The graphic novel technique used in the left panel was the use of background. Comics use backgrounds sometimes to  show the emotional state of the character.  If a story relies more on characterization than on plot, the character’s internal state may be represented more through the background. In this panel, the background was used to enhance the panel and make the story look more interesting. 

The graphic novel on the right uses the 'close up' film technique. The panel zooms up into the scoreboard to focus on the main scene showing the score during the game.

A challenging part of this was trying to find a way to use film techniques with the objects available on the website. It also took a long time trying to edit all the people and put everything into place.

I think this unit taught me a lot on how comics are created and what makes them better. I feel like this specific project was a little bit rushed because it took a while and it felt like a last minute assignment.


Skit: Writing Sample

Talking points: 

some possible topics to consider:

  • why the specific artifact was selected - I selected this because it showed what we learnt throughout the unit.
  • comment on what you liked and did not like in the artifact - I think we did well on the content of the script but we could've practiced more on the actions and moving around to make it more interesting.
  • comment on or identify the processes involved in developing specific artifact - We started off learning the words on quizlet, put them into sentences and then practiced.
  • describe and point to examples of how specific skills or knowledge improved (or did not)


Explanation of experiment:

  • Hold my thumb over one end of the straw
  • Try and poke it through the potato
  • What do you think will happen? Why?


  • Hold a straw with my right hand with my thumb covering one end
  • Hold the potato up with my left hand
  • Try and poke straw through potato

What happened and why?

The reason the straw can go through the potato is because when you block the end of the straw, it causes high pressure inside. This is because molecules then have no escape. When the straw has high pressure, it doesn’t allow the straw to break, so it then becomes strong enough to poke through the potato.


This is our last day of rebuilding our ecodome. We observed the last one and made changes to what we think caused the grasshopper to die.


  • the grasshopper was dead, lying on the soil, it is camouflaged with the soil, it turned dark brown
  • Some of the plants died and the color turn lighter and some of them turned white
  • There were holes on the leaves
  • There was lots of water on the plastic surface of the container
  • The roots of one of the plants grew longer


  • Add food for the grasshopper like wheat or corn
  • The plants are not as strong as it used to because there were not enough water for them
  • The plant produced way too much water
  • There weren’t enough oxygen for the grasshopper

Rebuild and Changes:

For our next ecodome, we need to get new plants, as nearly all of the plants nearly died. We could add more water in the soil to keep it damp and for the plant’s photosynthesis to allow it to create oxygen for the grasshopper. We will also some corn kernels in our ecodome to give the grasshopper some food to eat, because we thought that the grasshopper could feed off of the plants, but it didn’t eat any, so we think that maybe it died so soon because of starvation.


This is the second week of rebuilding our ecodome. We left the first one for about a week, and we came back to it to observe what had happened and rebuild a better one.

Observations of eco dome:

  • Both of the grasshoppers died
  • One was still stuck on the plants and the other stuck on the plastic surface of the container
  • They both death dried that we can see through their skin, the skin colour changed from green to transparent
  • The plants grew a lot taller
  • There was water around the inside of the container


The grasshoppers need oxygen, sunlight and water to survive. We think that in the ecodome there wasn’t enough oxygen and too much heat. There were only 2 plants, that grew a lot but we think they still didn’t give produce enough oxygen for the grasshoppers to be able to survive. We think that it overheated, as we put the ecodome in sunlight. Grasshoppers are primary consumers, and we didn’t give them anything to eat. This may have caused them to die.

Rebuild and Changes made: 

  • We added one grasshopper because we still thought that more than one may fight more the limited resources in a small container.
  • We placed the Eco dome in a less sunny area because we thought that maybe it got too heated for the grasshopper which dried it out. We still put it in sun for the plants, just not a place that was as hot and bright.
  • We took away the rocks because it wasn't necessary and just took up space from a container that was already a fairly small and tight habitat.
  • We added more plants because we thought there may be lack of oxygen.


Our rebuilt ecodome:





This is our first day starting our ecodome. We thought about what we needed we needed inside our ecodome for the grasshoppers to survive in a small, closed container. When it came to design day, we made a few changes to what we had originally planned.

