Advisory SLC Reflection

What went well?

I showed my mom my example works that I did in class and the enjoyed viewing it. She seemed proud of the work I did in class and the effort I put into it. She especially liked my recorded music video.

What did you struggle with?

I struggled when explaining them about my grades. They kept on questioning me and asked me how I got that grade and why I got it for my work.

What can be done to improve this?

I could have explained more about what I have learned in my class. Also I could have showed more of the work I did in class.

What did you do to prepare for this?

I collected example works from each class and wrote reflections for each class.

Digital CSI

CSI stands for color, symbol and image. We are supposed to choose a color that represents the word you chose and the same with symbol and image. I chose the word ‘Industrial Revolution’ for my CSI. I set ‘pillow talk’s better’ as my background to represent the positive effects the Industrial Revolution had and the changes it gave to the world. For the symbol I created smoke with color ‘beneath autumn leafs’. Since there were a lot of machines created, a lot of smoke was produced from factories and the dark color represents the negative effects it had to some people. Lastly for my picture I drew a factory with color ‘generosity of spirit’ and ‘beneath autumn leafs’ as the smoke. A lot of people went to work in factories, which had a positive effect on them so I chose a bright color as the factory.

Newton Vehicle Project – 3

One of the first steps of making our vehicle was to create a design for it. We first came up with some complicated designs, but after running some tests with our prototypes I learned that it would be better if the design was simpler. Also learned that the design had to be correctly labelled and thought through before actually drawing the design. If we did this project again, we would spend sometime on the design so that we wouldn’t have to make mistakes on the making of the different prototypes. We would label everything and explain through everything with detail so that it would be easier for us in the making of the vehicle. If we made our vehicle again then we would be more think before sticking things or adding glue on it. This time we had a lot of trouble because sometimes we would drill holes in the wrong place and would sometimes melt the straw and the bottle caps we were using accidentally. Also we would spend more time gathering the correct materials we would need because we ran out of materials sometimes and we had to start over again because we didn’t have the correct materials. If we had a chance to do a project similar to this one then I will spend more time on the steps that would come before the making so that we wouldn’t have to go back and start over again. I would like to try making an aerial vehicle. Even though it might be more challenging than a normal vehicle, it could be more effective and easier to build.

Screenshot from 2014-12-15 23:24:47

Newton Vehicle Project – 2

All three of Newton’s Law of Motion affected the way we designed our vehicle in many different ways. Newton’s first law of motion states that an object will stay still unless acted upon by a force and the object will move at a constant velocity unless acted upon by a force. By implying Newton’s first law of motion onto our vehicle, we decided to use a rubber band to create force that will move the vehicle. To be moving at a constant velocity throughout the experiment, we ran our trials where there were no wind and where the ground was flat. Newton’s second law of motion states that an object’s acceleration depends on its mass and the force acting on it. From this law we decided to create the vehicle’s main body with straws and used plastic caps as our wheels. Also we decided to use a thick rubber band to create stronger force so that the vehicle could accelerate faster. Newton’s third law states that if an object exerts force on a different object than the second object will exert the same amount of force in the opposite direction. If the rubber bands are released then the wheels would push off the floor, which would cause the floor to exert the same amount of force but in an opposite direction. However, since the floor has more mass than the vehicle the push from the floor would cause the vehicle to move forwards.

Screenshot from 2014-12-11 22:51:14



Newton Vehicle Project – 1

For the Newton Vehicle Project our task is to make a vehicle that would be able to travel 1.5m without a push. We are supposed to apply our knowledge from the 3 Newton’s Law of Motion on to our vehicle so the vehicle can do the task. While brainstorming, our group came up with a few ideas for our vehicle. Our first idea was to attach a balloon on the vehicle so that the balloon would push the vehicle forwards when released. Our second idea was to wind the wheels of our vehicle with a rubber band so that the rubber band would unwind itself and turn the wheel. Our last idea was to attach a propeller and connect it to the vehicle with a rubber band. When let loose, the rubber band would unwind and cause the propeller to turn. We choose the balloon idea because we thought it would cause a force strong enough to push the vehicle for 1.5m. We applied Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion and decided to make our vehicle out of a can and use bottle caps as wheels so it could be light. Also we would try to add more than one balloon so that the vehicle could have a stronger net force acting on it.

The balloon will be attached on the end of the can and will be attached to a straw. We decided that we could add a propeller or wind the wheels with a rubber band if the balloon was not strong enough in our first experiment. We also decided that we could change the size of the wheels so that the vehicle could travel with more stability in the experiment.

Newton Vehicle Part 1 - Template (June, Vanessa, JY, Kaitlan) - DiscoveryNewton Vehicle Part 1 - Template (June, Vanessa, JY, Kaitlan) - Interpretation


New Friend by Jae Young

How are my grandparent’s beliefs different from my parents’ beliefs? As I was walking to the public library with my new friend, I repeated this tricky question through my head. He was a new friend that I met today while walking to school. However this morning as I was lazily thinking to school, I stopped going towards to school and idled in the corner of the street from the lack of sleep yesterday.  As I was thinking about just going to the river and fishing instead, I saw a carriage fall from the sky and land in the woods nearby. I hesitated for a moment from the sinister look the carriage had, but I ventured towards the woods and found the carriage. Suddenly, it cracked open and from the carriage came out a mysterious monkey like creature. From the villainous stare the creature gave me, I staggered back with shock. However, when the creature introduced himself and told me that he was just here for a vacation, I relaxed and introduced myself. We chatted about his homeland and mine. He was curious about our culture, art, inventions, ideas, and our belief system. My new friend questioned especially about our religion and our belief system. I told him that we had a lot of religion and that we had rights to believe what we wanted to. We eventually led up to the topic about my religion and my family’s religion. I told him that my parents were Protestants and my grandparents are Catholic. He had a startled look on his face when he heard that my family had different religions with each other. He asked me how my grandparents were Catholic, but my parents were Protestants. To discuss more about that topic, we both decided to discuss about it in the public library. I repeated the question ‘How my grandparents’ religion is different from my parent’s religion?’ over and over in my head.

