My poster is pretty simple, it’s just a hand, holding up a silver platter with canned foods, kind of to show how you shouldn’t take things for granted. It has a bunch of information to the left. In the video I was kind of the main spokes person that gave all the info. The most fun part was definitely filming, and if we could, I’d show what takes we didn’t include because they were really funny. The hardest part would be the editing, because sometimes what we saw was much different than what we wanted on the screen. I think that after doing this, my new way to convince less to get them to appeal to you, but to instead try and appeal to them, this kind of thing can easier sway them to your side, because when you better get them to like your idea more, when you try and pose a completely different one to them. This works especially well on more stubborn people, as appealing can really get them to join your argument rather than trying to sway them.

While I don't have the most extensive wardrobe, I think that I still have a lot of clothes, which now that I think about it, isn't really that healthy for Earth, seeing as how it costs about 400 gallons for a regular cotton t-shirt, which makes up a lot of what I wear. I have a few pairs of jeans, but they're even more costly, with about 1,800 gallons just for a pair.

The whole week was pretty varied, with each day having it's own kind of theme and activity, Tuesday was pretty easy, you just had to bring a plastic bag, and each trash can has been turned upside down, and at the end of the day, you just have to count up the trash you made. I was really good on that day, the only trash that I made was a single paper towel, I used it to dry my hands.  Wednesday was about water, there wasn't really an objective or challenge, it was just to realize what we were consuming and how much it water it costed. There was also thermostat Thursday, where you would have to set your A/C a lot higher, and whenever you left the room, you would have to turn off all of the lights and A/C, also, you could bring an old article of clothing, and it would get recycled into a new piece, I didn't bring anything because I still use all of my clothes, and I don't really need that much extra. That was kind of it for what we did, today we didn't really do much we're just reflecting now. I've really learned that everything is so much more expensive, not really money wise, but a huge cost on the environment that we do just to get our clothes or just to eat a hamburger. To continue to try and help out to try and save the Earth, we can try and be a bit more careful of our things, and remember to recycle, because to just fix the little things would be a huge step in the right direction.

Rules for playing!

Hi there! I’m going to teach you how to play my game! It sounds complicated but easy to play once you get into it! Our boy Jimmy has tripped and fell! He scraped his knee, let’s go through the scientific steps of what happens. You need at least 4 players to play. You first have to split into 2 teams. Then, you have to assign one teammate play as the nerve, and one as the blood cell. The two nerve cells have to race until they reach the finish, which is the brain, to inform it of the wound that has just happened. While this part may take a minute, it usually takes half a second for it to process. After the nerve reaches the brain, the blood cells have to rush to the wound. The 2 blood cells will race, and have to see what troubles lie ahead. Different situations will present themselves to the cells, and they’ll have to make their way to the wound to help it clot!

Link for Dice

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.23.02 PM Slight Infection Patch up Card Extreme Infection Card

In Social Studies, we were given a DBQ(Document Based Question), where we were asked, "Why should we study the Byzantines?". Throughout the creation of it, we had to learn a lot of things to get a good product, although I think there was only one that really was crucial to getting a good final project. I think that this skill was analyzing information, as you really need to be able to put the text together to better strengthen your point using the given evidence.

How did such an advanced and powerful empire fall? Before their fall, they did a lot of innovated and new things, so why do most education's neglect them in the classes? The Roman Capital had just been moved from Rome to Byzantium, by none other than Constantine, he moved it there so he could better be in touch with what was happening, and so that he could better be in a place that could connect the two empires. He even gave religion a legal standing in the empire. The 2 primary reasons that people should study the Byzantines is how it defended Western Christianity from the Muslims, and how it created Justinian’s code, which influenced legal systems up to today.

We should study the Byzantines because they were able to create Justinian’s Code, which was able to shape the future of the western world. It shows that the code that was made by Justinian was revolutionary for it’s time, and even influenced huge people like John Locke, and was able to shape so many legal systems, even the western world is still getting a lot of it’s basis from. In Document D, it mentioned how the Roman Laws crumbled, it happened when Justinian became the emperor. When Justinian rose, he and his men looked over the rules and enforced them, making Constantinople, and the cities who followed the rules becoming more safe along with becoming more order. I think that Constantinople was able to really shape the western world because of the fact that their revolutionary style was able to really show that they were ahead of their time. It makes a lot of sense though that they should be studied, as it shows you how much revolutionary they were. In the end, it just shows how well they were able to shape their future just because of how revolutionary they were, which is a prime reason why we should study them because it shows how well they were really ahead of their time and in a much better situation.

We should've studied the Byzantines because they held off the Muslims and protected Christianity for the Western world. In Documents A and B it tells us on how the Byzantines saved the Western Christianity from Muslims, and how without them, it might be all Muslims today. This shows that they were able to really preserve themselves when faced with such a powerful force. They were able to be conservative and smart with their walls and thinking, and thus could preserve the modern world to be much more diverse. They did so with being efficient, which is extremely impressive as they were facing such a military giant. Overall, the Byzantines were able to just be a giant force in keeping the current religions alive, and could overall just be able to fend off such an intimidating and military beast of a force.

