Hi! Yesterday we had our moving on ceremony for 5th grade. We are soon going to be middle schoolers. It’s never gonna stop. We’re going to move on, high school, university, college. Job, kids, grandparents. We will chose our paths. Where we want to go. What we want to be.

Moving on to middle school is a big change. We are moving on from pre-teens to teenagers. Ok, done with serious things. Let’s talk about the party we had. After the ceremony, we went to the pool. We got out early because there was lightning. And we all got some t-shirts with our class on it.

We had food and we took photos. We all enjoyed the party.


Hi, for the past week, we learned about Volume. We learned a lot about three dimensional things. We also learned about volume and many other things, how can we find volume? What is the difference between (for example) 4cm2 and 8cm3? To find volume, you need to multiply  And today  We used 24 blocks and made as much rectangular prisms  as we could.


Me and Brooklyn came up with seven prisms. But it turns out there were only six. We learned many things from this challenge. We learned how many rectangular prisms there are. How to find rectangular prisms, and lots more. So yeah. That’s it.


There are 3 different types of article writing ways, expository, persuasive and procedural. They all mean Factual Information. Expository means: Informational, reasonable, organization, which includes: Categories, structure, text features and headings. Persuasive includes emotions, convince others, pro/con and opinions bais.

Procedural includes: Plan, how to, step by step, in order (sequential), and instructional. Here is an example of Procedural.

How to write an article

Here is an example for Persuasive: Persuasive Article. Nature

Here is an example for Expository: Expository

My Cat Tien National Park (CTNP) Trip

What did you do at the Moon Bear Centre?

At the Moon Bear centre we hid the food for the  Moon Bears and watched them look for the food after. They all had different ways and strategies to find food. It was interesting to see those Moon Bears look for the food., since they didn’t have good eyesight, I figured it might be hard since you can only smell.  We wrote down stuff on our journal and took pictures. Then went to visit more bears.

We saw the cages that the moon bears used when they were in the Moon Bear Farm. They were so tiny, it can’t even fit me! (I think, maybe it can… Can’t remember the size bro. I’m not a computer.) Then we saw some Sun Bears. It was like the size of a Moon Bear cub.

What did you like and what was an unexpected surprise at Cat Tien? What was something you’d never seen before?

I liked that I could see animals I never saw, well, I have seen them, just never face to face.  Very unexpected was that the Gibbons could sing in the mornings. It sounded, well, not like singing. It was like screeching and screaming. They sounded irritated. No offence. :-) I never saw crickets before. I saw sketches on Cartoons. They looked a bit like a cockroach with a big head, and that was what I always had believed, until now I saw them. They looked like Grasshoppers but brown. I had fun catching them! LOL.8-)

  How does Cat Tien connect to our unit about sustainability?

 I think by how the Cat Tien park rangers save ,for example, the moon bears from the Moon Bear Farm and places them back to a safe area. Like a forest, but they can’t really go back to the wild. The moon bears are endangered, and they are making it sustainable by saving more and more so they can keep the species alive for longer and longer.  Same for primates. And many other animals, and plants I think.  We have also seen not much trash cans but many recycling bins. That is how they keep the world, or Cat Tien, on going.


Close Reading ?

Describe What Is Close Reading?It is when you read a text book and ask some questions like: Are Mangrove trees only located in the Everglades?  Then you read it again, answer the questions. Then read it for the third time and figure out the main idea and stuff. 

Did you actually read the text 3 times? And yes, I actually did read the whole thing three times. Things get more and more clear. Not like you have no idea what you are reading, and I found some parts I may have missed.


Did you read the text again before filling out the 3 sections, or did you look at #2 and #3 and just try to answer them without rereading the entire text?Answer: Yes. I read the text again before filling out any of the three questions on the sheet. Sometimes, you or I get impatient from reading the same text over and over. Yes, it may be boring, but still, you can learn new things from the parts you skipped maybe from the first and second time. 


What is a Main Idea?  Can you give an example in your explanation? The main idea was ecosystems in our text books . I narrow it down to four more parts. A group of the same species, made up of living and non-living things, can be a food chain and Ecosystems can be a big or small group. The main idea is rarely not at the top. So what I mean is the main idea should be in the title, like, ECOSYSTEMS! Or What are ECOSYSTEMS?


