My 2 Point Perspective Drawing In Art!!! ✍️🎨🖌️✏️🖌️🖍️

Hi there! It’s me again. Today I am in art and I am going to show you my 2 point perspective in art. 
Here is the picture of the final product. One of my drawing goals were to finish my drawing in 2 days and do a 2 point perspective. I would want to improve my shading on things though. I definitely think my drawing skills have improved from the start. I now can draw 3d things without help. Well it was a pleasure writing for you guys. As always I will see you in my next post. BYE!!! 😋😊

Week Reflection Sep 18-22, 2017! 🏫😜📜💻

Hi guys! It’s me again. Today I will share with you guys my week.

On Thursday I celebrated my friend’s birthday. It was so much fun! Also on Wednesday I went to my first basketball game and my team won! I was overly happy but I think I could have made a little poster to support my team even more. 

On Friday I saw my test results. I was quite happy because I improved my order of operation skills. I really improved on my explain skills of how I did it. I also really improved doing math while using P.E.M.D.A.S. 

Anyway, that was my reflection for the week. As always I will see you in next blog post. BYE!!!

Week Reflection For Sep 11-15 2017!📃📜😋😎

Hey guys! It’s me again. Today I am going to give a reflection of my whole week. 

On Tuesday I brought some cupcakes that I baked for my 20 hour project. I also gave them comment cards to fill out. The majority of people loved them. I was really happy. 

I also went to my first ever basket ball practice on Wednesday in the gym at school. To be real it was a challenge for me to  keep up with badminton and basketball and P.E at the same time! 

I think this week I pursued excellence this week when I let every one taste my cupcakes and let everyone give me feedback. I think that was pursuing excellence.

Anyway, that was my reflection for the week. As always I will see you in next blog post. BYE!!!

Explaining Expressions and Equations➕➖➗✖️!😊😋

HI guys! I am back and today I am going to explain to you about expressions and equations. Lets start with expressions.

 An expression is a mathematical phrase that combines variables using mathematical operations. It can be evaluated but not solved. 

With equations it is a little different. With equations it has to have an equal sign and something on the other side of the equal sign. For example I do 2+2= and but nothing after the equal sign it is still a expression. But if I do 2+2=a it is now an equation.

So that is my expiation for the difference between expression and equations! It is amazing writing for you guys. As always I will see you in my next blog post. Bye and peace! ✌️😜


My Super Unit Homework! – August 28, 2017 📖📓📚✏️🍎

Last Sunday, I built a bakery in Minecraft.
The day before I started building I thought of a structure and the materials to build my bakery out of. After dinner, I evaluated my idea. I sketched a rough drawing to see what it would look like and if it would fit in the tight space I had planned for it. I changed the roof from flat to some layers so it would look more like frosting on a cake. After that, I made a quick plan. I took some scrap paper and did a detailed drawing and since I had nothing to do, I did a replica drawing of the of the first one and drew diagrams on it too. The next day I finally built my bakery. It was so much fun!
 And as always i’ll see you in my next blog post. BYE!!! ✌️

My First 5th Grade Blog Post! 🎉🎊

Hi guys! I know I have not posted in a while because it was SUMMER! But now it’s back to school and I am in grade five! I am so excited! This year my teacher is Mr. Johnson and Mr. Binh. So now until the end of the school year I will be posting more regularly.

At the beginning of this year I really want to set some goals for myself. 

-I really want to read and learn more complicated words.

-Learn more fractions.

-Learn to write more interesting stories in a short amount of time.

So that is my first post of the school year. I hope you enjoy! And as always i’ll see you in my next blog post. BYE✌️

My Marco Polo Ship Play!!!?⚓🚢🛳️⛵

What I really enjoyed about this project was building the ships and acting because I like crafts and also thinking of gestures was really fun to do.

Something that I learned witch was really interesting was scurvy. It was really gross to learn about but I some how found it interesting. I learned that scurvy was a sickness caused by the lack of vitamin C.

Anyways, here is my play that I performed. I really hope you enjoy it. Warning: You may feel an uncontrollable need to laugh. Well I have to go now. I will see you in my next post.BYE!!!


My Second Book ClubBook Review! ??

A few weeks ago in class we have started book clubs again. We were put in the same groups and had a book to read and some jobs to do. The book we were reading was The Million Dollar Kick by Dan Gutman.

I rate this book a 5 out of 5 because it got right into the action straight at the beginning so it wouldn’t be boring which I really like. It also was about sports witch I really like. I would really recommend this book to sport/soccer lovers. It really talks about soccer and rules. I feel like it is a how to, to soccer and a interesting story at the same time. It is really cool.