We finally reached the library, we started discussing about that topic. Surprisingly, his homeland didn’t allow people to have different religions so he was amazed by how my parents’ beliefs were different from my grandparents. I told him that first of all, Catholics were a group of people who believe in Jesus Christ and regularly go to church and that Protestants are a group of people who made an opposing movement against the Catholic church because what they thought what the Catholic church did was wrong. Next, I explained to him how my parents’ beliefs became different from my grandparents’. My parents were Catholics until they learned that what the church was doing were wrong. However, after my father bought the book, ‘95 Thesis’ written by Martin Luther, at a local printing press in Nuremburg, my parents changed their views about Catholic churches. I told my friend that nowadays, the corruption and the worldliness of the church can be clearly observed. Catholic churches have superior power over a lot of people now. Popes in churches are extremely wealthy and they have influences over numerous amount of people.  However, I told him that I believe that they are making some serious errors. Right now the Catholic church is raising money through several different practices.

The main practices are the practice of selling indulgences and simony. Simony is a practice of selling leadership positions in church or selling offices. Indulgence is a release from punishment from sins. Even though buying these items might sound wrong, a lot of people actually buy them. I told him that last week one of my friend’s grandfather passed away and his parents bought several indulgences for his grandfather. Protestants strongly disagree with this idea of selling items. Martin Luther, Jan Hus, John Wycliffe, etc started protesting against the church by writing books or publicly questioned the church’s authority. They all knew how dangerous it would be to protest against the church when the church was superior and they all risked their life for it. After a while, as printing presses became common in Europe and ideas of protesting spread like fire through Europe. I told him that my parents were influenced by the book and they became protestants. However, my grandparents refused even to read or hear about protestants.  I explained to him that they are still heavily influenced by the church and they still believe what the church is doing is right. On the other hand, my parents are furious about the church and they disagree with the church.

7 Minute Challenge

The 7 minute challenge is the challenge is a challenge where you try to run the most you can. You can either jog, run or even walk in the challenge. There are flags around the corners of the field with 100m between each flag. For every few km you run, you get medal. We ran nearly every classes and later on we calculated our results. The first goal I set in the beginning of the challenge was to achieve the gold medal, which is the medal you get when you reach 10km. However, we weren’t able to run on the days it rained so I changed my goal to achieving the silver medal. On the last day we ran, I was able to run about 2km so I achieved the silver medal.

In my first 7 minute I wasn’t able to jog for the full challenge, but as we did more challenges I was able to maintain my pace for a longer time. My challenge for this challenge was mostly not giving up in the middle of the run. On my first challenge when I felt a little tired I just gave up and started walking, but on the few last challenges I jogged through the whole challenge. From this challenge I was able to gain more stamina and being able to concentrate harder. Overall, it wasn’t an exciting or a fun challenge, but it was challenge that helped me in many ways.

Activity Heart Rate Active Heart Rate Zone(156.8~169.6) Healthy Heart Rate Zone(175.2~208)
Rest 80 no no
Double 07 102 no no
Lone Survivor 90 no no
Mashball 130 no no
7 minute challenge 134 no no




My goal I want to achieve is to try and study for the tests I will take over the next 2 weeks. I tried to achieve this goal last year, but I always got lazy when the teachers told us that we had a test so I never actually studied for a test. I’ll check if I studied well or not by checking powerschool on every Monday.

Pro Basketball Skills

In P.E we started our basketball unit. We practiced the different skills of passing, shooting and dribbling. Since I didn’t really play basketball in the past a lot of the skills were challenging to me, but I was able to master those skills successfully with practice. With my partners Don and Chan, we created a basketball skill video and added 8 different unique skills we could use in basketball.


The challenge when creating this video was choosing the skills that we chose to show. It was challenging because a lot of the skills were challenging for us so it was hard for us to search for a medium rated skill. Our success in this video was actually doing the skills. We did it well in the video without any major mistake because we practiced.

40 Book Challenge Reflection

In the beginning of this year in Humanities we started the 40 book challenge. It was an interesting challenge for me since I’ve never done that kind of challenge. Also it helped me read more books. Instead of just reading the books it was a type of a challenge so it gave me a motivation to read much more than last year. Also it has a specific number of books you need to read for each genre so it helped me with reading a variety of genres. I set a goal of reading 30 books in the beginning of the year and rite now I have accomplished it by reading 34 books. However, I still couldn’t read any biography and autobiography books since I was never familiar with them. These are all the good points of this challenge, but on the other hand the challenge gave me a lot of pressure. Normally I would read books when I would like to, but because of the challenge I had to constantly read books throughout the year. So I didn’t enjoy some of the books I read. In the beginning of the year I thought I wouldn’t be able to even read 20 books this year. However, I was able to finish 10 books before the winter break. Surprisingly, during the winter break I was able to finish more than half of the genres. Even though I have read a lot of books I still need to make improvements by reading the genres that I’m not familiar with.

34 Books
34 Books