Living Wax Museum.

I enjoyed the wax museum because I can talk about a person which was my first time. If  somebody said, “this person did this…” there might be

no expression so it was boring, but when I get to say something with expression it makes it much better to listen. I used to think it would be hard to say all of that words, but now I could say all the words.

I researched about Henry Hudson which was the person who crossed the Hudson river and was the first European to go to Asia. Something really interesting I learned was That I could learn about lots of different explorers I liked the museum because I could listen and talk about explorers.

I found saying the words was a little difficult because I have to say it more than 16 times but still I liked it.

Grade 4 Figure Drawing reflection post

In this Unit I learned how to draw figures which helps you draw people. I was happy that I could draw figures because when go home after school I draw soccer players and draw figures helped me a lot. If I didn’t know how to draw figures I had to draw  a stickman. I hope I could draw a figure from a side view. I thought this unit was important because I could draw figures and I  could draw more realistic soccer players.

Unit 1 Math G4

When we started Unit 1 we learned how to read place values for example like reading four million two hundred thirty six thousand nine hundred seventy one. Then we learned how to round and compare big numbers. For rounding our teacher told us the elevator way to round up to the nearest any number. For the comparing there was a strategy named the crocodile strategy so the crocodile has two choices the crocodile has to eat the bigger number.

These are our standards

Then we learned how to add and subtract big numbers. Finally we learned about different forms. There are 4 different forms expanded form, word form and standard form.

Hyun-Woo (Unit 2)’s Post on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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This blog is a reflection of this week in school. We did lots of things like we act on the stage in Tet assembly and watched the lion dance.

The warm parts are watching the lion dance and doing the Tet assembly and watching the Tet assembly. The fun part of the lion dance was when a man climbed the pole and didn’t fall down and the fun part of the Tet assembly is when the teachers did the performance on stage.

The challenging part was going up on stage because I was kind of nervous and the other part was when I had to control the EC kids because they were off task.

Hyun-Woo (Unit 2)’s Post on Friday, December 2, 2016

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This week in math,we started solving two step word problems . This is a word problem that can use two math equations to solve problems

I learned about 2 step problems I subtracted and find the answer

I trying it, I know it’s much faster then doing by one way.Im not confused any more

Hyun-Woo (Unit 2)’s Post on Friday, November 25, 2016

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This week in math ,we learned how to decompose. This is a strategy you can use to help you find the area f a rectangle

Before I learned decomposing I multiplied the length and the width to find the area and I used repeated addition to do multiplication.

After the lesson I know that decomposing is the easiest way for me to find the area and do multiplication above 10.

Hyun-Woo (Unit 2)’s Post on Thursday, November 17, 2016


In English I started to make a draft about animals

I like to make a new draft because it’s like making a real book
Another reason I like my draft is because I can tell people about animals

one thing that’s tired is it takes time and another thing that’s hard is you have to use hard work

Hyun-Woo (Unit 2)’s Post on Friday, October 28, 2016

Yesterday in Science we had a design challenge

I think
I need to blow the vehicle down.But it stopped at the end so next time I think I have to blow down or go half way and stop and blow again

I wonder
If my idea will work