Ecodome Attempt #3

Putting in the moat was a huge mistake, the crickets drowned themselves in it, and it produced an unholy amount of mold. Surprisingly the plant is doing okay, the water seems to have benefited it rather than the insects. What was puzzling to me was one of our crickets were split in two and floating in the water, and given the lack of a height for them to fall off of, I don't know what could've forced the split.

This will be my third attempt at doing an Ecodome, as the others have lasted a bit but overall failed. This time we've added much more food, and we got a very tall plant, well tall relative to the size Ecodome we got, so I think that it's ample food, including the amount of lettuce we've scattered about, and we minimized the water this time to assure no mold and whatnought. Hopefully this Ecodome will last us over the break.

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