While it was important that they were able to create Justinian’s code, their creation of the eastern orthodox church is considered by others is the main reason that people should study the Byzantines. In Document C, it states the growing population of the huge eastern orthodox population, the highest being many soviet and roman areas, showing how much of a standing it created, with Greece about 98% of it’s population was part of the Eastern Orthodox Church. This shows how much of a persuasive and powerful message it could convey, and how much of a pinnacle moment in history this. While it is true that they were able to create the easter orthodox church, it doesn’t make sense that this is something that they should teach them in schools about, they have done much more things, and just being the creators of a church could be overlooked in exchange for what they’ve accomplished and done. As stated in document D, they were able to change the legal systems of the entire empire, while impressive enough already, the advanced legal system that was used was able to influence many important politicians and people up until today’s legal system. This shows that there were clearly much more important things that they’ve done that should’ve been put into perspective as a more important moment of the Byzantine’s history. While it is important that they created the eastern orthodox, they were able to shape the future in a much different way. Overall, while the creation was important, their ability to shape the future by preserving themselves and holding off from the military monster, or their ability to create a legal code that would influence so many others.

In the end, people should really begin to teach about the Byzantines in classrooms, as they really were able to shape the future, by creating such an influential legal system, and by protecting Western Christianity from being taken over by the muslims. Today, and most legal systems before it, were influenced by the Justinian code, which you would think makes it pretty important to study about, as it is basically the origins of it. They were also able to preserve Christianity for the modern world, as they were able to hold off the muslims from conquering them, which actually saved most of Christianity, which I would say is pretty important to today, is it not? Overall, the Byzantines were a really great and innovative society that is a shame is overlooked in most education systems.


A strength I showed well was my persuasive style, I think that I was able to really hone in on trying to get people on my side. I think that this is one of the best parts of my essay, and I really was able to emphasize it throughout the entire thing. It was a strong point, and I think that it showed my ability to bring people to my side.


Something that I could improve on would be to flesh out my analysis. I think that I was a bit too focused on the persuasive part, I didn't really have much information to back it up, and with that I couldn't really go deeper with analysis. I usually do well with analysis, but I just didn't really focus too much on my analysis and given backup.

Some owls I like:

Real Owl Real owl 5 Real Owl 4 Real owl 6 Real owl 3 Real Owl 2

My favorite one:

Barn owl flight

I chose this one because I just love the barn owl, and also because I really like the idea of flight, as it looks really long and fun, and I just love how cute it's face looks, also because of how different it's color stands out from the green, it just has a really majestic figure.


Printmaking Owl

I really like this one because I think that it's really detailed and how it looks really crystalized. I think that it creates a geometrical look.



Ay lmao ?

In 1347, the plague first hit china, during a battle. It was spread around by fleas, which got on rats. The rats snuck on ships which traveled to Sicily. From there the black plague was able to take hold of Europe. Many people didn't know it was fleas that were spreading this, and thought it was sent from a higher power. Because of this, many looked toward the church for guidance, but nothing changed. People's faith slowly got weaker and weaker because of the lack of change. However, Islam's faith was increased, as they thought it was clearing the land and it was one of their rules to give submission to Allah. Treatments for the disease were very primitive and did mostly harm rather than good. People would "lance" their buboes which popped them, and another treatment was "letting" which people used to drain their own blood, to leak the disease out of their blood. Special "Plague Doctors" would be deployed and were payed by the government, and usually gave primitive solutions and medicines, and they usually died early due to the excessive visits to the infected.  After the first and biggest outbreak, many serfs and peasants were slim, and after protests and demands, they could finally demand more money, while the plague came back in waves, the biggest and most influential ended in 1351. Something that I would want to know is how well society stood while it happened, it already seemed chaotic enough without the plague, but when it happens, what were any new systems established or old systems abolished.

I learned quite a bit this semester, specifically in Social Studies 7. The main ones were, the rise of Christianity, The geography of Arabia The Speed of Islam’s spread; which we did a DBQ on. In this DBQ, we were given a few documents with information on the possible reasons that Islam spread quickly. I thought the main reason was it’s founding in Islam. We already did a much bigger unit of Christianity last year, but we still followed a bit into this year. The Geography was simple enough, we had a 10 point quiz, but that’s the biggest thing. 

A few skills we learned, was the organization of information; Primary sources, Main points, etc. These were mainly used to help us sort information and make sure we weren’t getting caught up on supporting details rather than the main ideas. The main thing we really did, was the aforementioned DBQ of Islam, we had to sort our information into different sources, analyze what kind of things contributed to the speed of Islam, which was the biggest project of the semester, which is what we mainly used to show off how much we knew those skills.

My main goal that I am going to focus on in semester 2 is to show more of my thinking. I believe that when I am writing, say my DBQ for example, I know what I want to say, I just need to show more of my thinking process and how I got to that conclusion. This goal is important because it will show that I actually understand what I’m actually saying, and not making it up as I go. I believe I can achieve this goal by re-reading my work, or even showing it to others more. If you just read your work out aloud, you can really see what errors and problems with understanding you can have.