Alexander The Great

This is my pecha kucha presentation arguing that Alexander the Great deserved the title of great. It is something I presented with a partner. Each slide is twenty seconds, and there are 10 slides. Everything had to be timed accurately, and everybody has to remember their script.


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Protestant Reformation DBQ

This is my DBQ talking about the Protestant Reformation. We were required to answer if the printing press was useful during the Protestant Reformation and we had to back up our argument.

Click here to see my Protestant Reformation DBQ.

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Abandoned Farmhouse

In ELA 8 we worked on a poem known as “Abandoned Farmhouse” by Ted Kooser. We did a close reading, inferring things and trying to understand the story. We wrote on the paper, and around it, what we thought the author meant by specific sentences and words.

After close reading, my paper ended up looking like this:


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I Have A Dream 2.0

In class we worked on an in depth learning of Martin Luther’s I Have A Dream speech. We then took it a step further, by writing our own speeches using the I Have A Dream format about issues that we personally cared about. I wrote mine about gender equality.

Click here to view my speech.

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Projecto: Cocinar

This is my Spanish project explaining how to make soufflés in Spanish. If you click the CC button, there are options for Spanish and English subtitles.


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Global Warming; The Vicious Domino of Our Failing Planet

This is the opening paragraph I did for my science project. It was also done in writing.

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Stop Animal Testing; They Feel Pain Too

This is my paper on animal testing, and why it should be banned.

Click here to view.

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Universal Gun Safety; Why Guns Should Be Banned

This is my paper on gun safety.

Click here to view it.

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Interview A Famous Person Video

This is the second part to the comic. Here I play the interviewee, or James Rodriguez, if you will. The interviewer is an animation that I spent hours drawing frame by frame. It was rather difficult.




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Interview A Famous Person (Comic)

This is the comic, the predecessor to the video. Here I make a comic pretending that Rodriguez the soccer player is being interviewed by a well known interviewer. The dialogue is all in Spanish.

IMG_1377 IMG_1378 IMG_1379 IMG_1380 (1)

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