Day 1 - Planning



Eco dome design components planning:

  • two grasshoppers
  • Damp Dirt (to cover the bottom of our container) - To give the animal a natural environment and we added the water to make it less dry.
  • A small pond of water - water is part of an important source that even human or animals would need to stay survive
  • 2 different Plants - To give the animals oxygen and something to eat.
  • 2 Earthworms - To fertilise the dirt

Changes made on design day:

  • We added 3 grasshoppers instead of two
  • We only had two different types of plants
  • Our container was taller instead of wide

Day 7 and 8

Observations of eco dome:

  • All the grasshoppers had died
  • There was a lot of water from the plants so we didn’t need to add a pond of water from the start
  • 2/3 grasshoppers died in the pond of water
  • There was a fly inside our eco dome
  • The water inside the pond got dirty


  • All organisms need water, sunlight and oxygen to live, so we added water, plants and put out eco dome in sunlight.
  • Maybe we could have added more plants, as we thought that there wasn’t enough oxygen.
  • How does each organism interact with the others? The Plant gives the grasshoppers a source of food and it also created oxygen for the grasshoppers as well as water.
  • The pond of water was not necessary because we ended up realizing that the plants produced enough water for the grasshoppers.

Changes made:

  • We took away the pond of water
  • We added two grasshoppers instead of three, as we thought maybe the grasshoppers fought for limited resources.


During ELA class, we worked on writing journalism. We wrote a newspaper article each, of the topic of our choice. I wrote about how much time teenagers spend on technology and how it could effect our day-to-day life. I researched a bit about the time teenagers spent on technology, and I made a survey asking middle school students about their mobile devices. In my writing, I added a lot of the information I got from my survey, but not so much about things that i searched up. I think I could have researched more information, and I also think I should have not repeated so much information. I had some quotes, but I think I could've added more power words. I didn't have many strong words at all to make the article more interesting.

I learnt a lot about research and the different ways you can research to get information about a topic. I also learnt a lot about the formatting of a journalism article. At first, I couldn't tell the difference so much, but now I understand much more about the way its written. Instead of in big paragraphs, newspaper articles are written with much shorter paragraphs, more spread out. Also, I learnt how the use of quotes can be important to articles, to help the reader have more of an idea towards opinions on your topic. I think learnt a working on this assignment.

This is my newspaper article that I designed along with my group:

So far in quarter 1, Its been a fun year for me. I liked being in new classes with different students and teachers. Overall, it has been an enjoyable year for me.

In social Studies class, we learnt about important people during the scientific revolution. I decided to look more into who Johannes Kepler was, and why he was so important to us. Johannes Kepler made a theory to prove how the sun was in the center of the universe, and other planets orbits around it. In my paper, I included background knowledge and some good research. I added a lot of information to make it clear, but not everything was very specific and detailed. I also had some good use of quotes to help the reader understand more about who he was. I made some grammar mistakes, as I didn't look through my paper very carefully at the end, and some sentences used were very short and I could have made sentences longer as I wrote.

I learnt a lot about research while working on this assignment. The database's were very useful because I knew that it was trustworthy and I was using good information. I understand a lot more about the CRAAP (Currency, Reliability, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose) test, which really helped with my research. I some good information, but I feel like a lot of what I researched was very repetitive and I could have been more specific with what I was looking for. Instead of just searching for "Johannes Kepler" I could have written specifically about what I wanted to know about him or his life. I think overall, I improved a lot on my research skills, even though there are some parts that can be worked on.

This is my writing:

My Writing on Johannes Kepler

This is a minimalist poster I made based my writing about Johannes Kepler:

My Minimalist Poster

What is a "tragedy of the commons" problem?

The Tradgedy of commons is where some people get a lot and more than enough to eat, and then other people don't have enough because fish or crops have all been taken and used.

What situations right now are we facing that shows how water is a commons problem?

There are a lot of people that don't have enough clean water to drink, and are suffering from the lack of drinking dirty water.

Which one is the most important for us to solve in the next ten years?

One of the most important is to help get clean water for people to drink. So many are dying from the lack of clean water there is for drinking, and also people are getting very very sick.

How can a student in middle school help their community learn about the problem or create a solution?

We can put up posters, and or find a way to solve the solution and inform others.

What did your group do today?

Our group tried to fix the giant hole on the bottom of our prototype. The hole cut was really big, and we needed a way to get the water out clean. I think that we need a new bottle to start the project in a neat and clean way, so it is more organized. We didn't have as much time last class, so we didn't get so much done. But we also tried using cotton and gravel and sand to filter the water through, but it just made the water really misty.

What methods did you use to remove bacteria?

We first tried to heat up the water. we put some lime acid into the water, and tested it in some agar to see if it got rid of bacteria.

What methods did you use to remove salt?

We are trying to use the evaporation method and system, but it has been raining lately so we haven;t gotten enough heat from sunlight. The solar power box didn't heat up and bring the temperature up enough, so we still have to try that out and make sure it works, as if not, we will have to work on a new way.


What methods did you use to remove sediment?

This step was easier. We completed this on the first day. We used a sieve and two towels to filter the water through and this worked very well. Nearly all of the sediment was cleared out.


Would you drink your water after it has passed through your filter system? Why or why not?

Not yet, but maybe once we get the salt and the bacteria out. It is still not clean enough to drink.