Before spring break, we were working on making Narrative-Nonfiction documentaries. Narrative-Nonfiction actually means “story nonfiction” so it has facts and is written in a story form. For my documentary topic, I chose Weasel Coffee.

Making a documentary was really fun. First you had to research about your topic, some of the facts I learned during researching was that the coffee beans are suppose to be bitter but weasels have a special digestive system so the coffee beans are less bitter when they pass the weasels digestive system. 

Next, you make a script for your documentary. What I thought was hard was that you have to make your script in a story form which meant that you had to have characters, a setting, a beginning, a middle, and a end. You also had to put in the facts that you researched. Making the script was the tough part.

Finally, the best part of all, was to create your documentary on iMovie! I had the master computer so all the movie making was on my laptop. What you have to do in iMovie was simply put all your footage into iMovie and record your voice with a very fancy “Blue Snowball” microphone. Now your movie is officially finished!

After finishing our documentaries, we had the film festival. You got to wear fancy clothes, and make yourself look good. We got to walk up the red carpet like Hollywood stars with your teammates while everyone was taking photos of you. Then you can finally watch other peoples’ documentaries. The film festival was a grand celebration, and all your hard work in the past weeks would pay off. 



Grade 4 silk painting

This month we are doing a silk painting project. My topic is about weasel coffee, and this is my silk painting drawing. We used Fabric paint, Border paint and we also used salt to make a texture.

I like how the salt made a beautiful texture on my painting. When I put the salt on my painting it made a dot-like texture on my painting I also like how my colors blend perfectly when I use the fabric paint.

While Tracing my sketch with border paint, I met a problem along the way. I kept smearing the border paint! So I had to trace again but the bad thing is that it didn’t look good.

If I could do silk painting again, I would be more careful when I trace my drawing.

Viable Vietnam Launch

  Yesterday we did a Viable Vietnam launch. It was a fun launch because we got to experience things about Vietnam like: the Ao dai station where we got to watch a video about the steps to make Ao dai. The 2nd station was musical instruments, and we played a instrument from Vietnam that looks like a bamboo recorder. Another station was about a Vietnamese traditional game (An Wan) and we got to play the game but we had no time to play, we didn’t even finish the 1 round!!! In the farming rice station we tasted rice and estimated how many grains of rice were in the small cup they gave us. There is a station called conical hats and we read about Non la, we were suppose to make our own non la, but we had no time. The last station is called fish sauce we tasted fish sauce and voted on which kind of fish sauce we liked the most.

 Some facts I learned were: before, only China had silk but a Chinese princesse gave it away by hiding silkworms and mulberry leaves in her hair and going to India. An Wan actually had a history about farmers. Before, when farmers were growing crops they had some rests after lunch, and in that time, farmers could either take a nap, or play some games. The farmers saw that on the ground were a lot of rocks and pebbles, the farmers then thought of a game to play. They drew a rectangle with ten squares inside it, and drew 2 semicircles beside the rectangle.they put 5 pebbles in each square, with 2 big rocks in the semicircle, and started to play. That was how An wan was created.


Living Wax Museum

A few days ago we did a living wax museum. I found making a costume for my explorer hard because sometimes you’ll have to make it by hand.I used to think that explorers only explore land like Christopher Columbus who discovered America, but some explorers also explore medicine too!!! My explorer had a positive impact on China, he made a relationship between other countries so, China can trade easily with other countries.



Amazing Artist

So amazing right? Oh not amazing. Did you know that this is not real? My amazing artist is called Edger Mueller he draws art on sidewalks!!! His art looks 3d to me, the fist time I saw it I thought it was real! It really changed my thinking about art because before I thought art was only in paper but now I know that it can be anywhere!

G4 Talk Refection

On Wednesday, we had a G4 talk. It was really scary at first, but after I finished my G4 talk I felt like I wanted to do it again. I think I talked clearly and loudly and I also think that I memorized the script pretty well. If you had to do a G4 talk, I suggest you to ” fake it till you make it ” which means if you are scared pretend that your not scared, and before you even know it, it will be over.

Before we did our G4 talk, we had to write a persuasive essay about it. The hardest part about the essay is that we needed to write a attention grabber. A attention grabber is when the actor or speaker grabs the audiences attention. If I did my G4 talk again, I think I would smile more to look more confident and talk more natural.  So if next time you do a G4 talk just remember ” fake it till you make it ”.

Smoking and tobacco

My topic today is about smoking and tobacco. You are probably wondering “what’s tobacco?” Well, tobacco is a plant it contains mostly nicotine, nicotine is a chemical that makes you feel addicted to something, tobacco is not good for your health. If you smoke cigarettes it will be very hard to stop, and if you smoke your trachea and your lungs will turn black because the tar that enters your lungs. The cillia on your lungs will also burn because of cigarettes.

I know some effects of smoking: Your teeth fall away, your gums will be ruined, you will have a bad breath, your skin will be wrinkled. These effects of smoking are pretty nasty so……         Don’t smoke!