Ecodome Attempt 2

The first attempt was a failure. Here are some observations.


  • Dead Smell
  • Crickets both dead
  • Worms dead
  • Plants are wilting but alive
  • Lots of mold(From the moisture)

This time we've created a type of moat that's seperated by stones and rocks, so that there's enough water for all the crickets, and right in the middle of the little island that we've created I've put the plant that sort of just rests there.

We didn't do very well in keeping anything alive, except for a tiny mealworm which was barely keeping it together. Our plants we all dead, and had collected dust and mold around it, which I suspect due to the over moisturization. The two crickets were dead and already decomposing, I think that they died from a lack of oxygen, due to the fact that my plants were dead. I believe that the reason that my plant died out was because we severed it's roots, restricting it's ability to grow. In my next version, I'd have to go with a much bigger Ecodome, as mine was tiny and could barely hold anything, which caused me to cut plants off of their roots to fit. I'd also moisturize it much less, so mold wouldn't be able to grow. I'd also have to include more food, as I was putting in whatever I could instead of a steady food source, but to add one I'd need a bigger ecodome.

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