How can Close Reading help you…think about heading to middle school and high school…Seriously, it makes me think like : Isn’t this supposed to be four like, 7th or 8th grade? It sorta makes me think the background changed, we are in middle school, read these text books. It doesn’t make me feel grown up though. But it helped be get a big head start on what books are we going to read in middle and high school. But one thing , do we use textbooks in college or university? 




Green Dragons

Today, we started our new unit, the Green Dragons.  It is about sustainability practice, what is sustainability? Answer, to:

Help, Protect, Survive. to save, take care of, have to, to go into the future,reserve and conserve. And most important, maintain and ongoing. This  unit is about how to keep our world going and keep everything unpolluted and healthy.

Some of my wonderings are: Why are some people damaging the world? Why are people killing the world and polluting it for things they want. Nothing can stay forever, they can still break down someday.

Some ideas I have are: try not to throw garbage in the river. The river is not a garbage can. It’s a river for boats  not a huge trashcan so you can go like Oh, I just finished my coke, I can’t find the trash can, I guess the river will do. I mean, like, walk around a bit, find a trash can and the trash in! Don’t be lazy and dump all the trash in the river! Even better, recycle it if you can.  2: Smoke. In track, I was running when a smell of smoke came flying in. Either it is just the the smoke or worse, the motorcycles and cars outside. I think that we should really walk or use our bikes more. I think if you like cars, do try Tesla the electricity car!

Hack Your Classroom ?

Me and my partner, Halia, had to 3D print something that would change the classroom. We nailed it down to messy pencil bags or whatever you call it. We agreed that those are too small and messy, so we are making a pencil case that looks like a luggage but sized small. About a book, you can open your case and put things neatly. If you want to put miniature notebooks,  then open the bottom drawer, you can put mini staplers or tape.

Miniature notebooks fit too! About one only. We thought for quite a long time, until we used Vivian’s pencil case. We saw that things were too messy. So we searched up School Supplies Organizer And we got the idea from one picture. From a case, to a drawer, to more places for supplies, to handle, to the final agreement. We thought it was actually pretty cool for a supply box. I said it may be too big.  But Halia said that it would be a size of a book only. And things are going great!

Things were going bad, now it’s better. Because Mrs Rayle told us that it can’t be bigger  than 16 cm by 20 cm. So we had to basically restart. But now, it’s way better than before. At first, we had everything messed up! It was annoying.  Now we have things set and know what to do so everything is more easier!


1.True, this shape is a quadrilateral, since it has four sides.

2.False. it isn’t. A Trapezoid doesn’t have 2 parallel lines. Nor 4 right angles.

3.False, a rhombus has 4 equal sides and acute and obtuse angles. Those attributes are highly different from the ones that a rectangle has.

4.True, because a rectangle does have parallel sides.

5.True, because a rectangle has 2 parallel sides and right angles. The image of the rectangle also has the same attributes.


Science Reflection

Today I’ll be reflecting on my science experiment.  But before we start, of corse, I’ll tell you my science experiment. The things you will need, will be:

Oil, Water, food colouring and last but not least! Effervescent tablets.

Our question is, Will Effervescent Tablets still bubble and dissolve in oil?

Our Hypotheses was:It would bubble for a few seconds. Since real effervescent tablets only bubble for limited 40-50 seconds in water. It might

The instruction that you might need is: First, fill half a bottle with oil, then rest with water, keep an inch left. Then add 6 drops of food colouring (if small bottle, it big bottle, use 10-14 drops.) Add 1/4 of a Effervescent tablet.

Our prediction was half correct, half not correct. It didn’t bubble for a few seconds, for a few minutes. It was pretty cool, but I also need to be patient. Waiting for things to settle down, slowly, bit by bit. Our results were : It still bubbles and dissolves, just like we predicted. Now, welcoming:SHERYL’S SCIENCE EXPERIMENT VIDEO!!!

My Science Video


The Lemonade War ?

Hello everybody, as a reflection of a book we are reading as a class, THE LEMONADE WAR! For my reflection, Evan (One of the main Characters) was at the pool at his friend’s house. When he was about to get changed, the money he stole, (So his sister, Jessie won’t win the war. Winner takes all. He was planning to give it back after the war.) Was taken by his least favorite friend, Scott.  The Lemonade war started because Jessie doesn’t want Evan thinking that she is a puny 3rd grader.