The ejector

I liked this unit because I think it was a success except the reflection video. If I would change my project I would color it I was happy because in the energy fair most people asked us where they would buy it. This made me happy because it means most people are interested in my project. I hope something like this object could be made in the future. The main idea about the ejector is that people leave their chargers plugged into the outlet even though they are not charging their devices. This wastes fossil fuels, energy and money. Fossil fuels are one of the products that makes energy and there is only a limited amount of fossil fuels and if we waste them we cant make energy with them. So if we waste fossil fuels we waste energy and if we waste energy we waste money. I liked TOTB unit (Thinking Outside The Box unit).

Viable Vietnam Blog Post

I liked the Viable Vietnam because we had lots of fun stuff like field trip, group work and visitors. We also met together we as coffee group we went to Highlands coffee and and got interviews and footages. We researched facts, sorted the footage, wrote the script and drew a story mountain and ordered when the footage will go. we recorded our voices what I liked about the script is it is like a narrative non-fiction so it’s a documentary but like a story. At last we had a film festival so we could watch all the documentaries and eat food.

Fraction Cookies

Before we made the cookies we needed to make the recipe in math. Time we needed to solve the fraction problems and write the recipe. Then we made the cookies with our desk team. After that we made a cookie shape and cut wax paper like the cookie shape and put the cookie on top of the wax papers and put it in a container. The next day we ate the cookies and brought some home.

My Winter Break

This winter break I went Korea and Japan. In Korea our family just met my grandparents and had fun. Then it is the fun part I arrived at Sapporo and went on a train to Otaru. We went up a mountain and made a snow man and had a snow fight. At Asaikawa we went to the 2 best places in Asaikawa.  In Sapporo we went to another Moutain and we had a snow fight.

The end of Hyun-Woo winter break.

Thinking about literacy

1. Describe what book partnerships are. Who was your partner? What book did you read? What was the process? What did you learn?                               Book partnerships is about reading and responding. You read the book and you talk to your partner what happened. My partner was Jasmeh. So far I read Walt Disney and Harry Houdini. The process starts to split the book into 3 sections we read each section when it is active reading time then we write a reading response to our partner. We also do a book conversation for example me and my partner Jasmeh meets and we talk about the book. I learned how to active reading and to think about what happen, because if you don’t you will not be able to remember what the book is about.

2. Think about your writing. Since we started thinking about punctuation and compound sentences, how has your writing improved? My writing has improved by writing more punctuations to make the readers understand more about my writing. I also changed by using compound sentences.

Unit 2 celebration post

Today we had a unit two celebration which was fun because we went to specials and it was fun, because I get to show my parents want I did in specials. We did it in a fun way, for drama we get to perform our joke plays in music we get to make music with our wackee instruments. I liked drama the most, because it was fun acting it was also fun because we get to listen to other people’s performance and we get to laugh with our parents and have fun. For art we get to remake things that we already made, but we can do the activities with our parents. Now we have the most important thing the service expo I think That was important to because we get to share what we did in The Heart Of Exploring to our parents. That was my unit 2 celebration.

Math Unit 2

I am proud of myself because my Pre-Assessment and Post Assessment I could see a lot of growth from the Post-Assessment.

I learned how to multiply big numbers like 4,3 and 2 digits multiplied by 1 digit numbers and I could do 2 digit numbers multiply 2 digit numbers which was very helpful because I could now do multiplication with big digit numbers because before I came to fourth grade I didn’t know how to multiply like that.

I also liked when we did the ice cream challenge because a long long time ago when I was about 7 years old I practiced doing the times table with my grandma and I got it all right without looking a the times table sheet so I was very happy when I got older I forgot how to do the times table and now I could do the times table.

I want to work on division because I got mostly wrong on the test so I need to learn how to do division.

I am proud of my Assessment.


My IB Art Buddy

On November 14th 2017, our class went to the high school building, and we asked some high schoolers questions about art. I think that our high buddy Nhu was good at explaining because she told us if you want to draw well you have to sketch well. I liked her drawing the oil painting of The blueberry she said she sketched that well and maybe when I draw things I have to sketch well.Nhu’s drawing.

Living Wax Museum.

I enjoyed the wax museum because I can talk about a person which was my first time. If  somebody said, “this person did this…” there might be

no expression so it was boring, but when I get to say something with expression it makes it much better to listen. I used to think it would be hard to say all of that words, but now I could say all the words.

I researched about Henry Hudson which was the person who crossed the Hudson river and was the first European to go to Asia. Something really interesting I learned was That I could learn about lots of different explorers I liked the museum because I could listen and talk about explorers.

I found saying the words was a little difficult because I have to say it more than 16 times but still I liked it.