After making a few bamboo sticks filled with food (2-4), we each brought 2 bamboo sticks to the moon bear place and the 9 people that stuffed the food, hid 2 bamboo sticks each. After we hid the bamboo sticks or spread the peanut butter (depending what group you are in), we went to the "forest" place that the moon bears had and there was this wheel barrow that carried some fruits so we picked it up with our hands and hid it. After hiding the foods, we got on this "tower" like hut to watch them find the food.

       2. What did you like and what was an unexpected surprise at Cat Tien?  What was something you’d never seen before?  What was your favorite moment?  Be specific and accurate.  Consider using thoughts, action, and dialogue!  This is a positive post.

I REALLY liked the food and it tasted better than I thought. An unexpected surprise was the rooms in my cabin were actually clean and it was cleaner than other rooms in other cabins. Something that I have never seen before were gibbons, deers, a porcupine, GINORMOUS spiders, a firefly and weird bugs. My favorite moment is either the night sensory hike or the night safari because on both the night sensory hike and night safari, it was almost pitch black, there were lots of star, quiet and relaxing. 

     3. How does Cat Tien connect to our unit about sustainability? 

Because in Cat Tien there are some sustainable things like trees, water, air and more. We can also relate some things that we are doing that we did in Cat Tien.

Describe what Close Reading is.

Yesterday we were close reading about ecosystems. Close reading means you read the text 3 times. Each time you read the text, you read for a different reason.  We had a sheet of paper next to us and it had 3 sections. 2 sections were folded so it could cover the 2 sections. Once we read 1 time, we write down what we need to write and so, we did that to all 3 sections.

Did you actually read the text 3 times? 

Yes because if I read the text less than 3 times, then it wouldn't me called close reading. For section 1, I wrote 3 questions that I had about the ecosystem. For section 2, I wrote 3 definitions about 3 important words. For sections 3, I wrote the main idea in the bubble and wrote 3-4 details about the main idea.

Did you read the text again before filling out the 3 sections, or did you look at #2 and #3 and just try to answer them without rereading the entire text?

I read it 3 times in total. I read the text 1 time for each section. I answered 1 question at a time, every time I read the text 1 time. Each time I finished 1 section, I unfolded the paper for the next section.

What is a Main Idea?  Can you give an example in your explanation? 

The main idea is the ecosystem. The main idea is the ecosystem because on the top part of the beginning of the text, it said the main idea is the ecosystem.

How can Close Reading help you…think about heading to middle school and high school…

By making us understand the text better and be better writers and readers because when we go to collage, it is important that we know how to read and write well.

True or false?

  1. This shape is a quadrilateral. True
  2. This shape is a trapezoid. False
  3. This shape is a rhombus. False 
  4. This shape is a parallelogram. True
  5. This shape is a rectangle. True


  1. It is a quadrilateral because it has 4 sides and a quadrilateral has 4 sides.
  2. It is not a trapezoid because a rectangle doesn't have the same attributes as a trapezoid.
  3. It is not a rhombus because it doesn't have the same attribute as a rectangle.
  4. It is a parallelogram because it has 2 sets of parallel sides.
  5. It is a rectangle because it has the same attributes as a rectangle and because it is a rectangle.

We are starting a new genre which is Non-Fiction. We started out with a question and tried finding a topic for it. My topic is Diabetes.

Q.  What have you done so far in this inquiry journey?

I searched on Kids InfoBits to find out about Diabetes and I got lots of facts. I learned that there are 2 types of Diabetes. There is diabetes type 1 and type 2.

Q. What has been a challenge so far?

One of the challenges was finding facts that I needed. Some of them had weird facts and some of them weren't even related to the topic that I was researching about.

Q. What are you excited about?

I am excited about finding out more about diabetes because I don't want to get diabetes.

Q. What do you wonder?

I wonder why you get diabetes and what are the symptoms?

Yesterday, the whole 5th Grade did an Amazing Race to learn about self-reliance. We had an adult to follow us just in case one of us got hurt, lost or someone stole something from us. We brought and iPad to take pictures and for proof of something that we did. We made a flag based on our team color and we brought the flag with us so the adult and our team would know where we were. We had a bandana to put anywhere as long as the adult could see it because so they would know which team was which. My team was the light blue team so we got a light blue bandana and a light blue flag.

My favorite station was the Healthiest Drink station because we had to find out which drink was the healthiest instead of choosing your own because sometimes you could order a drink with too much sugar so it's unhealthy. I also liked it because we bought the drink which was milk and we drank it.

The hardest station was the spinning station. The spinning station was where you had to spin 20 times and you had a tray with plastic cups filled with water all the way to the top and you had to walk to the line that the teachers drew and you couldn't spill water.

My group got 2nd place and we got tied with the dark blue. We learned how to be more self-reliant and the race was really fun.

YESTERDAY WAS FUN AND AMAZING!! We went to Buu Long for a field trip. We got to go zip lining, abseiling and we played team building activities. We got split in to 2 different groups. There was Team and Team 2.

The most challenging one was abseiling. Although I didn't go abseiling I practiced abseiling because you needed to practice abseiling before you did the actual abseil. I heard my friends saying that it was hard, they got hurt or they tripped. As I was practicing, I thought it was hard because you had to lean back really hard and if you leaned back WAY too much then you'll flip. I didn't do it because I was too scared.

I liked the zip line activity most because it was easy and it was REALLY fun. The heavier you are, the faster you go but the lighter you are, the slower you go.

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Last week and this week we learned about alcohol, peer pressure and refusal skills. We learned that drinking too much alcohol is bad for your body and you could get cancer. If someone is telling you to drink, do drugs, stealing and etc., then it's negative peer pressure. If someone is telling not to steal, join a group/club because you're good at it and etc., then it's positive peer pressure. When someone is telling you to do something or is offering you something bad like drugs, alcohol and etc., then you need to say no. We learned about alcohol, peer pressure and refusal skills for 5 days for the amazing race.