To show what I have learned through researching prosthetics, I have made a short video explaining my learning. I wanted to convey what advances have been made in prosthetic limbs right now, and what I have proposed for a solution for how we can make prosthetic arms available to people in Vietnam. I had a hard time finding information the topic as it is a new field of study that is only in its infancy.

Hola estas es diez canciones española me gusta mucho!

Numero Uno:

Solamente tu de Pablo Alborán

Pablo Alborán ha sido nominado para tres Grammys latinos. "Solamente Tú" fue su primera canción exitosa. Me gusta Pablo Alborán porque también puede tocar la guitarra.

Solamente tu es una canción de amor. Pablo Alborán canta con pasión por su amor. Él dice su amor "Haces que mi cielo vuelva a tener ese azul ".  Muchas personas les gusta esta línea de la canción.

Numero Dos:

Hasta el Amanecer de Nicky Jam

Nicky Jam es un cantante estadounidense pero canta en español. Le gusta el género de reggaeton. Nicky Jam ha ganado cinco Grammys latinos.

En 2016 "Hasta el Amanecer" tiendo 1.3 billones visitas. En la canción, Nicky Jam habla con una chica pero la chica no le gusta habla con Nicky Jam. Me gusta la canción porque es fácil de entender para un hablante de ingles.

Numero Tres:

Un Buen Perdedor de Franco de Vita

Franco de Vita es un cantante que ha ganado Latin Grammys. Él es un poco viejo. Él no escriba nuevos canciones ahora. Franco es mucho más joven que ahora, en el video musical.

la canción tiene mucha música de piano. El piano hace la canción dramática. Franco de Vita canta con pasión. Me encanta que a los tres minutos y quince segundos en la canción haya una sola guitarra eléctrica.

Numero Cuatro: 

Bailando de Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias es el cantautor más popular en España y en otros países que no hablan español. Él solo tienes uno latino grammy. Pero muchas de sus canciones son populares.

La video musical de "bailando" tiene 2.5 billones vistas de youtube. La canción tienes cuatro versiones. (En ingles, español, portugués y Portuguese brasileño.) "Bailando" estaba mas popular en 2015. Bailando es una canción de pop. En la video musical uno de los cantantes toca la guitarra española.

Numero Cinco:

Duele el corazón de Enrique Iglesias

Enrique no era tan popular cuando escribió esta canción. Pero antes de estrenar la video musical de "Duele El Corazon", él se volvió famoso.

Duele el corazón no es muy popular, pero me gusta la canción mucho. La canción es muy pegajosa. Escucho "Duele el Corazon" casi siempre cuando voy a estudiar. Hay mucho guitarra y congas el la canción.

Numero Sies:

La bomba de Ritchie Valen

Necesito incluir La Bomba por Ritchie Valen en la lista porque esta es una canción que es muy famosa por muchos años. Ritchie Valen murió en 1959, pero mucha gente todavía lo recuerda.

la bomba tiene mucha partas con guitarra eléctrica. la canción en inglés no tiene sentido. La Bomba es una baile. Ritchie Valen hablas sobre "para bailar la bamba, se necesita una poca de gracia".  ¡La Bamba es una canción clásica!

Numero Siete: 

Sofia de Alvaro Soler

Alvaro Soler tiene 2 canciones en la lista. Sus canciones me dan ganas de bailar. Él no es muy popular, pero después del estreno de Sofía, se hizo muy popular.

Sofia es una canción interesante porque tiene una melodía muy feliz, pero la canción es sobre una ex novia. El silbido en la canción lo hace feliz. Alvaro Soler habla sobre "ya no te creo, ya no te deseo".

Numero Ocho:

La Bicicleta de Carlos Vives y Shakira

Shakira es mi cantante española favorita. Shakira ha hecho 25 álbumes. El primer álbum se estrenó en 1997, se llama "The Remixes". Shakira también es muy interesante porque es una genio.

"La bicicleta" es tan pegajosa que no puedo sacármela de la cabeza. Escucho a "La bicicleta" con frecuencia. Es una canción muy feliz y me da ganas de bailar.

Numero Nueve:

El mismo Sol de Alvaro Soler

Alvaro Soler tiene 27 años y nació en Barcelona. Él estreno tres álbums. Alvaro tambien toca el piano.

Como Sofia, esta canción me pone de buen humor. "El mismo sol" se trata de vivir la vida bajo el mismo sol.  Esta canción fue muy popular en 2015, pero ya no más ahora.

Numero Diez:

Vivir Mi Vida de Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony es un cantante español, pero muchos estadounidenses escuchan su música. Él también puede cantar en inglés. Se hizo famoso porque su esposa era Jennifer Lopez.

Me encanta esta canción porque tiene muchos instrumentos. Por ejemplo, la guitarra, el piano, las congas y el saxofón. Marc Antony es el mejor cantante de español. Me gusta la lírica "Voy a reír, voy a gozar Vivir mi vida la la la la" Es un canción muy feliz.

The one huge obstacle for making prosthetics available to lower class workers in south east Asia is the price.  Therefore, this is the one problem I have tried to tackle in my research.  My search has narrowed to a few companies that focus on making cheap 3D printed prosthetic limbs. I have found out that legs are much easier and cheaper to fabricate, so most companies that 3D print prosthetics, focus on making prosthetic hands. Unfortunately, while these companies have made it easier and more affordable for people in first world countries to get prosthetic hands, there is still a disconnect in a way for how these products can be distributed in third world countries where there aren't readily available 3D printers.

