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What are three things I learned about geography and early human settlement?

The first thing I learned was that herders were normally nomads which meant that they travel from place to place.

The second thing I learned was that the majority of farmers settled near the nile river.

Another thing I learned was that the nile river flooded every year creating a good layer of silt, good thick mud. Egyptians used the silt to plant crops and used the mud to build good strong mud houses.

What are two things I am proud of my project?

  1. I am proud of my screencast, not being too long and not a lot of stammering.
  2. I am proud of my valley in my minecraft world.

What is one thing I would do differently to my project if I were to do this again?

I would get rid of the things that would distract me when I am doing my work.



The most Interesting part about 5th grade was that we were able to go to Buu Long and go to Cat Tien and learn about endangered animals in Cat Tien. The funnest thing was to learn about endangered animals. The most challenging part is about the Green Dragons, when we were writing the proposal and all of us argued whose paragraph we should use. I suggest NOT TO PLAY GAMES in class time. My plan for the summer is to go back to my hometown China. I look forward to Spanish and how a schedule works and Dragons Apprentice

Green Dragons Reflection

Our group was called the plastic packaging reduction group because I found an amazing fact about plastic packaging. I found out that 8 million tons of plastic was dumped in the ocean with only 5 countries, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, and China. so then we wanted to fix this plastic wrapper problem at our school, Vietnam and the whole world and I found an wrap that is tougher more sustainable, decomposed easier

Our project considers Ecology because we are reducing the use of plastic packaging in SSIS with using bees wax. Our project considers ecology because we are spending less money and fixing a huge thing. Our project considers politics because every body can do this and nobody will disagree. Our project considers culture because usually every body in Vietnam wraps sticky rice in leaves.

For our infographic we had to survey search about sustainable wrappings which is media, we had to interview people who had interest in our project. For our proposal we had to do the MISO, M stands for media, I stands for interview, S stands for survey and O means observe. We had to do all the things before we made our proposal nice. We had to work with another group that was done too.

I learned how to write a proposal and it was fun.

The hardest thing we tried to do is find the price for the bees wrap and the budget and how we had to prepare for the shark tank with the other groups.

I think our group did well on focusing doing our work and helping each other on stuck things like when each other couldn’t find the price of the bees wrap.

Our group was doing a great job at answering questions when the shark tank was asking questions because the group we work with was asking most of the question that the judges from the shark tanks asked.

If we did this project again we will not be too fast and bad quality because we had 2 typos on our infographic and some bad grammar on the proposal.

This is the link to our infographic –>PLASTIC PACKAGES<–

This is the link to our proposal–>Plastic Packaging<–

This is the link to my proposal–>Plastic Packaging<–



Expository writting

                                                         GOLF FOR BEGINNERS


The ball just rolls in the hole, you are full with excitement!! Oh my god! Birdie Birdie You just won 1.9 million dollars!! Or it could be Oh no Double Par, when you play stupendous relax, when you play bad be more relaxed. The say “Golf is a game of misses, not a game is perfect.” So calm down when some bad things happen! Take a drink. Eat something. Did you know that if a professional golfer wins a major they could get 1.9 million dollars! That is INSANE! Now I’m going to show you some simple facts about golf


Simple facts

Golf has 18 holes, you can play with yourself to four people.(1-4 players) The person who scores the lowest wins. There are par 3, 4 and 5. What does it mean? I’m going to tell you it. Par 3 has a shorter distance than par 4 and par 5. So that means you have to hit 3 strokes in the hole to get a par. With rare exceptions, par-3s are from 100 to 250 yards in length; par-4s are between 251 and 475 yards long, barring severe topography; and par-5s are anything longer than that.


Golf rules

There are a bunch of golf rules a famous player called Jordan Spieth said”I have a thick rules of golf book when I was 10 and I haven’t read the 600 page of rules of golf.” The simplest ones are If you’re ball is out of the red stick then it is water hazard which is one penalty stroke. Then you have to drop outside of the red stick for the maximum of two driver lengths. Yellow hazard one penalty stroke and you can move wherever you want on the line. When it is on the cart path what do you do? The answer is you get a free drop of two driver lengths. When you hit pass a white stick or line? What happens? You get 1 stroke penalty and hit where you were hitting the last shot.



Procedural writting

  Hungry make a simple snack called apple turnovers. This snack will fill you up with apple and cinnamon! MMM! Delicious! This snack is so easy that it only will take you 18 minutes to make it.



  You will need the following Items: Filo dough, boiled water, 2 apples, ¼ cups, ⅛ of a teaspoon, vanilla extract, cinnamon powder, baking powder, 2 metal bowls, olive oil, brush, sugar.


    1. Cut the apples into pieces like a cap of a bottled water. Put the apples into the metal bowl.
    2. Put ⅛ of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in the metal bowl with the apples. Wash the spoon
    3. After washing the spoon take ⅛ of a teaspoon of baking powder in the metal bowl with the apples.
    4. Take the ⅓ cup and dip it on the boiled water, pour it in boiled water.
    5. Put ¼ of the boiled water in the second bowl. Put the first bowl on top of it. For 3 minutes. Take it out
    6. Take the brush and put some olive oil on the brush.
    7. Take 3 filo dough.
    8. Brush the brush against the first filo dough, Put 2 pinch of sugar on the filo dough. Do the same for filo dough 2 and 3.
    9. Stack it on top of each other.
    10. Put some of the apples in the filo.
    11. Fold it into a triangle. Put some olive oil on the sides to stick it tightly
    12. Put it in the oven(not the microwave) for 10 minutes.
    13. Take it all let the pie cool down.


