Advisory 8 SLC

  1. What is something you accomplished so far this year that you are proud of?

I'm proud of my change of my tardiness. In 7th and 6th grade a lot of my projects and even making my way to school and classes were late. However I think this year while I have had a few slip ups I've gotten much better.

  1. What was the most challenging part of this year for you?

The most challenging part for me was working in ELA. We had to work with 6th graders, and communication and trying to properly get ideas across was very difficult with them. A lot of the unit was difficult because of this main problem despite us having different parts of the project.

  1. What skills do you have that are strong and will help you next year?  What skills do you need to improve on before you start next year?

I believe that the skills that I improved on most was my ability to turn work in on time, I think that I was able to do so much better than in my previous years. However miscommunication between myself and the teachers is a big issue, and I think I could work on coming to them about issues I have with understanding them.