I want to focus on how a prosthetic arm with a simular design can be fabricated with tools and resources that our easily available in South East Asian countries.

Now that I have gathered most of my needed research Im staring to work on making a short documentary to present my findings. The goal is to present the problem I was researching, and then present my proposed solutions. I want to clearly show the science behind the prosthetic arms in the documentary. My documentary will feature a real life prototype of a prosthetic hand. On the 23rd  will have my final blog post with my documentary finished and uploaded.

After Living in third world countries for majority of my life, one thing that I have noticed is the amount of people living with missing or dysfunctional limbs. Most people in Countries in southeast Asia can not afford medical care that would help improve function, and usability of  of an otherwise unusable limb, not would they be able to afford a prosthetic limb. Given that a large percentage of lower to middle class south east Asian people rely on manual labor for income, the need for a functional limb is dire.

It is my opinion that the 10,000-30,000 dollar price tag of a prosthetic limb can be avoided. Because most manual labor jobs are made up of simple repetitive tasks, a prosthetic limb could be designed to meet these requirements. Although someone using one of these would not have all then functions of an organic limb, they would have the functionality they need to work and earn money. There has already been a few different projects that stride to create cheap prosthetic hands that would preform simple tasks, but these limbs were made out of 3D printed parts that are not capable of lasting in tough work conditions.

Because of this, I will start focusing my research on how prosthetic arms and legs could be manufactured cheaper, and how these already available limbs could be made more robust to thrive in an environment were they would be under lots of stress daily. By my next blog post I hope to have a specific answer for what challenges lie in producing these prosthetic limbs and what solutions could be implemented. To present my findings, I would like to make a prototype that shows some proof of concepts, and to accompany my model I will make a short video.



Here is the final documentary:

The goal with this documentary is give the audience an actual sight into the problems the ocean is having with climate change. Unfortunately these problems, while important, are not as publicized as other problems caused by climate change. So hopefully this documentary can bring that to the forefront of peoples minds. While I now know that making a documentary like his is no means easy I believe I have learned that it can be much more captivating then a poster of some kind. There was a fair share of problems that came up in the editing process so Im glad I gave my self extra time to solve these problems as the popped up.

Since my last post (coral reefs are dying and it's our fault) I have made good progress with my documentary. While not complete I have finished all necessary research and I am collecting videos and other media to put into the final product. The Final Documentary is predicted to have 8 minute run time from start to finish (give or take).  The primary objective is to clearly inform What climate change is doing to coral reefs, and what could be done to prevent or slow down the deterioration of ocean life.

With my first blog post my goal was to create a timeline of the next week and a half. Now that I’ve done that I can go to finish my final project with well thought out content. So far I have found it challenging to find video clips that are free to use that fit my needs. To get around this I started to create some of my own content to use such as diagrams and presentations, etc.

So far I am on track to have all my media picked out and silenced to make a story arc by end of Thursday class. Anything that can't be finished then can be done that night. And final editing/ review can be done on Saturday. This means I can upload my final blog post on Saturday the 10th or Sunday the 11th.

Photo Credit:

As someone who loves to snorkel and dive, and enjoy the beautiful reefs of South East Asia, I am scared for the future of coral reefs. Coral reefs are enjoyed by many and are a huge attraction in South East Asia. To see these reefs go would be awful to the people that love them. Because of this I am determined to learn and understand why this is happening and what could be done to slow down or stop the deterioration of Reefs. This is why I ask the question: What is climate change doing to coral reefs?

To present my findings I will create a short documentary on this question with all the information and answers that I learn along the way. Because I don't have a lot of background knowledge I will begin to research my topic now. My goal is to have most of my research done and began filming  video to use in my documentary for my so that I can share my progress by then.

Bienvenidos chicos y chicas. Estoy aquí para hablar sobre las mejores cosas que hice en la Ciudad de México el mes pasado. La temperatura era buena y tuve que usar ropa adecuada. Empaqué todas mis cosas en una mochila y subí a un avión al día siguiente.

Salí de Los Ángeles a las 12:30 de la mañana y fui en taxi hasta el aeropuerto. Fue un viaje en avión de cinco horas.  Tomé un taxi a un hotel que se llama Ramada Reforma.

La próxima mañana, yo fui a escalar de roca a la “E bloc Climbing Center”. Caminé allí  de Ramada Reforma. Tomó dos horas.

Después de escalar todo el día, estaba cansado y volví al hotel en un taxi. Luego comí en el resturante que se llama Quintonil. Quintonil tenía comida muy buena.

Yo terminé a comer, y era hora de volver al hotel para la noche




After exactly one month (Nov 14- Dec 14) the aquatic ecodome died. The fish has died with in the past 24 hours because the body sunk to the bottom of the jar. The jar has been overun with algae. Cause of death is unknown. It is possible that the fish died of old age or something else.


Today is also the day I finished off my attempt 3 and sealing it off for winter break. I added one grasshopper and one mealworm. I also put in a little more water and grass.

Aquatic Ecodome:

Fortunately the aquatic ecodome is still alive and doing just fine. The fish is alive as well as the thriving algae.

Ecodome Attempt 2:

The second land ecodome has also failed. There is a very strong oder coming from the jar because of the dead grasshopper and plants. It seems there might have been to much water. The plants are moldy and the ecodome is damp.

Research and Rebuild:

I have done some more research and have taken note on what doesn't work in an ecodome. I decided to move to a bigger container so that I would have more space to put in plants and soil. This third ecodome, has plants and soil but no grasshoppers yet. I will put in grasshoppers before the winter break. This is the finished ecodome without the grasshoppers.