  • Enjoy the taste of apple and cinnamon!!


By Nam Nam


  1. Quickly explain what a hackathon is and what kinds of things you did at the hackathon.
  2. What idea did you decide to work on? Explain it and give some details. Think about your STAR poster and make sure you include this information:

a. Situation–What problem or complaint would your idea solve?

b. Task: Basically, what are you trying to do?

c. Actions: What are the steps or things you need to do to carry out your plan?

d. Results: What kind of results do you want? How will you know if you succeed?

3. Why do you think your idea would be a sustainable one? Talk about these things:

a. Ecology: Would it be good for the environment?

b. Economics: Could SSIS afford it?

c. Politics: Would the leaders at SSIS agree to it?

d. Culture: Would it fit with people’s cultures (the way people think, feel, and behave) at SSIS.

4. How well do you think your group did on developing and presenting your idea? Did you get a green, yellow, or red light? Why?

As you Know the grade 5 is working on a project called the Hackathon. A hackathon is when you work together and brain storm Ideas and develop it.

For our Hackathon we chose more international food because a lot of the students here don’t even eat lunch and when you’re not full you can’t learn that well. If the parents come and volunteer the parents would know what there kids like so they will make it.

We had to do something called S.T.A.R S Stands for situation, T stands for task, A stands for actions and R stands for results.

SITUATION:The situation is that students don’t eat there lunch so they can’t listen really well in class.

TASK: The task was to make people full so we can learn better in class. We can also get better a memory and listening.

ACTION:The action is to ask parents from other countries to make international foods. Survey the students for what food they like

RESULTS:The results are that the children will start eating again because the food fits them.

ECOLOGY:Our’s is a sustainable Idea because if the food doesn’t fit them or is bad then they will throw it away. If the students throw away then there’s going to be a lot of food waste. If the students like it then they are going to eat all of the food and not waste that much food.

ECONOMICS:The caterers can earn more money because some people will not buy lunch because the food doesn’t


Cat Tien

  1. What were the TWO most interesting things you did at Cat Tien? Give some details about them, so your reader can understand why it was interesting.
  2. What was the most interesting thing you LEARNED at Cat Tien?
  3. What was the most difficult or challenging part of the Cat Tien trip for you? How did you meet the difficulty or challenge?
  4. Next year, we might add another day to the Cat Tien trip. What ideas or suggestions do you have for adding or changing activities so that it is even more interesting and fun?

  For me, the two most interesting part was the bonfire and the moon bears for moon. I liked the bonfire because the bonfire was student led, so there were some fun games like a joke gameplay and first reaction last reaction was when the student led the bonfire because there were games and I got chosen. Another was that it was the first time I’ve ever ate roasted marshmallows. Then we got to spread peanut butter and fruits food for the moon bears.

    I don’t really have an Interesting fact but I learned a lot of Interesting fact like when you go into the dark your rods turn on and your cones go dormant. Your cones are active for the most of the time because you have light.

    The hardest part for me was when we was walking in the night sensory hike because you can’t see very clearly and kind of feel a little dizzy because you’re not used to the dark because normally your rods are sleeping.

Black shanked douc

    I would love to add another day because of the bonfire. For me the games and the marshmallow is cool! Maybe we could go to crocodile lake and hangout there for 2-3 hours and I would love to add 1 more hour in the primate center and 1 more hour for the moon bear center. I want one more hour in moon bear center is to see the sun bears.The primate center for seeing the pigmy loris and the black shanked doucs


Science Experiment

Reflection: I learned that Coke contains a kind of acid called phosphoric acid. Then the phosphoric acid reacts with the protein in milk and the calcium in milk. The part I like the best was when I took some water out from the Coke, and waited for one day and smelled alcohol. Next time, I would make it better by not putting the Coke in the backpack while in the car, because when I opened it, a lot of Coke spilled.

The Amazing Race, Children in D1 (Dragon Version)

We did an Amazing Race two weeks ago in District One (on Tuesday).

The Amazing Race is a race where you do challenges and travel from spot to spot. After you finish the challenge, the station master will give you another clue to find your next challenge. After you finish all the challenges, you will unlock something and it will tell you where the finish line is.

The challenge where we needed to make a splint by watching a video was the most fun, because we could help a person and learn how to make a splint when someone needs help. But the most fun part was that the challenge was easy!

The hardest part of the race was when we had to walk from Tao Dan Park to Hem 40, a little street between Pham Ngu Lao and Le Lai. And I learned don’t always trust the sidewalk people and sometimes follow the map.

I think our group did well in all the challenges, because we worked together, so we were fast. So that’s why we got 2nd place in the Amazing Race. We knew how to read the map really well, so that saved us a lot of time, and we gave each other snacks when we were hungry.

I think our group could do better if we hadn’t always trusted the sidewalk people and If we had split up and found our way.

I think the next Amazing Race could be better if we had a rope or something at the end. To be honest, I sort of think this years end was a little lame, and we could get a medal or something because we were walking for six hours. That is what I think about the Amazing Race.




Our team buying a no sugar drink from Highlands Coffee in D1


Me and my team breaking the code on book street. (I did the most)