Héroe favorito

  1. ¿Quién es tu héroe favorito? ¿Porqué?

Tengo muchos héroes favoritos. Todos los héroes son de la revista de historietas se llama, Marvel. Mis tres super héroes más favoritos son Capitán Americano, Iron Man y la Viuda Negra. Me gusta Capitán Americano porque él está muy macho y tiene músculos grandes. También me gusta su personalidad.  Me gusta Iron Man porque él está muy gracioso.  El tiene un buen sentido de humor. El está fuerte, muy inteligente, rico, gracioso, pero está muy arrogante. El está un genio pero a veces su personalidad es muy altanero. Tambien, su personalidad es dificil para trabajar con. Finalmente, me encanta la Viuda Negra. Le gusta porque ella es una chica, casi todos de otros héroes son chicos. Ella está, fuerte, rápido, inteligente, muy bueno en el combate y muy bonita. No tengo un heroe favorito porque me gusta demasiado héroes.  No puedo tener un héroe favorito porque cada héreo es mi favorito en formas diferentes.

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Spain poster

This is a poster of Spain. Ms. Nevado chose this country and I made a poster with pictures and facts.

How to Block – with Emily

How to Block in Volleyball – with Emily Schultz

Blocking. One of the best ways to earn points in volleyball.  Often, in this stage of volleyball, players are not expecting a blocked ball.  This is one of they key components that makes this a great skill.  This video teaches proper technique to block a ball.  It also teaches a drill to improve blocking skills.  A couple key things to remember: keep your hands above your head.,make sure your fingers are spread out as much as possible and flat. No rounded hands and fingers! That will result in messed up fingers. Pinkies out!

Cuisine: A Sonnet by Ying Ying, Lea and Sierra



Food tastes amazing we all LOVE good food
When you eat awesome food it changes moods
Some food we love is from a big fat cow
Fast food is our most favorite thing for now

Fried chicken goes with soda and french fries
But Mister Coffey thinks it goes with pies
All T-bone steaks are so delicious YUM!
When we all finish we don’t leave a crumb

Food is a gift from heaven. We all guess
But when we eat too much we are a mess
At breakfast, lunch and dinner I eat lots
But after we eat, we go on our yacht

Some words of wisdom to keep in your mind
Take caution to what you eat and be kind

Edited by: Tu- Anh Nguyen and Kerry Groom

Newton Vehicle: The Lekenera

The Lekenera

Building the Lekenera required engineering smarts as wells as proper materials. To begin, we knew the lighter the vehicle the faster it would move (Newton’s 1st law). As we built our car, we kept this in mind. We chose light but sturdy materials. If we had used extremely light and flimsy materials, the car would have been very unstable and possibly tipped over from the weight distribution of the balloon. Our vehicle used a 2 liter bottle, rubber bands, straws, Pringle lids, cardboard coasters, paper clips and finally, the power source, the balloon. The surfaces of the materials are smooth so there was not much friction with the air and terrain. Another key point in our design was the wheels. The surface area of the wheels on the ground was very small. Since the wheels were coasters and chip lids, they were very thin. The final key component of our vehicle was the straw the air came out. We purposefully chose a thin straw because the more air concentrated on a smaller space, the more force there was pushing the vehicle forward.

Newton’s 3 laws of motion apply to the Lekenera. Law one: an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. After the balloon finished blowing out all its air, it still continued to roll for another couple inches. The unbalanced forces stopping the vehicle were gravity, friction and the deflated balloon dragging on the floor. The second law states how the more mass and object has, the more force needed to move it. Our vehicle weighs very little so the balloon’s air does not have to be used to push the weight of the vehicle but propel it forward. If the Lekenera had heavy materials, the balloon would have a much harder time moving the car. The action and reaction of our vehicle was the air being pushed out of the balloon and through the straw. The reaction of this process was to move the vehicle. Although there was no visible surface for the air from the straw to push against, there was outside air. The air blowing out of the straw blew against the air behind it and used that as a way to push forward and move.

The winning car had almost no friction, no weight and had a very smooth design. First of all, since the car ran on a fine string there was extremely minimal friction; especially compared to the other vehicles. The design was not wheels on the ground but a straw being pushed by balloon air running on a straw. Secondly, the weight. Whereas most vehicles had wheels and body, glue, rubber bands, cardboard, plastic, etc this vehicle was one straw and one balloon. Such a simple, yet unique and smooth design.

Here is our commercial for the Lekenera

Lekenera Comercial