-by: Sean

Whatever form you’re in, you are awesome.

When the sun goes down you make me lively.

You are funny though sometimes troublesome.

My friend, in my life you shine so brightly.


You relieve my stress like a long warm bath.

You are like my personal therapist,

Giving me advice about my footpath;

You’re my best friend, the greatest “humorist”


Although occasionally you aren’t there,

Amaze me you shall never seize to stop

Oh humor, without you I’d be nowhere

When I’m in grief you bring me to the top.

I love you as much as I love frenchfries,

But occasionally problems arise.

Chinese Story




Newton Vehicle Production

First of all, the ANT 2000 was made mostly out of cardboard for the body and wheels, and three thick straws, two plastic sticks and a balloon for the wheels and the “engine”. Our first step was making the body of our vehicle; we designed our body on a piece of cardboard and later cut it out with a pair of scissors. Then, we started on the wheels. We drew four wheels on a piece of cardboard (two were small and the others were slightly bigger). After that, we cut them out and connected one big wheel to one end of a plastic stick and one small wheel to another plastic stick. Then, we taped two straws on the back of our chassis and put the plastic sticks through it. After doing that, we stuck the remaining wheels on the plastic sticks. Finally, we taped our balloon to one end of a straw and after taping if we glue gunned it onto our car.

Secondly, Newton’s first law of motion affects the ANT 2000 because of friction once air ran out of the balloon, the balloon fell on the ground giving it so much friction that the car stopped right away. Newton’s second law of motion is applied to our vehicle because since our vehicle was made out of cardboard and plastic sticks it was heavy, so it took much more force to get it going. Newton’s third of of motion applies to the ANT 2000 because as the air (force) came out of the balloon, there was an equal reaction in the opposite direction which made our vehicle move forwards.

I think that Jonathan’s group won the race because their vehicle had very little friction on their vehicle. Their vehicle simply flew on string. And also, since their vehicle wasn’t on the ground, they didn’t have to worry about a lot of the conflicts that would’ve occurred if they had decided to go with a vehicle that travelled on ground.

Template Delete after template has been imported

Make Sure this text has been deleted before importing

Download the file, g5.xml below then:
[filedownload file=”” type=”text/xml” style=”color:#0000EE;”]g5.xml[/filedownload]

  1. go to the dashboard and select tools
  2. in the tools menu select import
  3. select wordpress
  4. browse to find the g5.xml file you just downloaded
  5. leave everything to their default values then press submit
  6. you may get an error message about compression if that is the case just go back to your blog and the import should have worked this is due to some compression we have on our blogging system.
  7. go to appearance then menus and activate the grade 5 menu